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Update: with the release of iOS 8, Apple now allows third-party keyboards in the App Store. If you’re looking for a different keyboard for your iPhone or iPad, make sure to check out our list of iOS 8 keyboards.

I generally hate jailbreak releases that feature goofy names like ColorY0urBoard, but I decided to give the new jailbreak app a try despite my inclinations. To my surprise, ColorY0urBoard is actually not that bad of an app.

If you’re searching for a way to easily customize the color of the stock keyboard within iOS, then ColorY0urBoard is a viable option. It’s a standalone app release with an interface dedicated solely to changing the keyboard color. The app includes a color wheel, much like you’d find in image-editing applications, and it also features brightness and alpha sliders to perfect your customized look.

ColorY0urBoard isn’t perfect, but it does a pretty good job of customizing the look of your keyboard. Have a glance at our video walkthrough inside for more details.

After installing ColorY0urBoard, you’ll find a new app icon on your Home screen. This application is where you need to go to configure your custom keyboard, as the app features no settings or options in the stock Setting app.

At the top of the ColorY0urBoard interface, you’ll find a button dedicated to turning off the custom keyboard, and a button for saving your customizations. Only one keyboard can be saved and customize at a time, and the effect is applied to the whole of iOS.

ColorY0urBoard 02

Adjusting the color of the keyboard is a pretty straightforward exercise. If you’ve ever used Photoshop or any other basic imaging application, you’ll know what to do here.

Editing a keyboard involves moving your finger around the color wheel to select a specific color, or choosing from one of the six canned colors, which lie at the bottom of the interface. You can then further customize the look of the color using the sliders dedicated to brightness and alpha (transparency) settings.

Resized ColorY0urBoard 03

Once you’ve landed on a desired color, you’ll need to tap the save button in the upper right-hand corner of the interface. The save button will bring up a pop-up notification instructing you on how to proceed.

Basically, all you need to do is open up an app, and start typing; the keyboard color will instantly change to your customized color. I found that this technique worked some of the time, but at other times it required me to kill the app to make the changes stick. If you ever tire of the customized look, you can head back into the ColorY0urBoard app, and tap the ‘TurnOff’ button in the upper left-hand corner of the interface.

ColorY0urBoard 04

The only thing that sort-of baffles me about ColorY0urBoard, is the two toned color box residing underneath the TurnOff button. It’s almost as if you can select two colors at once, perhaps one for the keyboard background and one for the keys, but I could never get it to cooperate. Most of the time, the first color displayed in the box stayed green, despite my best efforts to change it. The developer notes that his tweak will “support more mode [sic] soon!” so perhaps we will see an update incorporating unfinished functionality.

If you’d like to use ColorY0urBoard, you’ll need to be ready to fork over $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let me know what you think about this keyboard customizing jailbreak app down below in the comments.

  • David Gitman

    Have any one seen the new S5?? Golden phone with a fingers sensor ? Where did I see it? Or right, THE IPHONE 5S

    • jack

      Lol pathetic. The “fingerprint sensor” is not like Apple’s.. You have to SWIPE your finger.. Welcome to 2007

      • Guest

        …and you must do a perfectly straight swipe down, or it wont recognize

      • TechPro

        The attempts of Samsung trying not to copy the iPhone end always bad. Because no one is like the iPhone.

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  • Framboogle

    Out of all of these, I think bloard is the best

  • tstsr6

    Does anyone else have an issue with their phone freezing/lagging sometimes when typing?
    I’m on iOS 7.0.5 iPhone 4S… Hopefully when I update to 7.0.6 this will sort itself out but it’s really annoying!

    • Barcelonian

      If you got the money i would advise you to upgrade bud.

      • tstsr6

        Haha that’s what my first pay cheque will go on when I get a job!

      • Get a job in Sept then and buy a iPhone 6 🙂

    • Svs

      I heard this problem before try turning icloud documrnts and data off

      • tstsr6

        Ok I’ll try that – thanks!

  • Palani

    Any of u guys who knows a tweak to make keyboard transparent???

  • Mark

    Good for iPhone 5Cs..

  • Alberto Espinal

    Fancy is way better than this, i’ve tried both and deleted ColorYourboard

    • GzyOnline

      I’ve been waiting for Color Keyboard to get updated for the iPhone 5S.. but I doubt if it ever will 🙁 It allowed for 2 toned themes (ie: black/red), background images, and custom color for when keys were pressed!.. I LOVED IT!! I’ve never tried Fancy.. does it allow a separate color for the keys & a custom ‘pressed’ color? Thanks!

      • Alberto Espinal

        No it doesnt but is as close as it can get from Colorkeyboard

      • Alberto Espinal

        This is Fancy!

      • GzyOnline

        I see.. that definitely effects more than just the keyboard then?.. Thanks for posting!

  • Dhaliwal Singh

    is there anyone facing notifications issue after jailbreaking ios 6.1.3
    my message app and whatsapp are not showing any notifications.
    i have to open these apps to see new messages.
    PLEASE HELP …………!

    • deepdvd

      … and this is why iDB needs a forum. Completely off-topic.

  • deepdvd

    I always wonder how many people actually spend two dollars on tweaks like this… just to change the color of their keyboard.

  • DopamineAddicted

    u lost me at 2 dollars

    • Sinistry

      Totally agree. No way this tweak is worth that much. I like to get value for my money and there are tweaks out there for $2 or $3 that offer far more than a one trick pony. Greed enables piracy.

    • Andrew

      It should be 1$ not 2…

  • Marcus

    Fancy is better than this because you can colorize your keyboard plus other things in iOS for only $2.99

    • Tim smith

      Thank you, exactly the words I had in mind. I’ll be suprised of anyone buys this over fancy.

      • Oakcapy

        Though I believe ColorY0urBoard allows a color palette unlike Fancy.

  • J™

    i’ll stick to the stock keyboard and save $2

    • Mistrjon


  • Hugh Martin

    I use FANCY it does the same thing but doesn’t stop at your keyboard.

  • Zack (Ward)

    Any color mods turns the keyboard black (not necessarily a bad thing) on 4S. Using as iPod since I don’t use ATT. Got it free so not too worried anyway.
    Fancy is a drastic improvment,

  • Marlon Lagasca

    I bought this but the image option is not working and the developer did not even reply when I emailed him. Should have waited for the pirated version instead.

  • halo kitty

    plz help
    i still dont know how to change