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Cody ran an interesting story yesterday about Samsung allegedly requiring Olympians to cover the Apple logos on their iPhones and iPads during the opening ceremony, as part of giving free devices to athletes. It had all the elements you’d expect from a typical viral story: a pair of tech titans who hate each other’s guts out, a major sports event, greed, ad money and corporate jealousy.

Too bad it wasn’t true. It’s been confirmed by both Samsung and the International Olympic Committee today that athletes are absolutely allowed to use any device they wish during the Opening Ceremonies. This means iPhones and yes – the Apple logos are allowed, too!

A Samsung representative told the media today that Samsung “has not been involved in any decisions related to branding on products used by athletes at the Games.”

All commercial marketing around the games is overseen by the International Olympic  (IOC) Committee,” the company said. The Swiss team also said the story was not true and denied being told to cover the Apple logos on their iPhones.


The original story claimed Samsung had asked athletes to cover the logos on rival devices as a condition for receiving a free Galaxy Note 3 smartphone in the gift bags given to all athletes.

MacRumors got in touch with IOC and a spokesperson debunked that story, saying it was “not true”.

No it is not true. Athletes can use any device they wish during the Opening Ceremony. The normal rules apply just as per previous Games.

The Samsung Note 3 that were distributed are a gift to the athletes, so they can capture and share their experiences at the Games, and the phones also contain important competition and logistical information for competing athletes.

There you have it – that’s how easy it is to spread FUD on the Internet these days.

By the way, NBC reported about Galaxy phones being remotely compromised by malware at the Sochi Olympics.

  • Wow, that’s so nice of another company to allow private citizens to use a product by another company. it’s like saying that Addidas wants all Nike emblems covered up, or that Chevy wants all Ford emblems covered up. Heaven forbid! And honestly, it’s not like people don’t know what an iPhone looks like. It’s like these commercials that cover up the Apple logo on an iMac. Uh, hello!

  • Framboogle

    Who would even want a galaxy anyways

    • Jonathan

      Lame people.

      • RarestName

        That’s not nice. Seriously, that’s not nice at all.

      • Framboogle

        Who cares, it’s true.

      • RarestName


    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I’d love my own galaxy, especially if it’s as big as ours. Where can I get one? Should I phone NASA?

      • Matt

        I see what you did there.

  • Ted Forbes

    Well glad that’s over with. It made no sense.

  • Micaiah Martin

    I was going to say… how could Samsung even think of something like that? That just a sucker shot. I didn’t actually think Samsung would go that low.

    • Michael

      they pay people to write reviews… they fix their software to game benchmarks so you don’t know how powerful the device actually is.

      • Micaiah Martin

        That is just good ol’ fashion marketing gimmicks 😀

  • Chindavon

    Just deny it and everything will go away.

    • @dongiuj

      Pathetic. Just like your comment on the original article you made and yourself.

      • Chindavon

        An honorable company such as Samsung doesn’t need it’s drones to be it’s apologists. They have a payroll for that.

      • @dongiuj


  • Wood1030

    Oh, ok.
    So, Samsung, all those nasty things we said about you yesterday…nevermind!
    If this latest story retracting the last story is true, then we owe you an apology, (even if most of the things we said about you is true).
    But athletes, don’t expect to get that mug shot of you taking selfies on an International stage if you’re using anything other than a Samsung product.
    Just sayin’.

    Let the Games begin! (well, it’s seems the publicity games are well on their way)

  • Chuck Finley

    So when you said “interesting story” you actually mean “badly researched, badly sourced story that turned out to be a complete and utter lie” right?

    • s0me

      Story to fuel the comment section with angry mindless drones that dont have anything better to do than defend Apple. I own Apple devices but why the hell would I do that???

      • @dongiuj

        Exactly! Well said!

  • RarestName

    Must be awkward for those who were bashing Samsung in the original post, huh?

    • @dongiuj

      Exactly! Another well said comment!

  • redjazon

    All the Samsung Notes given away for free will be counted in the news as “Amount of shipped Samsung Phablets beats all other phablets in the market” or “Samsung phablets dominates the world.” Lol

    • And Apple’s give away of Mavericks and Macs during Japan ‘Lucky Bag’ will count towards the news of “Mac OS X Market-share is growing”…

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    Love the last part lol

  • Michael

    This would be a weird story for someone to randomly make up…

    Samsung has a long history of shady, backwards practices. I have a feeling they’re trying to back away now that the scheme has been made public.

  • Sandy Cook

    I like how you just had to get a dig in at the end there

    • Dani Hayes

      Exactly. Christian is a classless “writer”.

      • Sandy Cook

        It’s kinda funny rather than annoying to watch BTW, Game Of Phones