This is kind of interesting. Ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics, which is scheduled to begin in two days, Samsung has requested that athletes participating in the Games hide the Apple logos on their iPhones while taking photos and recording video.

It appears that Samsung, a major sponsor of this year’s Olympics, is particularly concerned with the opening ceremony. And it’s asked that any athlete who plans to use Apple’s handset to record the widely-broadcasted event to keep the logo hidden…

Samsung’s request was originally outed by members of the Swiss Olympic team, who noticed a list of guidelines inserted into their gift bags—which include a free Galaxy Note 3. Apparently, to keep the device, they have to comply with Samsung’s request.

Slashgear reports:

“Olympics sponsor Samsung is reportedly dropping Galaxy Note 3 smartphones in athletes’ goodie-bags, though the gift comes with a catch: a supposed ban on any other device branding, iPhone or otherwise, during the opening ceremony. Details of the clamp-down, which is said to require the Apple logo on an iPhone be physically covered so that it’s not caught on camera during the televised ceremony in Sochi, were spilled by the Swiss Olympic team.”

It’s unclear at this point if Samsung’s request comes under the controversial ‘Rule 40,’ which prevents athletes from mentioning any non-Olympic sponsors. Athletes who break Rule 40 can be punished in various ways, or worst-case scenario, disqualified.

The Olympics provide a unique advertising opportunity—the 2012 Summer Olympics was the most-watch event in US TV history with over 220 million viewers—and it’s believed that Samsung has, in the past, spent more than $100 million as a sponsor.

Events in the 2014 Winter Olympics begin tomorrow with qualification events, and officially kick off the night of February 7.

  • Charles

    hahaha shamsung

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      • Chindavon

        At least six hours of sleep should do it.

      • @dongiuj

        I doubt that would be long enough.

  • Chindavon


    • @dongiuj

      And yet, if Apple were to ask this you would say “And rightfully so!”

      • Chindavon

        That’s just it. Apple doesn’t need to say anything. Insecurity is what flows through Samsung’s veins.

      • Cameron Chao

        Apple wont ask this, heck apple doesnt even need to pay for advertising.

      • Scott

        What they said.

      • @dongiuj

        I see you guys seem to not understand the word “if” in my comment.

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  • Jonathan

    Are you serious Shamsung?
    If that’s the case, I’ll ask Olympians to hide your PHONE.

    • daftcinema

      You can’t because no Olympian, in their right mind, would even use their products. Besides Lebron last year, but he gets paid millions to do that shit..

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    “It’s unclear at this point if Samsung’s request comes under the controversial ‘Rule 40,’ which prevents athletes from mentioning any non-Olympic sponsors. Athletes who break Rule 40 can be punished in various ways, or worst-case scenario, disqualified.”

    How does an Apple logo on your own handset come under this rule? The athletes aren’t mentioning Apple at all they’re just displaying the logo on their own handset as it was when it came out of the factory.

    • chris125

      because this is an apple site and it makes for better click bait mentioning samsung and apple.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.


  • Gucciipad

    Hold a galaxy phone and put a apple sticker up just to piss then off

    • Justin

      I would totally do this!

    • Then Apple would sue!

    • Micaiah Martin

      Just show up in an Apple costume 😀

  • I do remember watching the London 2012 opening ceremony and seeing a lot of iPhones, and even the odd iPad, as the athletes came out….

    • Scott

      You really can’t go anywhere without seeing an iPhone. Hell, my local movie theater has the image of one on the screen when they ask people to “Please silence your phone”. It doesn’t say Apple up there but it is either an iPhone 4 or 5 that they use for the cell phone image (can’t remember if it is the shorter 3.5″ or longer 4″ screen model). But you know it is an phone over any other brand cell phone.

  • Micaiah Martin

    GOOD GOD, Samsung just go die!

  • What’s going next? They will force them to use Samsung stickers to hide the Apple logo…?

  • thecalstanley

    Hahaha Samsung!

  • Matt

    Lol jealousy

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I’d be jealous too if I was Samsung and forking out a hundred million to sponsor the Olympics and Apple doesn’t spend a penny and gets a shed load of advertisement…

      • Matt

        I do agree with what you said, but blurring out the logo is just too much.
        Yet I’m more than sure people will know that their actually using iPhone because of the distinctive back plate.

  • whodakat

    The Olympics should be a celebration of our freedom, not a chance for some schmuck company to restrict it. So much for that freedom of choice Android users are always clamoring about.

  • Burge

    Freedom of choice say screw you Samsung you can not control or tell people what they can not or can do..

  • Tim smith

    That’s sad. You’re so desperate for people to recognize your phones that you have to make sure no one sees your competitors?!?!? Btw way it should only be fair that samsung request everyone with a non samsung phone hide the logo too right?

    • Tim smith

      Ps this must show that Samsung can’t compete with apple on fair grounds

      • Taf Khan

        Shamsungs track record includes paying for fake reviews, advertising false benchmark tests, putting a uk judge on its pay roll during a court battle with Apple.. . This is small in comparison I guess, they need to realise people are not stupid and it only makes Shamsung look bad when they act like this.

  • jack

    Damn dog-eaters

    • So you say samsung eats dogs yet you don’t admit americans eat cows and chickens? iSmell a fish.

      • Sean Clark

        As an American I’m really annoyed about this stupid stereotype that we eat chicken and cows. It’s just a myth to make us look heartless.

        We eat people.

      • jack

        you should admit you have mental impairments

  • N&LH

    Because Apple is a nightmare for Samsung. Always

  • Wood1030

    This is so funny!
    Samsung should be disqualified for any “medal consideration” for trying to stack the playing field. If they can’t compete on the merits of their own products and wish to handicap Apple for having a product that athletes actually prefer to their own, then they need to disqualify themselves…in the spirit of a fair Olympic Games.

  • Frank Ding

    That is ridiculous. Those who own iPhones should be proud of it and will not listen to Shamesung. Apple would never do something like this.

  • onebyone_

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJ and X 1,000,000,000,000. times more…

  • Kyle Duguay

    If you can’t beat him sponsor the Olympics – shamesung

  • johurimam

    *flaunts Apple logo during opening ceremony* oops let me put this Apple product away.

  • Decio Arruda

    Competing by avoiding competition. It doesn’t work.

  • Taf Khan

    What a load of bollocks Shamsung… .

    People with iPhones aren’t ashamed to own apple devices, rather the opposite, so why hide? Tut tut

    Shamsung should focus on SHAMSUNG and not Apple.

    • Ted Forbes


  • Dom B

    Why cant we live in a world where everyone gets along and doesn’t sue each other for everything. Surely the Olympics is where athletes from many nations compete to be the best, and not to be dictated what to do by multi billion dollar corporations. Shame on you Samsung.

  • Nirvana

    LMFAO, what’s the point of this? Lame!!! If Samsung wants a battle, then fight on court, users are free to use whatever they need

  • Jason Baroni

    They can get more and more idiots each day. Congratus, Samesung. You are the most miserable company on the market.

  • Youngthegiant

    Silly Sammy!

  • Sam Sucks!

  • Alexander Reimann

    “Maybe, just maybe people won’t know it’s an iPhone if the apple logo is covered up…” Dear samsung, most people have a case over their iPhone anyway and all iPhones look the same, so people will know regardless of an apple logo or not that it’s an iPhone… Idiots

    • Alexander Reimann

      Also, I would love to see the outrage if they disqualified a world class athlete just for violating rule 40 by taking pictures with their iPhones during the opening ceremony, one of the most special events in their lives.

  • Alan

    I mean you don’t need to see the apple to know it’s an iphone

  • Yujin

    Haha I bet most have iPhone 5Ss and will show them proudly now that is agains the rules….s3 lol

  • Lordrootman

    They’re banned from mentioning non-sponsor products, so they are free to say “I hate this Galaxy Note 3 they are forcing me to use”

  • Steve

    Innovation in Shamesung style

  • Barcelonian

    the half eaten Apple is terrifying them lol Apple you rule man! what a trademark and a logo. Apple be scary, Samsung go crazy.

  • Barcelonian

    As long as this logo  exists every other company is forgotten. There is  and then there are other things … lol

  • MacGuru16

    This is pathetic, Samsung. You’re just pissed off that you spend hundreds of millions on pushing your products, whilst Apple does nothing and still manages to profit from it. The Olympic athletes aren’t being paid by Apple to promote their products, they bought them because they wanted to, and it’s entirely their choice if they want to go ‘naked’ with their devices.

    Rediculous. I’m not anti-Samsung, but censoring logos in an international event, such as the Olympics, is seriously stupid.

    • N&LH

      They are tying to sell more of their garbage.

    • N&LH

      Instead of doing this. They can improve their products, come up with new products and innovate. Then they will not need to do what they are doing now in Olympics

    • kelvis

      yea you right Apple make the same Sh** and we will buy it, because we like it, I like it

  • Kevin Hodson

    This is sad. Olympians please please please whip out any Apple logo you have and piss the hell out of Shamsung. I don’t care what you have to do put Apple stickers on everything.

  • Technocrz!

    What we can expect from Shamesung, it clearly shows their lack of confidance in their own products.

    • N&LH

      They know their most of their products are garbage

  • kelvis

    I can tell, that personally I like iphone, but samsung has sold a lot galaxy cellphone,table, anyway, everybody can decide what to buy.

  • Kash Gummaraju

    Guys calm down, it’s only for as long as the Olympics last. It really isn’t fair that a non-sponsor like Apple gets free advertising just like that, when a sponsor like Samsung has to pay for advertising. Just keep it down and enjoy the Olympics. We aren’t watching it to look at the phones the athletes use, but the techniques and the skills the athletes employ during their events.

    • The Olympics isn’t about marketing, it’s about athletes and athletic events. Samsung needs to be reminded of this.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        It really doesn’t need the additional move of trying to cover up the apple logos on the athlete’s devices. They get plenty of advertising from having their name next to the Olympics logo itself.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        In fact I wouldn’t be surprised they did this with the knowledge that somehow the fact they were doing this kind of stuff would leak out. By talking about them here, it’s more publicity and advertising for Samsung once again.

    • Kattman

      WRONG. It’s all about the advertising. Everything Olympic is… The Athletes them self are sub advertisers. They represent the brand who sent them to the Olympics. Not the “best in the world”.

      If it wasn’t for the brands that sent and paid for them, they wouldn’t be there…So hence, no Olympics!

      • Kash Gummaraju


  • Trần Trung Kiên

    Cứ nói thế nhưng chắc chắn những biểu tượng của Apple Inc. sẽ lộ ra

  • Hahaha, pathetic lame move Samdung. Being an anti-competitor wouldn’t help you defeat an anti-competitor like Crapple.

  • adriean

    “apple not doing anything” i’ve read this all over the comment section but who do you think pays for the ad’s they create? who pays for the posters at your bus station, who? they make billions because of how expensive their product is, however they don’t need to sponsor events because that is a waste of money, but nevertheless people will do it for them, the same way fashion retailers will give rich people clothing’s for free, all i’m saying is that try to understand Samsung’s side, they paid A LOT, wasted a lot, and then for the athletes to broadcast their rival, because the moment your caught with something that was not created by you, but by some famous company… you are broadcasting and companies take that serious regardless of what you think.

    • Ted Forbes

      All this but what difference it will make? Better Samsung didn’t bother.

  • Christopher

    Samsung seems to care more about there image then the thing they spent 100 mill on, lol

  • Dante Arellano

    Is like I say do you think some one famous or with talent use androide or samsum like U2 ??? Fuckk samsum androides.

    • erod434

      Nice spelling.

  • Ted Forbes

    Either Samsung have had enough of Apple, or they realize that their TV ads have only made it worst for them. Come on after many years airing Apple iPhone in almost all their TV commercial this sounds as if what they have done has finally taken the best of them!

    So now they are making another big mistake, all the phones covered with something or do not show the Samsung will be assumed to be Apple iPhones. If this happen people watching will assume that most of the phones at the Olympics are iPhones. I don’t see how this makes it better for Samsung but rather only better for Apple. LOL!!!!