LG G Flex ad

Titled ‘The Most Human Phone Ever’, LG’s newest commercial for its curved G Flex handset must be one of the weirdest, most bizarre smartphone commercials we’ve seen to date. Trust me, it’s really disturbing and will give you nightmares. The video is airing to viewers in The Netherlands.

The firm also posted a cool infographic with a visual timeline depicting the history of the smartphone.

In another ‘what were they thinking’ moment, the illustration makes absolutely no mention of the original iPhone’s release back in 2007 – it’s as if Apple’s handset never existed…

Here’s the commercial.


This commercial is so gross. If LG were trying to make the worst handset ad ever, they’ve succeeded.

And what’s up with talking into a mouth and listening into an ear?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

To be perfectly fair, we know LG can do way better than that.

As for the smartphone evolution timeline, it covers major mobile industry milestones starting with 1992 when the first text message (SMS) was sent and concluding with 2014 when LG introduced its curved-screen G Flex smartphone.

Pitched as “curved, flexible and self healing,” the G Flex is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor and has a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera with a new face detection indicator that “delivers more accurate selfies”.

Other features include a curved six-inch AMOLED display with 720p resolution, a 13-megapixel camera on the back and 2GB of RAM. The G Flex is now selling in various markets worldwide and is available in the United States from AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

And here’s that infographic.

LG infographic (smartphone evolution 001)

No mention of the January 2007 iPhone introduction whatsoever!

As other commenters noted, LG did in fact introduce the first touchscreen phone in 2007, the Prada, but it went nowhere because a few months later Apple released its iPhone and changed the industry forever.

The Prada sold just one million units in eighteen months while Apple moved 6.1 million units of the original iPhone in fifteen months.

The G Flex won gold at 2013 IF Design Awards.

The company itself was named The Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year at last month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain because it’s “impressive across the board with ground-breaking innovation”.

Apple’s iPad Air took home the Best Mobile Tablet award.

The annual Global Mobile Awards and Mobile World Congress are both organized by the GSM Association.

So, how did you like LG’s ad?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    lmao wtf that commercial.

  • John Jones

    Any kind of publicity is better than no publicity.

    • pegger1

      Creating an ad isn’t publicity.

  • Pretty sure the Touchscreen Sony Ericsson P800 released in 2002 came out before the LG Prada.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      that phone has a sylus

      • So does the Note 3.

      • Hyr3m

        a touchscreen with a stylus is still a touchscreen…

  • Grolubao

    Absolutely terrible! didn’t even wanted to see until the end

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Why is it curved?

    • Because its better to wipe the users asses…

      Now honest answer, its just show off… To say “we can make it curve” because theres no pratical reason. A cleaver ad… “We are different”

      • Guest

        Yeah, never practical to you until Apple makes it…stupidly naive fanboy. Perhaps that d*ck you smoking fractured your mouth. ‘Cause a normal human being ear and mouth aren’t straight in-line with one another. The curve not only makes using the phone feel like it’s not even there, but also comes in handy for quickly glacing at information when it’s sitting on your desk…

    • pegger1

      Obviously because your face is curved.

      • Smartphones are ment to be used most of the time in our hands… Maybe only 5% of the time its used to phone calls, so again, curved display its useless, and actually kills the user experience.

      • Rowan09

        I saw this phone in Best Buy and couldn’t figure out a reason for the curved screen. It doesn’t make the experience worst, but it didn’t make it better either. The LG Prada wasn’t better than the Windows mobile phones during that time. My friend had the LG Prada.

      • Guest

        Kills the experience in what way? Here’s a little something to clear that naïve head of yours (http://bit ly/1ihm1q1) As seen with human eyes, and as the reviewer mentions:

        – The curve isn’t that much, so, using it on a flat surface is barely any different than a straight phone
        – it makes it fit better in a human’s trouser back pocket, and removes the worries of having a cracked sreen in case you sit on it
        – The curve makes the big screen phone easier to hold
        – When used as a phone, it feels more ergonomic than a straight-out flat phone

        None of that sounds like a ruined user experience…at least not to a normal human being. iDiot.

      • Games, landscape keyboard…reading websites… are you stupid or what?

        Curve displays only make sense in big TV screens. Now grab your butthurt fandroid butt and GTFO Mr. Coward Guest.

  • TechThingy

    Damn. This sh*t is messed up.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    LG you can’t ignore Apple and expect them to just go away. If you’re serious you’ll have to actually produce quality products and compete with them head on…

  • p_amXtr

    But without the iPhone this phone would’ve never existed..

    • Elvin Topalov

      It could have, to be honest. Apple didn’t invent touchscreens or multi-touch. Touchscreens have been around since 1965 surprisingly, but could only register one finger at a time. Multi-touch touchscreens became a reality in the 1970’s, too. Apple’s original iPhone was simply based off of PDA’s but made much more simple and user friendly.

      • Hyr3m

        Apple’s original iPhone was a dumbed down PDA with 1970’s multitouch tech… that’s why it doesn’t fit in this “history of the smartphone” 😀

  • Saria Hajjar

    WHO.THE HELL DID THIS?! This is just disturbing.
    And BTW, enjoy making out with that ‘hot girl’ you met online.

  • nitwitvd

    Oh god, so I’m going to have to see this on the tv here in the Netherlands, I think my tv won’t be turned on for about two months…

  • Mohammed G. Mansi


  • theappleogist

    The people who did the ad had fun at the expense of their clients. The bearded mouth looks like a _ then you’ve got a crab’s pincers. Perfection.

  • Edgar Boyzo

    Gotta love the make out scene at the end! Haha best part ever..
    I’ll be back cause ima make out with my hand! Lol

  • Tyler

    “And what’s up with talking into a mouth and listening into an ear?”


  • jacobkwright

    shouldn’t the mouth be where the ear is, and the ear be where the mouth is?

    • Rowan09

      That’s true, but the phone is so revolutionary it works the other way around. Lol

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw the top picture. For a sec was thinking: “WhoTF has their mouth on top of their head”?

  • john diaz

    A lot of companies are coming up with ways for you to remember their add or commercial on tv. think about this for a second which things do you remember best the Common or the Weird stuff. yes it is a nasty/weird commercial but i bet you won’t forget about it.

    • Rowan09

      Not all publicity is good publicity. This commercial doesn’t make me want to purchase the phone and that suppose to be the point. When your commercial is overlooking the device, it’s pointless.

  • Dani Hayes

    “what were they thinking’ moment”

    exactly what I am thinking about this article.

    “No mention of the January 2007 iPhone introduction whatsoever!”

    It’s LG why should they mention the iPhone?? They did not mention push-to-talk either.

    Awesome job as usual, Christian.

  • Inseltraeumer

    Who pays people to come up with such bad ads?

  • jack

    terrible. won’t buy LG crap for a while.

  • trumpet444

    Is anyone honestly surprised that they didn’t nod to their competition? Do you see Apple ever doing it? Do you see ANY company acknowledging a competitor’s success? Come one now, stop acting shocked that they “ignored” the first iPhone.

  • Alexandru Mihnea MOUCHA

    They got it wrong: the mouth should be where there ear is and vice-versa. When you talk to someone, your mouth talks to his/hers EAR, not mouth. Or maybe there is another topic regarding a “mouth-2-mouth conversation” that I do not get.

  • @dongiuj

    I sense iDB butthurt.

  • Tommy

    Oh boy. Here we go again with Christian ranting about why the iPhone wasn’t shown use love. We get it. The ads bad. But u don’t need to go all iFaggy about it.

  • romeodesigns

    I understood that commercial because I was high, but if I wasn’t, I’d be so confused and would’ve stopped it at the first 15 secs.

  • windstrike1

    still better than the iphone 😀

  • Vijay Panjwani

    The G-Flex has started looking like an erect d!ck to me… -_- (Yucks)

  • Donovan

    Shouldn’t the mouth of the “phone” be at the ear of that guy? He’s basicly holding that “phone” upside down.

  • Adan

    Gross. It has since been deleted from their youtube page, but a quick search for ‘LG The Most Human Phone Ever’ will through it up, should you want to subject your eyes to it 😉

  • enifome

    Why is the video removed??

    • Adan

      They are probably trying to backpedal on the worst ad in a long time, while they chop the head of the stupid idiot who cooked it up.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Why was the ad removed?

  • ozonostudio

    well they take down the video

  • Domodo

    LG should mention iPhone in their advertisements? Does Apple mention the Droid Atrix when advertising Touch ID?

  • A’s Network

    The video is now removed.