iBetterCharge 1I constantly forget to charge my iPhone before leaving somewhere that I’ll need it for. I’ll drive to San Francisco for the day and run out of battery power before I leave to go back home and be left stranded with no Google Maps. I end up having to weave my way through the labyrinth that is downtown San Francisco. What I need is something to remind me to charge it up ahead of time and not when my iPhone is down to 20 percent.

iBetterCharge is a software download from Softorino that sends a signal to your Mac or PC when battery power on your iPhone gets low. The notification will remind you to charge up before it is too late…

iBetterCharge 3Users can download iBetterCharge from the company’s website. Once opened, you will see a small instruction guide and be prompted to connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. Enable Wi-Fi syncing in iTunes to allow the connection. When the software recognizes your iPhone, it will begin tracking your battery power and will send you a notification if it gets below a certain level.

iBetterCharge 3

“How does it work?” you ask. Well according to Softorino, it’s like magic.

“When iPhone battery level is low, iOS devices whom are connected to your Wi-Fi network automatically send their battery level to iBetterCharge via Wi-fi. That’s why the only requirement is having ‘Sync this iPhone over Wi-fi’ enabled in iTunes. Our technology then allows iBetterCharge to receive the battery info & send floating notification bubbles to the desktop. That’s all there is to it.” – Josh Brown, marketing manager at Softorino, Inc.

You can adjust iBetterCharge to notify you when your battery reaches 50 percent, 20 percent, 10 percent, and five percent. Customize the alert settings to send a visual notification, play a sound, and animate the icon in the menu bar.

iBetterCharge 2You can also get notifications when your device is fully charged so you don’t have to keep checking your iPhone to see if it is ready to be unplugged. To check a device’s battery power using the app, right click on the icon in the menu bar.

The app lets you store multiple devices and keep track of battery power for all of them, as long as you are on the same Wi-Fi signal. You don’t have to wake your device in order to check for battery life or worry about remembering to plug it in if it gets too low. Just let the app send you a reminder when it is time to charge up.

iBetterCharge is free and available on Mac and Windows. It is available from the company’s website today.

What do you think of iBetterCharge? Will it save your butt from the dreaded dead battery syndrome?

  • Domodo

    Imagine how many great apps there would be for everyone if iOS wasn’t so closed and functionality wasn’t so limited.

    • Tom

      Well that is true in a way. I would really like it if iOS allows us to choose default apps. I hate using Apple maps and love Google Maps as it is much detailed and correct.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I like it very much if C.Center handled all the App Sharing and saving Functions instead of every app having to build there own.

        Current iOS way saving and sharing. Your In Safari, locate share icon button hit messages, pick name, send.

        Have bookmarklet to save to apps like Pocket. Simple but limited base on what your currently in. Plus share button location different base on what App your using.

        My way Sharing: Your in Safari, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Where the share button, oh wait there is none. Side up C.Center, CC auto detects links or other things base on what your currently in and App your using. Hit share button in CC, a window of App you currently have installed pop up. Pick App, name, etc and send.

        My way Saving: Side up C.Center hit save button and a App window base on what you have installed on your iDevice pops up pick Pocket, etc, and save.

      • Nate McKelvie

        Nice idea for a jailbreak tweak

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        That would be nice

  • J M

    I invested $30 for a 10,400mAh external battery. Best decision ever, it goes in my backpack or car wherever I am. I’ve never once worried about running out of battery since getting it.

    Or, get one of the high-powered car chargers (output at ~2.5 or 3A), charges the phone quite fast.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I also bought an external battery. I also charge my iPhone differently all the time depending on the situation.

      Example: If I’m home and gonna leave in the next hour or two. I charge my iPhone if it at 70% to 80%. Just to have ready.

      If I’m at work and my iPhone drops to 30% or below. I charge it with the external charger. Just enough not fully to make the trip home. I walk to and from work everyday.

    • David Gitman

      i bought a 3500mAH will it be good ? iphone 5s

      • J M

        Sure, no reason it wouldn’t be. You’ll probably get 1-2 full charges out of your phone out of it before it dies.

      • David Gitman

        thank you very much

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Ya your good

      • Nate McKelvie

        It depends on the quality of the company making it. I sell TONS OF THESE external battery packs, battery cases etc… Any good name brand one usually works like it’s supposed to, but many others ( Chinese knock offs, cheap brands, the kind you get on eBay or Amazon really cheap ) never work like they should. For example we tried carrying this one that’s 6600 mah supposedly, but will barely charge an iPhone 5 one time. It should charge it 2-3 times no problem, but it won’t! But on the other hand we sell a 2800 mah battery from a reputable company and it will almost charge an iPhone 5 fully twice. It all depends on the company making it whether they really are giving the mah they claim to be.

  • Codvisp

    Does it drain the battery in order to monitor ? 🙂

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I love apps like this but I also think it’s make people lazy and not use there brain. In the same way RSS readers ruin my internet cause I no longer need to travel to sites for the latest news. Missing other cool things on the sites.

  • David Gitman

    weird.. in my windows 8 it only shows my ipad 3 and its not connected via cable

    while i am d/c my iphone 5s from my pc its stopped showing it

    • Do you have Wi-Fi sync turned on on your iPhone? Try reinstalling the app.

  • Borsato92

    F-ing iPhone. Hehe

  • Lhu

    does not work on Dual network router… you computer and iDevice must be connected to the same wifi

  • Julia

  • Stanley Chen

    This is ironic because enabling itunes wifi sync drains battery faster

  • Claude Brulotte

    it recognizes my ipad 2 but when I unplug the computer it disappears from the list Ibetter