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It’s hard to believe it, but Facebook celebrates its first decade anniversary this week. That means that 10-years ago, Mark Zuckerberg and pals were in their Harvard dorm rooms making history, launching what would become the largest social network of all time.

And to help commemorate the occasion, Facebook has launched a new feature called ‘Look Back.’ Starting today, Facebook users will begin receiving notifications saying that a video summary of all of their Facebook activity has been compiled, and is ready to watch…

The Verge has some background info on the new feature:

“A small team at Facebook spent the last few months crafting the videos and ensuring that the company had the necessary resources to render hundreds of millions of HD videos and send them out to users. Facebook has issued Year In Review compilations before, after all, but never in video form. Two groups within Facebook played a particularly important role: Everstore, the team in charge of media storage, and Moonshot, the team tasked with allocating idle server power to doing some heavy lifting whenever possible.”

Each user’s ‘Look Back’ compilation clip contains about 15 or so of their most-liked photos, statuses and life events. The images are shown off in a slide show-esque format, with cheesy background music and transitions, and popover text offers info like your join date.

Here’s an example of a Look Back video:

Although it might not seem like an impressive feat, few companies are capable of doing something like this—rendering 60-second-long videos for hundreds of millions of users. If you want to see if your Look Back video is ready, sign in and visit Facebook.com/lookback.

It’s also worth checking out Zuckerberg’s post on Facebook’s 10th anniversary.

  • Framboogle

    Who cares

  • Christian Mejía

    Facebooks dead

    • Jonathan

      And what’s the replacement?

      • Christian Mejía

        I would say Instagram and Twitter. Everyone just cares how many followers they have and not care who they are friends with online.

      • Jonathan

        I see what you mean.

      • J™


      • bgibson72

        Hopefully nothing. Social media needs to die…

      • Jonathan

        I do and do not agree with you. Yes it does, because people don’t talk to each other in person any more, and are just glued to their screens. No, because what about your friend on the other side of the state? You’d rarely drive there (unless you lived in Vatican City, the smallest city in the world, 0.2 miles.). But other than that, it helps people stay connected.

    • Michele Lynn ツ

      No it’s not!! I hate twitter. Everyone I know is on FB

      • OverfiendUK

        Same twitter sucks ass.

  • J™

    Lookback? what for?
    to remind u of those bad memories that u want to forget?

    • Some people’s lives are enjoyable… most people’s lives are enjoyable.

    • OverfiendUK

      Only if you’re the sort of individual that posts nothing but unpleasant things to FB.

  • ต๋งม๊ง เหมียวขื่อ

    How to download this link and keep in PC ? please advise…. Thx

    • wolvendeahl


      Yeah … how do I download this video so I can keep it for later?? (i.e. .mp4 or .avi file for PC)

    • Jonathan

      The video? Right click, and copy video url, then paste it. Then go here

      www . clipconverter . cc

      Paste in url, choose correct format (Mp4 is video, Mp3 is sound)

  • bgibson72

    It’s more of an annoyance than a feature, but whatever…