If you’re a fan of the JellyLock jailbreak tweak, which brings an Android inspired Lock screen launcher to then iPhone, then boy, do I have a tweak for you. JellyLockClock7 is a brand new jailbreak tweak that’s currently in beta, and it allows you to compliment your Android inspired Lock screen launcher with an Android inspired Lock screen clock.

As someone who’s a big fan of JellyLock, I have to say that this is the perfect compliment tweak. We’ve got more details, a video, and the download information inside.

First and foremost, you’ll need to add developer @magn2o’s repo to your list of Cydia sources in order to download JellyLockClock7 for free. His repo address is as follows:

JellyLockClock7 iPhone 5c

Once you have the repo added to Cydia, search for JellyLockClock7 and install it. After installation, venture into the stock Settings app, where you’ll find a preference panel for the tweak.

JellyLockClock7 settings 01


The tweak’s preferences allow you to customize the time delimiter, and the style of the time and date assets. For instance,  you can change the text style, make the text bold, or add upper or lowercasing.

JellyLockClock7 settings 02

Of course, I think the tweak looks best and most like Android using its default settings. If that’s your primary concern, just make sure that the kill switch is disabled in the tweak’s preferences, and be done with it.

JellyLockClock7 is still technically in beta, and not yet available on Cydia’s default repos. Even still, I find that the tweak runs decently on my iPhone 5s, and as you can see from the screenshots and video I’ve included, it goes perfect with JellyLock.

What do you think?

  • Keabsy

    I think he should’ve made the date bold like in JB as well. It doesn’t look right to me.

  • Anyone remember the cydget Synergy? I want that clock back for the lock screen

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Will this work only with JellyLock?
    Can’t use it seperately?

  • Skinny

    Eww no thx that’s like putting a dodge neon sticker on a BMW

    • Ryan W

      Let me guess

      Its like putting a dodge viper bumper sticker on a bmw right?

      • Brandon Miranda

        Eh. I for one like it alot.

  • Ryan W

    nice wallpaper

    can i have it

    • felixtaf

      Thats the default jellybean wallpaper. Search for Jellybean official wallpapers.

      • Ryan W

        I didn’t find any details

      • Jonathan

        found it in 8 seconds.

      • Spencer

        Psh, I found it in only 7 seconds.

      • Jonathan

        Wow, what will you do with that gained second of life? I know the answer:
        waste it reading this text.

  • Framboogle

    That bold Hour indicator is incredibly ugly.

    • Dan

      In your opinion. I like it. It looks like the clock from cyanogenmod.

  • Derp

    This is so dumb. People with android phones customise their phone to look like iOS. People with iOS customise their phone to look like Android. The hell?

    • grumpyfuzz

      I am an android user, and I don’t customize it at all to look like iOS. I don’t know where you got your information.

      • Brandon Miranda

        That’s why his name is “Derp”.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Heh, I didn’t even look at his name.

      • Brandon Miranda

        If I may ask what kind of Android device do you use?

      • eXoguti093

        He’s talking about iOS 7 skins… Which are really really bad

      • Dan

        same here

    • Ryan W

      NOT TRUE!

    • Prasoon Singh

      I don’t understand it either.

  • At

    Doesn’t work for me, I have jelly lock, installed the repo and them installed this and it keeps giving me an error

  • Eric Mason

    Crashed my phone, had to do a hard restart.

  • Framboogle

    You know you can just put in the image right?

    • felixtaf

      I know. This is complete JB wallpaper zip. Few are really good. Also, am lazy to dload and share thru ipad!

      • Framboogle

        And also you could compress it into something like http://goo DOT gl/G3QutG

  • Alberto Espinal

    Anything that says Android i refuse to install, why? Because that OS is so cheap and badly design that i wont let my phone look like Android, my POV dont have to agree

    • DJ Focus

      Well android is open source and free so yeah it is really cheap!

    • Dan

      You do know that there are countless roms/widgets/icons themes. Android looks like you want it to look. If you think android is ‘cheap’ and ‘badly designed’, it’s because you haven’t bothered trying it since the implementation of Jelly Bean and have no idea how to apply theme.

  • Don’t know about the tweak yet but great repo address and even better TooL song!

  • Hostmaa

    Nice wallpaper. It’s work fine.

  • Lucas Bitencourt Santos

    Works on ipad?

  • AlbertGomez

    “There was an error loading the preference bundle for JellyLockClock”

    • moe1903

      same for me

  • mav3rick

    Funny how this neonOS brought unprecedented number of tweaks and tweak request for many features “same as on Android”…