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Folks looking to score an iPhone 5s on the cheap may want to check out your local Best Buy store. I know it feels like we’re saying this on a weekly basis now, but the retailer is once again holding a sale on Apple’s most popular handset.

This time around, Best Buy is offering a minimum of a $150 gift card for folks looking to trade-in an iPhone 4s or 5 for a new iPhone 5s. And between that and its current $50 off promotion, you could easily score a 16GB model for just $1…

Here’s the advert, which you can see here:

best buy ad

Of course, as with most deals, there’s a ton of fine print. For starters, you must use the gift card towards the purchase of an iPhone 5s with a 2-year agreement. And your trade-in device must be working, with no water damage or cracked glass.

Obviously, trade-in value will depend on your phone’s condition, but the fact that Best Buy says you’ll get a minimum of $150 for it as long as it’s working makes this a solid deal. For reference, Gazelle only offers $120 for a ‘good’ 16GB iPhone 4S.

If any of this interests you, make sure you act fast. Best Buy says this offer is only good through March 1st, so you have 2 days.

  • ic0dex

    Also to let everyone know that you have 2 days left to score $200 OFF the iPad Air 32Gb with WiFi and 4G. If you activate it to your Verizon account and add it to your data share plane for only $10 a month (2 year Contract) you will receive $100 credit and the iPad air is also on sale $100 OFF so your total before taxes will be $530 almost the same price as a 16Gb Wifi only.

    This is the biggest sale I’ve seen yet on iPad Airs with WiFi and 4G.

  • mailtomtom

    or how about not being a moron and sell the 4S for at least $250 on Amazon, eBay or Craigslist, and be left with $100 in your pocket after “upgrading” to a 5s?

    • Matthew Cleveland

      iPhone 4s’ are going for $175ish on eBay right now, not sure where you’re getting $250 from. Plus after eBay fees and all that you’re not making much even if you got $250 for it.

  • If you have an iPhone 5, do you have to be “eligible” for an upgrade (AT&T) in order to get the 5S for $1?

  • Christian Marquez

    This is great, my upgrade date just so happens to be March 1st