Tim Cook holds iPad (with Katie Cotton, Jacqui Cheng)

Following notable excerpts from Daisuke Wakabayashi’s interview with Tim Cook in The Wall Street Journal, the financial newspaper has now posted the whole thing on its Digits blog.

The full interview gives us a more detailed insight into the mindset of Tim Cook’s Apple as the CEO discusses recent topics of interest, including Lenovo’s $2.9 billion purchase of Google’s Motorola Mobility unit and additional information regarding Apple’s share buyback program.

He also took time to touch upon the ongoing discussion concerning supposedly bigger iPhones in the pipeline, the current products not yet hitting the ceiling and lots more. I’ve included the best quotes and tidbits for your reading pleasure after the break…

Acknowledging that the iPod “never really took off in emerging markets,” Cook credited the iPhone with finally penetrating emerging markets in China, Russia, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

The China Mobile roll-out of LTE (fourth-generation wireless) takes place over a year. And even with adding China Mobile, we still only present our products to two-thirds of the subscribers in the world. In fact, this quarter, we’ll sign on 50 new carriers.

The addition of 50 new carriers should help boost those iPhone sales.

North America was “challenging” as “we had no growth” there and Japan is “a very key market” for Apple as it accounts for about nine percent of the company’s revenue.

On bigger iPhones:

What we’ve said is that until the technology is ready, we don’t want to cross that line. That doesn’t say we’ll never do it. We want to give our customers what’s right in all respects – not just the size but in the resolution, in the clarity, in the contrast, in the reliability. There are many different parameters to measure a display and we care about all those, because we know that’s the window to the software.

Just to make things a bit more interesting, here’s a nice iPhone 6 concept by our friend Federico Ciccarese from earlier today.

iPhone 6 concept (Federico Ciccarese 004)

On “crappy” Android tablet experience:

We have over a million apps on iOS. We have over half-million that have been optimized for iPad. That half-million compares to 1,000 for Android tablets. That’s one of the reasons, although not the only reason, why the experience on Android tablets is so crappy because the app is nothing more than a stretched out smartphone app.

He also likened Android to Europe:

The other thing is that Windows pretty much was one thing. Android is like Europe. Europe was a name that somebody came up with for Americans who didn’t understand that Europe was a lot of countries that weren’t like U.S. states.

They were very different. Android is many things. How many people who use a Kindle know that they’re using Android? And you see what Samsung is doing by putting more and more software on top. I think it’s night and day. The compare is so off.

On market share in smartphones:

I look at the mobile phone market as having three kinds of phones: feature phones, smartphones that function as or are used as feature phones, and real smartphones. I care about the market share of the last one.

I don’t care how many feature phones are sold.

The more that are sold I look at as good because those are all potential future customers for real smartphones. The same thing goes for the second category. I’d like to convert as many of those as possible to real smartphones.

And then this on making junk:

Would I like to be one in the places where we are two? You better believe it. If there is a way we can do that without changing where our line is on a great product, then we’re going to do it. But what we’re not going to do is we’re not going to make junk. We’re not going to put Apple’s brand on something someone else designed.

I don’t view that as being satisfied with being small or however you want to define it. It’s not saying that market share is irrelevant or not important. I’ve never said that. I just always tried to say that the macro thing for us is to make a great product and we must do that.

On Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility, previously a Google company:

I wasn’t surprised. It seems like a logical transaction. Google gets rid of something that’s losing money, something that they’re not committed to. I think it’s really hard to do hardware, software and services and to link all those things together. That’s what makes Apple so special. It’s really hard, so I’m not surprised that they are not going to do that.

By the way, Google will own a 5.94 percent stake in Lenovo worth $750 million once Lenovo’s Motorola deal closes, per a disclosure on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

And here’s the full quote regarding introducing new-category products.

It goes to the heart of what is innovation. We’ve had a prolific period of innovation. We’ve had enormous new products over the last several months with the iPad Air, the iPad Mini with Retina display. We’ve had Mavericks (the new Macintosh operating system). We’ve had iOS 7. We’ve had iTunes Radio. Basically we re-did the entire Macintosh line. We came out with two phones at the same time for the first time ever with the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. And the dream of using your fingerprint for authentication has come true. Innovation at Apple is alive and well. But all of that being said, we can do more.

We don’t believe we can do things at the level of quality and link things as we want to between hardware, software and services so seamlessly if we do a lot of stuff. So we’re going to stick with our knitting with only doing a few things and doing them great. There will be new categories and we’re working on some great stuff. We’re not ready to talk about it. We’re really working on some really great stuff. I think no one reasonable would say they’re not a new category.

I think Apple can grow well with great improvements and new products on its existing category of products. We haven’t exactly hit a ceiling with products like the iPhone. There are still a lot of people buying feature phones. There are a lot of people still buying smartphones that they use like a feature phone but it’s labeled as a smartphone.

We said early on that the tablet business would be bigger than the PC business. If anything, that’s happening sooner than we thought. There’s still a lot of PCs being sold and a lot of those users would have a better experience on an iPad than a PC. We still view that as an opportunity.

And we haven’t given up on the Mac. A lot of people are throwing in the towel right now on the PC. We’re still spending an enormous amount on really great talent and people on the Macs of the future. And we have some really cool things coming out there. Because we believe as people walk away from the PC, it becomes clear that the Mac is what you want if you want a PC.

We don’t think about our size and we don’t manage the company like a big company, but we did sell $171 billion worth of stuff last year.

And in terms of the stock market, it’s worth mentioning that Apple’s stock continues to be undervalued (if you ask Carl Icahn). Cook basically said his company isn’t buying stock for the heck of it, but because short-sighted investors are driving the stock down.

Just earlier today, Google passed oil giant Exxon Mobil to become the second-largest U.S. corporation in terms of market cap. Apple is still #1, followed by Google, Exxon Mobil and, Microsoft.

The full interview is available here.

So, your comments on Cook’s comments?

  • Shawn

    Just noticed cook is holding the iPad upside down.

    • mhchehade

      he’s giving it to the lady 😉

      • Shawn

        She looks like she is going to punch it

      • jack

        cuz we all know he won’t give anything else to ladies

    • Eni

      just noticed tha cook have to give to the lady an iphone 5s becose she has yet the 5 :p

    • Jerry Cox

      You can’t hold it upside down… As long as he’s not on the home screen, it rotates.

      • Shawn

        You can hold it upside down

    • lrd555

      Doesn’t really matter which way you hold it. Does it?

    • Ninja Banana


  • Framboogle

    Is it just me or does he say the same stuff every single year.

    • Shawn

      If you ask the same questions. You get the same answers.

      • Guest

        Perfect response

      • Empha

        Not really. If you keep saying when the technology is there. How many times are you gonna say that? Tech is expanding and evolving very fast and constantly so what exactly is it that he waiting for. The answer is just BS because there are even phones with larger screens and better clarity (resolution/density etc etc) than the iPhone already in existence so what’s the hold up?

      • chris125

        The technology has been there for awhile with larger screened devices. He is just rehashing the same old song and dance so when apple does it(years after everyone else) he can say see now the technology is ready, even though it was ready for years, it was apple who wasn’t ready to change.

      • DeAndre Enrico

        The iPad AND the iPad Mini are larger screen devices. Tim Cook saying that Apple isn’t releasing a larger screen iPhone yet because they’re waiting for the tech to be ready is as dumb as it gets (well not quite as stupid as what he said about Europe being a name that was created for Americans. That’s really, really dumb).

        Hell, the iPad Mini is almost EXACTLY a larger iPhone. It’s just missing some radios a few system apps.

  • jack

    I grabbed a friends Galaxy S4 and got pissed after a minute. Touchscreen lag makes my blood boil. You click and there’s no response. Apps takes seconds to switch. Apps don’t have to ask permission to use your GPS, send you stupid notifications, etc.

    • lolder

      so after borrowing your friends S4 for a minute, you logged in to your store account, downloaded a porn app, and got angry when your gf saw u watching porn because u couldn’t switch as fast as on iphone then you got more mad when u got mail to your home which told which porn u watched

      • Dani Hayes

        HA!!! I like your version better.

    • flofail


    • erod434

      I don’t understand how that’s relevant to the topic, but none of what you said is true on my Galaxy S4.

      • Sean Clark

        A lot of people cannot be comfortable with their purchases unless they are convinced that the alternative is inferior. PC and Mac, Xbox and Playstation, Android and iPhone, VHS and BetaMax.

      • DeAndre Enrico

        Although BetaMax is actually superior to VHS. Jus sayin.

      • OSX > Windows
        Xbox Android
        BetaMax > VHS
        DVD-HD < BluRay

      • N&LH

        Galaxy S4 lags. In fact, most or may be all Samsung smartphones lag and have many problems. The reason is that, Samsung does not improve their products.

      • @dongiuj

        Your “in fact” is not actual fact. I know from actual fact that you are wrong.

      • N&LH

        Many of my friends who have Galaxy, they have problems. It’s up to you if you beliive it or not. I don’t care

      • @dongiuj

        Fair enough but your friends are not “most” and definitely not “all galaxy phones” as you put it. My galaxy S3 performs just as well as my iphone 5 on ios7.
        So basically you were talking shit.

      • N&LH

        My brother has Galaxy S3. Simply the problems have started to show up after few months. The conclusion, is that Galaxy is just piece of junk.

      • @dongiuj

        It still isn’t “most” nor is it “all”. It’s only a few or several out of MILLIONS that you have mentioned.

      • N&LH

        Hehehe, have you asked “all” millions ? Did they tell you we have zero problems with our Galaxy phones ?

      • N&LH

        Or you are crying because Samsung is just Keeping giving its customers phones not as advertised

      • @dongiuj

        1: I haven’t asked millions but then again I didn’t make a dumb ass comment by saying “fact”, “most” and “all” about galaxy phones lag.You were the one that started with that so don’t start crying like a little girl about it now.
        2: my phone is just fine so no, I’m not the one crying, just you are because you’re the one that made a foolish comment, not me and you’re continuing to make them.
        3: I would suggest you choose your words more carefully/think a little more before typing/talking.

        See ya.

      • N&LH

        Did someone tell you I am crying? how did you come up with this ?

        “my phone is just fine”. I wrote my comment based on what I have seen.
        “foolish comment” everyone has opinion. If your phone works “fine”. So, you don’t represent the all Galaxy users.

        ” I would suggest you choose your words more carefully” You are the one who need to choose your words carefully, no need to say “foolish comment”. Try to learn how to write comments.
        “/think a little more before typing/talking.” Am I talking to iGenius or what??

        Listen up, I am not a liar. When I wrote my comment, I wrote it based on what I have seen. Only kids like you cry when they read negative comments. Your favourite company (Samsung), does not improve their products. Believe or not. The only thing they know put useless features in their phones & give you a phone has good specks just on paper.

      • Ninja Banana

        Fight! Fight! Encore, Encore!

      • Kurt

        You should read the crap he wrote to me below.

      • @dongiuj

        Man, he sounds like a complete nutcase. I have no idea why he can’t understand that just him, his brother and his friends are not the only people in the world. Best let him deal with his world and we can carry on living on Earth where 7 billion other people live.

      • Kurt

        haha good point. Earth is good. Let’s keep a healthy distance from his world.

      • rene

        my friend, don’t waste your time, fanatics, don’t think, they act on impulse, and is a fact, so make your own conclusion, even so you know you are right, they will never will take the time to accept it.

      • Kurt

        I love my ipad Air but have problems with it. One, lag, two, safari crashes constantlyyyyyyyyy. I’m not jailbroken, never been on this device. My Note 3 never has these problems. Thought it does have problems. When using the stock camera app taking pictuers it is so beautiful, but if the subject is a person it isn’t clear. There is some weird effect on the sharpness. On another app, no problem. My iPhone 4S has so many problems-not jailbroken but it has been jailbroken a few versions ago. My iPad 1G is absolutely terrible. But I blame jailbreaking. I restored and rejailbroke but didn’t but the same tweaks on, and much less but still have so much lag and so unresponsive. Sorry bud, Apple’s products are not perfect

      • N&LH

        hehehehe, look I am not stupid to tell me this bulshit (with my respect). I have iPad Air, iPhone 4S. Exactly the same devices that you have got. Simply I have ZERO issues with the devices. Please note that my devices are not jailbroken.

        What you have mentioned is not true. I think many people agree with me. If Apple products not perfect. So, what, others.???

        Go and find something to say.

      • Kurt

        If I cared enough to prove you are lying I’d take a video. We have the same devices so I know you are full of it.

        But I’ll lie too, Apple is the best, there are “ZERO” problems with our iDevices.

      • N&LH

        I didn’t say you are a liar. But what you have said just does not make sense. As I mentioned before, I have the same devices and other Apple products. Even I have iPhone 3GS, really I have not seen any problem. It’s up to you if you wanna believe it or not

      • Kurt

        I had the 3GS too, and iPod Touch 1G. Been jailbreaking since iPhone OS 1.1.4. Apple makes great products, but 4S on iOS7 is laggy. My iPad with it’s original firmware has safari crashing constantly. Same with my iPad 1G. I tap, and start counting up to 4 seconds for it to do something. And that’s Settings app.

      • N&LH

        IOS 7 works perfect on my iPhone 4s. There is some lag. As you know the device released in 2011. The device will work much better when Apple release IOS 7.1 to the public.

        At least, it is much better than Galaxy devices. They have lag from day one

      • Kurt

        Finally you admit it. So “ZERO” problems was a lie. I heard there is some lag in some galaxy devices. But Note 3, I haven’t had any. But I’m no fanboy. I’ll be switching upgrading my 4S if Apple releases a phablet and I’ll get rid of my Note 3. Not to take anything away from the Note 3, it’s been amazing. But most important to me is screen size, then apps. If iPhone has a 5.5″ screen then it has the two most important features I want.

      • N&LH

        Listen up, I was not lying to you when I said, I have ZERO problem with my devices. I don’t care if you believe it or not.

        In my opinion, Apple products are better than the crap Samsung devices

      • Kurt

        Lag is a problem. I guess, your definition is Lag is a problem on Android and not a problem on iOS devices. OK, I got it. You are a very fair individual. I don’t need to question if your information is factual/honest/fair. You’re a straight up guy/girl. Thanks!

      • N&LH

        Lag is a problem. However, Apple will fix it for older iPhone models. But lag will be normal when you have a device that is almost 3 years old.

        In regards Samsung, it is a BIG problem because for example, they release a new device and has lag. It should not have lag because the device should have the latest hardware.So, should work smooth on the latest software

      • Kurt

        True, if it’s a 3 year old device with Apple. They make it slow so you buy a new device. Other OSes when a new firmware comes out your devices runs better. such as webOS, Android, Windows (not sure about Mac OS)

      • N&LH

        They don’t make it slow, they design the latest software on the latest hardware. Apple will address the lag and other bugs in IOS7.1

      • Kurt

        Hope so!

      • N&LH

        I have seen some videos on YouTube.Just find a video IOS 7.1. The reviews are good. The developers have said the is big improvements in speed. Specially for iPhone 4

      • N&LH

        Same for iPhone 3GS, I think if Apple let you download IOS7. The device will be horrible. The device is almost 5- 6 years old

      • N&LH

        Lag is normal for devices that almost 3 years old. Not for device released let say for Galaxy S4, the device has lag from day one

      • Kurt

        Oops I forgot to downvote you. Thanks for reminding me. Not sure why you started that. But I’ll continue to copy.

      • N&LH

        I am not lying to you. The is no single reason to let me lying

      • N&LH

        iDevices have problems. However, I mean I have not gotten any problems with my devices. Even many of friends have Apple devices. They do not have a problems.

      • N&LH

        I have other Apple products, I have zero issue with them.

      • Svs

        On android the animation aren’t consistent especially when opening apps there are apps that run the animation then load the app while there are other that load the app and run the animation which is annoying makes it fell like the whole phone is freezing

      • erod434

        What are you even saying? That doesn’t even make sense. I have never seen anything remotely like this in my year with the gs4.

    • People only fall in love with galaxy phones because of the display (that it’s really good) and how the design it’s so similar to apple. they actually think that it is a bigger “iPhone”. Scumsung formula to sell phones. Crappy plastic with a User experience that sucks, Crazy Performance, stability..well.. it’s Android, what else…

      Ow.. and let’s not forget about the “geeks wannabe”.. that praise Android with the BS of “being more open” because all they want it’s a way to install crappy cracked stuff because paying for apps it’s not a option. No wonder why developers earn much more money with iOS than with Android.

      • erod434

        Contrary to your belief, not everyone loves apple as much as you do and has to base all smartphone purchases on apple. In reality the galaxy s4 looks nothing like the iphone 5s, and no one confuses it as a “bigger iphone.” The people who like apple products buy apple products, and the people who want an alternative buy the galaxy s4 or another android or WP8 device. Now all that B.S. about crappy plastic and a user interface that sucks is all your opinion without any facts to support it, and it isn’t a very popular one judging by the gs4’s popularity. In fact, many including myself believe that it is superior to the iphone in many respects in its software with androids superior features set including the always useful google now that I could not use a smartphone without, but its just an opinion and I understand why ios is so appealing as well.

      • I own smartphones since the Qtek generation, that later was called HTC. PDA’s with Windows CE, Smartphones with Windows Mobile, Nokias and Samsung with Symbian, Windows Phones and some Android phones, including some Galaxy’s for testing purposes only. If you want to talk about quality in matter of build construction and original UI, get a Sony device.

      • erod434

        So let me get this straight since you have used “some galaxy’s” which could have been from years ago you know that the Galaxy S4, has a crappy experience even though millions of users buy and are happy with it? Makes no sense. I think for some reason you think your opinion is more valid because you claim to have “owned smartphones since the Qtek generation” even though its just an internet claim.

      • Glad to know that you know all those millions and the said to you that they are happy.

        Im still wondering why the iPhone sales are increase and Galaxy phones decreasing…

        And no, i didn’t said that my opinion is more valid, I just shown to you that make no sense calling me fanboy just because I talk trash thinks about the shitty phone you have.

      • Juan Herrera

        I’ve seen google now run side by side against Siri on iOS 7.. Very close in comparison but Siri still narrowly had the edge.. Features can only be superior if enough find them necessary and most admit they are used pretty sporadically.. The GS4 sold well worldwide because of the Samsung name but the phone is crammed with a lot of features that most dont use daily and it not being as quick and touch responsive as the iphone is true, not just for it but many android phones though its much improved over android of old

      • Dan

        Pirating is actually easier on IOS. With android you have to install Apks then transfer folders etc. so the bit about not paying for apps is just not true.

        Also, the bit about the open features it not just geek stuff. There are a lot of things I can do with my android phone that I would not be able to do with iPhone. It all comes down to what you want out of your device.

        Not need to bash the competitors to feel good about your product. I’m on both sides of the fence and I appreciate then advantages of iOS and android.

      • Sean Cua

        in iOS though you’d have to wait for a jailbreak and there isn’t always a jailbreak available unlike for android you can flash it with roms easily.

      • blastingbigairs

        I have had several Android phones and it’s not always as easy at that. Sometimes the rooting process (needed to flash ROMS) is a huge hassle and sometimes was a lengthy process. And every ROM I flashed always had weird glitches, broken cameras, Netflix, Bluetooth, etc. It was kind of fun to flash ROMS, but after a while I just got frustrated with all the issues every Android phone has. High maintenance kinda like a PC. Always came back to an iPhone for the simple fact is that they just work all the time, every time.

      • You can compare the developers profits in iOS vs Android on same games and apps. The marketshare it’s huge so we can only see two plausible options: people don’t buy apps or crack them. Only a few percentage of Android users actually buy stuff.

        iOS to use cracked stuff you’re always depending on JB…that’s the problem and that’s why it’s not easier to pirate on iOS.

    • BeatModz

      My brother has one, I see no lag. Maybe a little bit but not exaggeration like you make it sound. I like the galaxy s4 for what it is. It’s not perfect but not awful.

    • RarestName

      That’s exaggerating.

      • Anonymous

        Butt hurt sheep exaggerating? Whaa? noo.

      • RarestName

        I feel like slapping you with my iPad.

      • Anonymous

        Slap me back to TB. I dare you 😛

      • RarestName


      • who says I exagerate. I feel like slapping you with my Nexus 7 running iLauncher and iNoty

      • Anonymous

        Not me, I was talking to Jack. I guess if I were to get slapped by something, the Nexus 7 would be my first choice, so go ahead. 🙂

      • I think I know what he means by lag though. I think he refers to the JIT runtime. I can say it sucks, especially on my Nexus 7. I press the Skype or YouTube icon and what happens is that I press it, it stay looking pressed for about 3 seconds, then it launches. Google needs to hurry up with ART

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like an operator error.

  • Newgunnerr

    So no bigger sized iPhones? 🙁

    • Umut Bilgiç

      I think those were very smartly chosed words for “Not now maybe, but definetly sometime”

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Or he’s just saying all the right things to hide the fact Apple may or may not be coming out with an iPhablet…

    • Tim Cook answer gave me hope. Hope that Apple it’s still a company that cares about every detail before pulling out new hardware.

      • Carlos Reyes

        You see hope in everything apple and there is life outside of this one tech company. I had iphones since the first one… got bored and switched to a G1, GS3, GS4, HTC One and now Note 3 which is by far one of the best phones out right now. The lag apple fans talk about in Samsung phones is due to TouchWiz just switch launchers and you’re good. One thing iphones will never have on androids is customization…bored with how your screen looks change it up completely, get creative. iPhones you are stuck with rows of apps and folders…sucks. Take a look at a note 3 with action launcher and tell me if it sucks. Too bad you’re too closed minded to try something for purposes other than testing. Apple makes good products but people get tired of waiting for a quick access toggle to turn off wifi (took forever to get the control center or whatever it is called), or swipe gestures to access part of the system. With the first few iphones we had to wait to even use a wallpaper. No thanks!!

      • Seems to me that someone here with “a lot of experience” never heard about Jailbreak and all the UI customizations.

        Android launchers full of flaws and uses more memory ram than anything else. Pure garbage. And im not even mention that in 16GB, you have only access to 8GB free because the crap on Android have wastes half of your storage.

        Samsung its a company without taste, they don’t care about details. They don’t care about his costumers experience. They sell everything (from tvs to refrigerator just to make money, nothing else).

        Android its another piece of garbage controlled by Google, the so called “open source” with the root access denied. The so called open source where carriers and brands have more rights than you, the user. We waite for things like quick access but most of Android users wait for simple bug fixes and they never know if they will get the next update. It’s worst because they compromise your security! And im not even mention the malware and the crappy JAVA there…wasting all the resources to make simple tasks and leaving your system vulnerable most of the time.

        So no, thanks… I would switch to Windows Phone much more faster than having the crappy Android on my phones. More than features, I appreciate quality. security and things that really work.

      • Steve

        Samsung has terrible customer service where I live. Apple’s is top notch and treats the customer as a king. Apple has been known to replace stuff for free after the warranty has expired too. Just sayin’…

    • Steve

      Why would you want a bigger phone? Is it not important that it can fit in your pocket?

  • Dan

    If Cook didn’t want to make crap phones, he should of passed on the iPhone 5C and ‘hon’ case.

    As far as the apps go on android tablet, he’s spot on, that’s the reason why I sold my Nexus 7 and got an iPad air. Although the low RAM and crashing apps is something that’s starting to annoy me…

    • iPhone 5c it’s not a crappy phone.
      Only have a crappy price.

      • Dan

        Well imo the 5C was pointless and I’m surprised it sold. 100$ more and you get the iPhone 5S, better specs, better build quality. In my book, that’s crap =X

      • Andy

        The specs of the 5c were fine, but the problem was Apple expected people to buy it when its price is only 100 bucks less. They should have just removed the 4s and have 5c replace its place. That would’ve worked out a lot better.

  • erod434

    “Europe was a name that somebody came up with for Americans who didn’t understand that Europe was a lot of countries that weren’t like U.S. states.”

    Εὐρώπη is first used as a geographical term in the 6th century BC and this transformed through the ages into the name Europe so he really pulled that one out of somewhere haha. It’s not like its a name of a continent lol.

    • SkyFall

      Are you Greek? Because you wrote Ευρώπη with Greek characters.

      • erod434

        Lol no I copied it from wikipedia.

    • DFD

      I think he makes a valid point that the average American perspective of Europe is just some ‘place’ across the ocean similar to the US. You would be challenged to find an American who could distinguish between one European nationalities/culture from another (Beyond UK, french, italians). In the same way Android is a grouped as a “Europe” with no clear distinctions, just a big smear of google based products.

      • Andy

        Likening Android to Europe was unnecessary, he could have picked a better example. He probably made a lot of European Apple fans angry by comparing Android to Europe.

      • It was my first thought..

        “WTF Mr Cook.. are you calling Europe a garbage?” but then I got the message behind his analogy…

      • DFD

        I think his point was that most Americans are ignorant. Not that most Europeans are one subgroup. Either way it isn’t a happy medium.

  • Jonathan

    Why is Tim holding the iPad upside down? I know you can.. but still.

  • Ted Forbes

    Google is rising above to surpass Apple. Unless Apple comes up with some real cool stuff, some real good stuff it will be left behind slugging it out with Exxon Mobil.

  • Anonomous.TECH.man

    He’s very pridefull.

  • Anonomous.TECH.man

    Sorry but PC a ipad/Mac is never going to replace my gaming PC.

  • Below$600AShareIsPathetic!}:-(

    Google is just pounding Apple to death when it comes to shareholder value. Wall Street believes the future of computing is $250 Chromebooks where Apple can’t possibly compete. Google will be passing Apple in market cap by the middle of the year as Apple continues to miss expectations quarter after quarter. It’s downright embarrassing for a company that’s sitting on a mountain of cash and doesn’t know how to use it. Thanks, Tim. You’re really putting the screws to loyal shareholders.

    • Steve

      LOL @ Chromebooks. You’ve got to be kidding.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Google will dominate both market cap(stock) and market share(done that). Thats reality mr. Cook

  • Matt

    Oh my gawd.
    I literally have run out of finger nails to bite because of the excitement!

  • Timothy Chan

    and the war continues!

  • lrd555

    That’s what I like about Tim Cook, he knows the majority of people who buy those huge Android phones regret it. Too bulky. Right fit & smaller is in. Not goofy large.

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Apparently you never used a ipad. It can be used upside down also

  • Hung Tang

    I was a huge apple fan. From owning the iPhone 3g to iPhone 5. I own 3 ipad also. I loved the ios. It’s simple and everything was easy to find. The issue I had with the iPhone, was that it stopped being innovative. The 5s was a disappointment. Same phone. Just a little different from the 5. The things I hated about the iPhone was it’s so restricted. I would not like the os if I wasn’t able to jailbreak it.
    I decided to get a Samsung s4. It was hard to get used to, but once I got used to it, I fell in love with this phone. I’ve had no issues with the phone. The battery last all day even with streaming music.
    So what I’m saying is that I was a big apple homer, but once I changed to samsung, it opened my eyes. There’s so much more you can do with Samsung. I’m glad I made the change.

  • Actually SIRI / iOS / OSX reminders and maps can tell you exactly the same. Using the Travel time and weather.

    Maybe you missed the WWDC 2013 keynote…

    • erod434

      Umm did you even look at the link I posted because you still don’t know what google now is. Google now IS NOT A VOICE SEARCH ENGINE. It For example, when I wake up, without setting any reminders, my phone will display on the lockscreen or in the google now app how long it will take me to get to work and when I should leave. If I have a package coming, my phone will automatically tell me its status in the notification pane, and it will automatically tell me sports scores and weather and display them as a notification. The best part is that you DO NOT HAVE TO SET ANY REMINDERS or SEARCH FOR ANYTHING LIKE SIRI. Google now has been on every galaxy phone since the GS3 so I’m not quite sure how you have used a newer galaxy if you do not even know its best feature.

      • omg.. again? Google Now it’s not a personal assistant. He doesn’t act like a personal assistance. and like I said before, it has great features and it’s great, but could be a little bit more like siri that answer to our questions like it was a person. thats why, since the begining I said that both need to borrow features from each other.

      • erod434

        Like a person huh what a gimmick. I don’t want to talk to my phone to hear someone tell a story or make a joke, that’s why I talk to real people. I prefer actually useful features such as the ability to predict follow up questions and understand pronouns, or the ability to use the vast information system that google provides. So if anyone needs to borrow anything its apple not google.

      • No one here are saying to talk to SIRI or Google Now like it was your best friend. But having a phone that talks to you and reply to your questions without needing to touch or see the screens it’s not a gimmick. It’s a really great feature, specially when you’re driving. Unless of course.. you don’t drive…

  • rich

    tim cook loves penis. Instead of a stupid plastic 5c junk, you should have made a large iphone!! Bet you would have sold zillions of em.

    • “tim cook loves penis.”, so do i? is there an issue with that?

  • Your Mother

    “because the app is nothing more than a stretched out smartphone app.”

    he’s such a ****., “stretched out” phone apps on Android look the same or better (Tegra) than tablet “optimized” apps.

    he’s just mad because stretched out phone apps on the iPad look like garbage–and I have plenty of them on my iPad Air.

  • Andres

    After reading all these comments, you are entitled to your own opinion.

    But all you samsung fanboys, don’t come on this mostly apple blog trying to convince others that what you own is superior to apple devices.

  • BozzyB

    This trash talk won’t help him. It’s easy to claim things. I won’t even comment on this or start a discussion like – yes it is! – no its not! Just go to a store and check out some Android phones yourself. These are just the last nervous attacks against competitors. If Apple would’nt have a worldwide market share of only 20% and Android around 70%, he wouldn’t even think about talking about it. It’s envy.

  • Sorry Timmy Cookie, but when I want a PC, it’s never a Mac (which technically is a PC, so is the iPad and iPhone). OS X is just a restrictive environment and majority of apps for Macs are blatant ripoffs…

  • Steve

    I’m sure glad I only own a feature phone. It will fit in my pocket, it can be dropped and not break and the battery lasts several days on a single charge.

  • Steve

    A cell phone should fit easily and comfortably in your pocket, if not it’s just a tablet, plain and simple, regardless of what the manufacturer markets it as.