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Around this time last year, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White made headlines for a note he sent to investors regarding the ‘iRing.’ White said that Apple was working on a television set that could read motion gestures from a user who was wearing a ring-shaped device on their finger.

Well, we have yet to see the product materialize, but a company called Logbar is looking to change that with their new Kickstarter project. It’s called ‘Ring: shortcut to everything,’ and once connected to your mobile device, it allows you to send texts, control your home appliances, and more…


I couldn’t find what the Ring is made of, but the developers say it will come in 6 different sizes and unfortunately it’s not waterproof. There’s a lot of tech built in such as motion sensors, LED indicator lights, and a touch sensor. It also has a rechargeable battery that lasts 1000 gestures per charge.

The Ring connects to your device—iOS 7 iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Windows Phone—via Bluetooth Low Energy. And once connected it’s capable of inputting text and controlling mobile apps via gestures. Use it to turn your TV on, write a text, and it even vibrates for various notifications.

Where the Ring really gets interesting, though, is in mobile payments. When used with GPS or iBeacon technology, the device allows you to authorize mobile payments by simply making a checkmark-like gesture, or signing your name in mid-air. I imagine, though, retailers would have to support it.

Logbar says that they have a working prototype of the Ring and they are ready to start mass production, thus the Kickstarter campaign. And with over 30 days left, the company has raised nearly double their initial funding goal—at the time of this writing it’s approaching close to half a million dollars.

If you’re interested, you can still get in at the early bird price of $165. As for me, I feel like this is one of those products you need to actually play with before you make a decision. It seems like making in-air gestures to text and control apps would get a bit tedious, but it’s hard to tell from photos/videos.

What do you think of the Ring?

  • Rahim Hirani

    This ring has an app store. I never thought I would say those words.

    • Hyr3m

      What about writing them ?

  • Omar Hameed

    one word £ Fantastic @

  • Not Waterproof? DOA!

    • Ahsan76

      yes thats the worst thing that its not water proof

  • CreeDiddy

    Apple will buy them out. I think it will take about 50-100 million. This is Apples answer to S-Pen. Makes sense…

  • mwpitt52

    I like the concept however you have to make wearables that look good. This ring is too ugly. I hope Apple sets the bar with iWatch.

  • abdullah575

    this will cost more than 10 million !!! $$$

  • Techno Ventures

    I’m sure Google will release this next year…

  • mahe

    waiting for some wanker apps xD

  • Hyr3m

    “And with over 30 days left, the company has raised more than double their initial funding goal—at the time of this writing it’s approaching close to half a million dollars.”

    Initial funding goal = $250,000
    Raised = 471,969

    471k is indeed “close to half a million dollars”.

    “more than double” of 250k means >500k

    471 < 500

    Cody can't count ?

    • Melvco

      You are correct. I have replaced ‘more than’ with ‘nearly.’ Thank you for pointing out this crucial error in a constructive and non-supercilious way.

      • Hyr3m

        You’re welcome 🙂

        It will probably be true within a day or two (“raised more than double their goal”) but then “close to half a million” will be wrong… The writing has to be consistent with the actual status “at the time of this writing”.

        It’s not very hard to be non-supercilious… Just because one point out something below-average or below-expectations doesn’t mean one thinks of himself as above-average.

  • Batman

    A little too big to stay comfortable with that.
    Let me call Lucius Fox to redesign it

  • Adnan Mosali

    Thanks, but no thanks 😛

  • Jason Masters

    How many wearables can they invent in2014let’s all get the google glass pair it with the iPhone and our i ring and the I watch and our i bracelet plus our i necklace and our i vest and our i socks and last but not least the I condom trends are getting ridiculous original thought is all but evicerated.

  • Dan

    Neat idea, but I don’t see this being really useful. Might impress a few people the first time around, but this piece of tech will fade away into obsolescence.

  • Jonathan

    Android and Windows Phone? HA. No.

  • Tritake

    Nice but the better THING is the small iWatch called “Smarty Ring” 😛
    I have pre ordered this!

  • Urzo

    Lol don’t accidentally send the wrong amount of money.

  • Ashutoshkhurana5

    Price 1000000$ ……

  • Lord of the RING

  • Nitsud

    One ring to rule them all