GuestMode 1

While multiple user account support exists on OS X and certain Android devices, the same cannot be said for iPhone. Enter GuestMode, a new jailbreak tweak by computer science graduate student Ian Burns that offers a fully customizable guest experience like none other.

Allow your kids to play games on your smartphone without accidentally calling someone, or let your friends control your music without lurking through your Facebook or Photos app. Find out how it works… 

GuestMode adds a dedicated menu to the Settings app with a main toggle switch for enabling the tweak, alongside a number of options to configure. There are several methods that can be enabled for entering guest mode from the Lock screen: tapping a guest button added to the passcode keypad, swiping to the left or right on the Lock screen, or assigning an Activator action or gesture. A passcode can also be set specifically for guest mode.

GuestMode 2

The guest mode experience is highly tailored based on the restrictions that you set. You can choose which apps to enable, and control access to the Camera, Control Center, Notification Center, Siri, Spotlight, Newsstand, phone dialer and app switcher. Apps that are blocked off will appear greyed out on the Home screen, while elements like Control Center and Notification Center are hidden entirely.

Even though guest mode enhances the privacy of your device, it is not a full-stop solution. For instance, if the Photos app is enabled, a guest could still use the share sheet and gain partial access to Mail, Facebook, Twitter and so forth via that route. All activity carried out on guest mode is not isolated, either, meaning that all game saves or other changes apply to the entire device. But until Apple implements multiple user accounts as a stock feature, this tweak is probably the next best solution.

GuestMode 3

For the most part, GuestMode performed well on my iPhone. The only minor issue I experienced was the Newsstand icon still remaining greyed out when I unlocked my device outside of guest mode, which is something I resolved with a simple respring. Other users have noted a bug where the Phone app crashes when pressing the voicemail button, although I have not been able to duplicate the problem.

GuestMode is available now on the Cydia Store for 99 cents. iOS 7 or later is required.

Is guest mode for iPhone something you’ve been looking forward to?

  • Newgunnerr

    Whats that theme?

    • Anthony Nguyen

      Soft Remix for iOS 7

      • Matt

        Speaking of themes.
        Do you know how to get the folder to match the other icons — it’s kind of bugging me

      • Rickm_jr

        Imagine having 3 at once, now that’s annoying. Guessing there’s no way to apply the icon mask to the folder icons?

      • Matt

        I’m going to try to make the icon size smaller in Springtomize for about 5% so I mean it won’t look exactly the same but at least it will fit in more.
        Gotta try it.

      • DеvSк0re

        What do you use to show two rounds instead of signal dots and wifi logo?

      • Rickm_jr


      • DеvSк0re

        Thank you

      • GDesigner GD

        Use TinyGrid+ for neat looking forlders.

      • Jim

        what theme is that?

      • GDesigner GD


  • Newgunnerr

    What theme is that?

  • Sounds like a good idea

  • Virus

    TimePasscode Pro is also a new good tweak

  • Protecti+ does something similar… Might worth checking out as well

  • Framboogle

    Kinda useless for me considering I don’t let anyone near my phone.

    • Exo

      Same here. Even when I want to show someone something I don’t really like letting them hold my phone. It usually ends in this awkward tug of war where they’re trying to hold my phone but I’m not reluctant to let go lol

    • Damian W

      you criticized a tweak based on your need, but not based on the actual functionality of the tweak. Strange.

      • Zod

        Notice the comment read ‘useless for me’.

      • Damian W

        yeah I guess it could be interpreted both ways. But it could be read this way as an example “I don’t drive a car, yet so a new Porsche would be useless for me”. 😛

      • @chumawumba:disqus actually edited it, it wasn’t considerate AT-ALL the first time I read it…I don’t recall the post containing “for me”.

      • Framboogle

        I actually did not edit the post. While I was simply stating how I found it useless, I agree that to others it might have some value.

    • Jonathan

      LOL me too. xD If I do let someone, I’m breathing down their back. 😛

  • Umut Bilgiç

    Oh my..! I have been dreaming of this kind od concept for some time now! Great review Joe!

  • illK†Δ

    I’d do this if my kid played with my iPad or iPhone.
    But I don’t have a kid. And I wouldn’t let him play with my iDevice. So yeah..

  • Eni

    Anyone can help me why the stock on/off battery percentage it doesent work after jailbreak?

  • Cool

    This is useful if someone kidnaps you. Let’s say a psycho kidnaps you. Then he says, “Give me your password or you will suffer”.
    Then you will give him your guest password, and he won’t have access to your secret stuff.

    • RandomAwesomeGuy

      Do you have experience in this?

      • Cool

        no. Thankfully, I’ve never been kidnapped by a psycho.

    • Rafael Castillo

      What did I just read?

    • Jonathan

      But then he’ll relize you changed it and force you to put it back to the full version.

    • Dan

      Or he could keep torturing you till you give him the real one, your call.

  • Ariel

    Good to see an actually usefull tweak once in a while. This is for when ill have kids!

  • Merman123

    I guess this is useful if you have kids. Any other person would kinda feel offended if you handed them a locked down phone of yours.

  • Dante Arellano

    Dam sometimes this is getting deeper happy with jailbreak!!!

  • Donovan

    for the pre-iOS7 devices, check out iPrivacy.

  • tstsr6

    Now how do I give the NSA my GUEST passcode

  • Ratna Karlapati

    Unable to comeout of guest mode. Please help.

  • Svs

    Its nice but i hope it make the app icon disappear instead of greying it out

  • laurakelly

    thanks for post…!!! surely it help when someone ask to see pics or others stuff in phone.

  • ahm3d_sha

    is there any free source to get this tweek for free ?

    • iPT MSTR

      Piracy is not supported on this blog

  • iPT MSTR

    Does this work with Androidlock XT

  • Spectr@

    What’s the wallpaper?

  • Spectr@

    What’s that wallpaper?

  • mike

    Rather use Guided Access personally. Much simpler and effective for my causes.

  • I wish this Jailbreak would give an option to actually hide the icons not available in guest mode instead of dimming them. Additionally, I noticed that authenticating at the login screen now takes almost 3-5 seconds as opposed to being nearly instant without this tweak. IDK, great idea but I’m going to wait for a bit before trying it again 🙁

  • Timepasscode Pro+lockdown pro does the job very well and it blocks apps (ie pictures) from access all across the board.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    You forgot about us windows tablet users, we, have always had multiple user capabilities.

  • Andre Williams

    My settings require a passcode to be asked at unlock, anytime the phone has been asleep for more than a minute. I do not like putting in the passcode immediately, every time I put the phone to sleep. This has become a problem with this new tweak. If I’m using my phone, then put it to sleep and immediately go into GuestMode, that 1 minute timer no longer applies.
    I’m texting friends, and then my sister asks to look something up on my phone. I hit the sleep button, and put it into GuestMode for her. She’s using Safari in GuestMode for, let’s say, 10 minutes. Then, she gets suspicious and hits the sleep button to try and go to the normal springboard. Despite it having been 10 minutes, ten times more than the required time for the phone to ask for a passcode, since the phone was still under that one minute when it was put into GuestMode, she STILL can get into the normal springboard.
    Has anyone else noticed this, and is there something I’m missing in the settings that would fix this issue? Save for requiring a passcode immediately, always?

  • Amit singh

    Hi…I have disabled setting,cydia,ifile,NC and CC.then set passcode.unfortunately My lock passcode n guest enable passcode is same.Now I am not able to do anything.Plz help..

  • Lufuno Mafumo

    After downloading guestmode all my apps and settings are hidden I cant access anything.