Best Buy offering $150 gift card to iPhone users trading up to 5s

best buy store

Folks looking to score an iPhone 5s on the cheap may want to check out your local Best Buy store. I know it feels like we’re saying this on a weekly basis now, but the retailer is once again holding a sale on Apple’s most popular handset.

This time around, Best Buy is offering a minimum of a $150 gift card for folks looking to trade-in an iPhone 4s or 5 for a new iPhone 5s. And between that and its current $50 off promotion, you could easily score a 16GB model for just $1…

Here’s the advert, which you can see here:

best buy ad

Of course, as with most deals, there’s a ton of fine print. For starters, you must use the gift card towards the purchase of an iPhone 5s with a 2-year agreement. And your trade-in device must be working, with no water damage or cracked glass.

Obviously, trade-in value will depend on your phone’s condition, but the fact that Best Buy says you’ll get a minimum of $150 for it as long as it’s working makes this a solid deal. For reference, Gazelle only offers $120 for a ‘good’ 16GB iPhone 4S.

If any of this interests you, make sure you act fast. Best Buy says this offer is only good through March 1st, so you have 2 days.