Now that Apple has fixed that nasty SSL bug across iOS devices, Macs and the Apple TV, the question arises as to how many active iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users are safe by running the latest iOS 7.0.6 software, which patches the dangerous vulnerability.

According to a new survey by Chitika, in 48 hours about 13.3 percent of North American users were on iOS 7.0.6. “More than two full days since Apple pushed the fix live, 13.3 percent of iOS traffic is driven by the latest update,” the firm wrote.

Apple traditionally sees the strongest firmware adoption of any mobile platform because software updates are not dependent on carriers’ good will and on-device alerts prompt users when a software update goes live, so the adoption rate should increase exponentially in the coming days and weeks…

Chitika explains that it derived the figure by examining “tens of millions” of U.S. and Canadian iOS-based online ad impressions generated within the Chitika Ad Network from February 21 through February 23, 2014.

iOS 7.0.6 was released on February 21, 2014.

Chart top of post clearly shows North American iOS 7.0.6 adoption rate rising significantly on February 23, 2014, two days into the software’s release. “Steep rate of adoption is a promising sign that a majority of iOS users could be running the updated OS within the next week,” noted Chitika.

Here’s the North American iOS iPhone version distribution.


For the individual iPhone and iPad iOS version distribution snapshots, iOS-based impressions catalogued from February 23 were analyzed as well, the firm added.

As you can see below, iPads show about two percentage points lower adoption rate of iOS 7.0.6 versus a typical lag of about six percentage points in terms of overall iOS 7 adoption rates on iPads versus iPhones.

North American iOS iPad distribution.

Breaking the issue down by device, iOS 7.0.6 users generate 14.5 percent of total North American iOS-based web traffic, with the majority of usage coming from iOS 7.0.4-equipped devices. In terms of major OS versions, more than 84 percent of iPhone web traffic within the U.S. and Canada is driven by iOS 7 users.

If you haven’t yet updated your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices to the latest firmware, you’re wholeheartedly recommended to do so immediately. The SSL bug allows attackers to steal your usernames, passwords, iCloud data, Calendar entries and other information, by posing as a legitimate website.

The bug manifests itself in Safari so using a third-party browser could offer a protection from these kinds of man-in-the-middle attacks. People who are jailbroken and want to keep their current firmware can patch the SSL bug without upgrading to iOS 7.0.6, by following Jeff’s handy guide.

Apple yesterday issued a new OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 update which squashes the bug on Mac systems. The software update also brings FaceTime Audio calling to the Mac, lets you block callers in the Messages app, solves Mail woes and more.

And if you own an Apple TV, update your set-top box to the latest Apple TV 6.0.2 software to get rid of the SSL vulnerability.

Have you upgraded to iOS 7.0.6 and if not, are you planning to?

  • Jonathan

    Imma proud member of the 55.5%. 😀

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      I’m a proud member.. With the Ryan Petrich fix 🙂

      • Jonathan

        same. 😀

      • Fadhlan

        Same here 🙂

    • Andy

      Hey Jonathan, any reason why you’re staying on 7.0.4? I know there’s a SSL Patch in Cydia, but it just takes 2-3 hours to update to 7.0.6, jailbreak and restore all your Cydia tweaks. You also get the extra benefit of being on the latest version, before 7.1 comes out anyway.

      • Framboogle


      • Jonathan

        I’ll update right before the 7.1 release =)

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        But here is no advantage to 7.0.6 with Ryan Petrich patch. That patch adds or removes the same line of code apple implemented and it takes 10 seconds to download.

  • felixtaf

    Am not planning to update. I already updated using Ryan’s SSLPatch! Thanks Ryan!

    • Luke Hampton

      The SSLPatch is like a band-aid. It doesn’t cover everything. You may as well update to 7.0.6. It is quite possible that this is the last security update before Apple patches the iOS 7 jailbreak. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

      • Niclas

        Actually it is a permanent fix throughout the whole OS – when in substrate mode.
        In safe mode the fix is disabled. Hopefully there will be released a non-substrate fix to fully protect in safe mode also.

      • Chris

        Safe mode is designed so tweaks can’t be loaded, it’s much safer to simply upgrade

      • Niclas

        Soon 7.1 will be out, and when that happens some people will be stuck on 7.0.4/5.
        That’s why it would be great if a non-substrate fix was released.
        If you have the chance, just upgrade to 7.0.6 and be done with it.

      • Chris

        Ok, no offence, iOS 7.0.6 is the non-substrate fix

      • Niclas

        Lol, obviously ios 7.0.6 is a non substrate fix, yes but it doesn’t need to be the only solution.
        People will be stuck on earlier versions soon, and thats why a non-substrate-jailbreak-fix for ios <7.0.6 would be good. (Feels like I'm repeating myself, ^^)

      • Chris

        You’re still missing the point, system code can’t be run unless Cydia Substrate is running, while your iDevice is in safe mode no external code can be run through-out the system, the only time this type of code could even try to be run is through Cydia apps but that requires the app to be open.

        It’s simply not possible to make a patch for devices in safe mode

      • Niclas

        Yes it is possible, otherwise Cydia Substrate itself wouldn’t be able to modify system code…

        When in safe mode, no _substrate_ code can be executed. External code can still be executed.

    • Mark

      That’s only good for temporary fix.

  • sorrento

    Already updated by using OpenBackup to restore all my tweaks, so easy and fast !
    At least we can get the last secure firmware before the 7.1 arrives in march like it’s been announce :))

  • Yheng Sheng

    i upgrade the latest iOs 7.0.6? is there something wrong with this software? can’t open my ipad…. how am i supposed to do?