WhatsApp (VoiP calling, iPhoneItalia 002)

As you know, the world’s most popular mobile messaging software, WhatsApp, is being purchased by the social networking giant Facebook for a staggering $16 billion.

WhatsApp previously promised to introduce VoIP calling in the second quarter of this year, a move poised to turn the tables on competition like Viber, now owned by Rakuten.

While Viber last December unveiled a new Skype-like Viber Out feature for making low-cost outgoing calls to international mobile and landline numbers, a set of screenshots leaked on Friday purportedly depicting what WhatsApp’s VoIP calling will look like in its iPhone application, a free download from the App Store

According to Italian Apple blog iPhoneItalia (Google translate), WhatsApp’s VoIP calling interface is heavily reminiscent of the new-look Phone app in the latest iOS 7.1 update, down to the circular End Call button. When a VoIP call comes in, the app displays your caller’s name, along with their photo and phone number.

WhatsApp (VoiP calling, iPhoneItalia 003)

As the screenies attest, WhatsApp’s in-call features apparently include call-muting, directing the call through the speaker and switching back to a messaging session.

Akin to other VoIP calling apps on the App Store, switching to another app while the VoIP session is in progress will prompt iOS to put a colored bar at the top so you can easily switch back to the call with a tap.

WhatsApp (VoiP calling, iPhoneItalia 001)

Another new feature: a camera button at the top of the keyboard which lets you quickly attach multiple photos to a text message. Sending multiple photos in the current WhatsApp version is a multi-tap affair (photo attachments are hidden behind the More button) so this minor tweak should be welcomed by fans of text messaging.

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum confirmed at Mobile World Congress a month ago that “we’re going to introduce voice on WhatsApp in the second quarter of this year.”

iOS and Android editions of WhatsApp will get voice calling first, he said, with Windows Phone and some BlackBerry phones getting the feature at a later stage. According to The Guardian, VoIP calling between WhatsApp users should be free.

Currently, WhatsApp has voicemail and lets you send recorded messages to contacts.

You can download WhatsApp free of charge in the App Store.

Although it got refreshed with iOS 7-friendly look back in December, WhatsApp still supports iPhone and iPod touch devices running – wait for it – iOS 4.3 or later.

  • Framboogle

    Holy shit that looks beautiful

  • Wtf?

    Callbar integration please

  • Wtf?

    About freakin time.

  • Anderson Silva

    However, no Mac/PC version…
    And it won’t probably exist :/


    any idea of when it’ll available??

    • Jeffrey


    • Bilbo Baggins.

      They took very very long time to update for iOS 7 optimised version, so I would say something like another 3+ months.

  • Derp

    Now all they need to do is redesign the app. Again.

  • Jason Baroni

    People can’t keep secrets anymore at any company. Imagine their lives…

  • Guest

    Whatsapp will be block also by Gov of KSA 🙁 like skype

  • Tegin Thomas®

    For this reason viber is blocked in UAE. Does that mean I will have to say good bye to what’s app

    • Guest

      I think yes

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Use tango, skype or a vpn.

      • Tegin Thomas®

        I guess VPN is my only option

    • Huh? What’s the difference between this and the recorded voice messaging? Have they also blocked BBM for the same reason?

      • Tegin Thomas®

        Yes BBM voice call is also blocked

  • Guest

    This will be block now in KSA 🙁 Like skype by Gov

  • jack

    terrible screenshots

  • Jeffrey

    it’s beautifull but, and I think this comment will get a lot of negative comments, I don’t really see the use of it because in most countries people have a contract with cheap (unlimited) calling like me. then again it is handy if you’re travelling and you dont want to pay 30 cents a minute…

    • ARX8

      Look I don’t recharge my phone credit. It’s really useful to me as I can call most of my friends for no extra cost

      • Jeffrey

        yeah i get it, i admit it is usefull for that…

  • Hipster

    Here is the link to the latest beta you’ll need appsync installed itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=

  • Ko Wunna

    What I want most is iPad support

  • Jorel

    Whatsapp doesn’t support iPod touch.

  • Aviator168 .

    Watch out for BlackVoib. They are going to add anti-blocking features into the app.