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In an effort to fend off T-Mobile’s ‘Un-carrier’ attack, and stay competitive with Verizon, AT&T announced a new set of family plans this afternoon. The plans include unlimited talk and text and then a bucket of 10GB of data that can be shared by all of the accompanying devices.

But the big news here is the pricing. AT&T is saying that these new plans come with the best-ever prices, and at first glance, they do look appealing. For instance, the entry-level option costs just $130 per month with unlimited talk, text and then 10GB of data for 2 smartphones…

Here’s a full breakdown of the pricing:

att plansAnd here’s an excerpt from the press release:

“Get ready to take advantage of AT&T’s1 (NYSE:T) best-ever prices for people wanting a family-size bucket of data and unlimited talk and text on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network.2 As an example, a family of four can now get unlimited talk and text, and 10GB of data – enough for the whole family to share – for $160 a month.

These best-ever prices on AT&T’s best-in-class network are available beginning tomorrow to any AT&T customer, including small businesses with up to 10 lines, and customers of Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and other wireless carriers who switch to AT&T.”

So how do these ‘best-ever’ prices compare to the other guys? Well they aren’t good enough to beat T-Mobile, which offers unlimited data for two smartphones for $100/month. Sprint and other regional carriers are also cheaper. But let’s compare it to AT&T’s biggest competitor: Verizon.

verizon plans

As you can see, AT&T’s new 2-line smartphone plan is $50 cheaper than the Big Red carrier. They both give you unlimited talk and text, and 10GB of data per month, and the two companies have comparable nationwide LTE networks—well, more comparable than say Sprint or T-Mobile.

So should you switch? That answer will vary from person to person. But AT&T is nearly finished with its LTE rollout, which has consistently been rated the fastest in the country, and is now offering competitive plan pricing and $100 per-line bill credits. It’s certainly worth looking into.

  • Justin

    Still MUCH more expensive than THREE iPhones (on financing) on T-Mobile!

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      Still MUCH more coverage than T-Mobile too!

      • Justin

        Obviously you haven’t tried AT&T where I live… They stink…

      • Att too expensive they are scammmer

    • Jack Wong

      It is not just about the price, the LTE speed of at&t is way better than tmobile in Manhattan midtown and Queen area(Whitestone).

      Which is where my work place and office, I spend most of my time in these 2 places.

  • OhSixTJ

    If only AT&T’s speed was even remotely close to that of Verizon’s where I live…

    • roygelbart


  • Dustin Brian Krueger

    The question is can existing customers change their plan to this?

    • Melvco

      Yes. Will be open to all AT&T customers, including small businesses with up to 10 lines.

    • Merman123

      The answer is in the article. Read!

      • Nate McKelvie

        It says it’s available to all customers, but it doesn’t say whether or not you can switch your current plan under contract to this plan. I would think by them saying it’s available to all customers that that is what they mean but it’s not for sure

      • ɑղժɾҽա

        You can switch even if you are under a contract. A plan and a contract are separate things. The contract is just financing for your device and to force you to stay with your carrier.

      • Dustin Brian Krueger

        Wrong. I called and spoke with them and you have to be out if contract to get the lower prices.

      • Scott Carter

        Wrong. I switched my plan this morning.

  • Tim smith

    Seems good but you have to use att next:(

    • gerardo2068

      I think you can still get phones on contract.

      • ɑղժɾҽա

        Yes, you can and still have this same exact plan.

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      It’s available to ALL AT&T customers no matter what. $15/line even if you’re not a NEXT customer. I just spoke to AT&T customer service about this.

      • Jarmar Gaines

        Sorry for the misinformation from the rep you spoke with on the phone. The $15 line charge is only for out of contract lines or lines on the Next plan.

      • Saul Peraza

        I’m under contract right now with 2 smartphones. If I switch to this plan I’m only going to be paying 130$ a month. But after my contract ends in October I will have to pay 30$ more which will be 160$ a month. Could I maybe switch back to my old plan as to not pay the 30$ more. My monthly price right now is 134.84

  • oralarts

    It’s nice to see John Legere and T-Mobile disrupting the greedy telcom industry. I’ll be saving over $50 a month with this new pricing.

    • Jack Wong

      Right, thanks to John/Tmobile.

      I still remember was the first US cellph carrier that bring in SIM card phone, nokia 8290.

      But I will still stick with At&t for NYC area.

  • Jamie

    You get what you pay for with Sprint and T Mobile. Their pricing is cheaper but where I live, T Mobile does not even have 3G. Compared to Verizon and AT&T both have LTE. I welcome changes like this.

  • Sal

    I currently pay 160 for 2 lines that’s 4gb of data. With this ill save 30 dollars and get an extra 6gb of data. Sounds like a deal to me even though I’ll have to either buy my next phone at full price or on the next program. I think I might do this. Still undecided.

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  • Hussain Alsanona

    AT&T is the best carrier I’ve ever used where I live. I tried T-Mobile, H2O, and spirnt all of them have pros and cons and even AT&T it’s pricey but I prefer pay more for great service.

  • Jack Wong

    Is tethering included?

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      Yes, it comes with mobile share.

      • Jack Wong

        I though mobile share is base on the device, like smartphone + tablet.

        at&t site is down.

      • ɑղժɾҽա

        Well that’s the plans that Mobile Share comes in. Hotspot is included in Mobile Share packages.

      • Jack Wong

        I see, I have 2 iPhones and 1 regular phone with current family plan, both data plans are $30, mine is unlimited and my wife is 3GB.

        It is ~$160-170 per month now, and 10GB share with tethering will be a GREAT deal for me.

      • ɑղժɾҽա

        You are wiling to give up unlimited data? If you jailbreak your iPhone, you can also download TetherMe, a jailbreak tweak that enables hotspot tethering for free!

      • Jack Wong

        at&t caught me once back to 3GS, it took me awhile to argue… and get it back…

        And I haven’t jb since 4 or 4s because it is very unstable.

        I read more about this new plan, it is a off-contract plan, so we will have to pay the phone in full price.

        My usage is 5-8GB per month.

        My contract will be up in this Oct, let see!

      • ɑղժɾҽա

        “All existing customers, including those on a 2-year agreements before Feb. 2, 2014, are able to move to these plans.” – AT&T


      • Jack Wong

        But… I do need more time to dig up more details for this plan.

        Like hotspot is free? Additional 1GB is 10bucks? What if I add a tablet?

      • Scott Carter

        I just switched my plan and gave up unlimited data. I know I know people will freak out. But my speeds are terrible after I go over my 3 gb for the month. I just switched my wife and I to the shared 15 GB plan. We’ll never go over that and I want have my speeds throttled.

      • Jack Wong

        It looks like Hotspot is not included, at&t will charge extra I think?

        Also, for a limited time only, all new and existing AT&T customers will receive a $100 bill credit for each new line of service added – whether a smartphone, tablet, feature phone, mobile hotspot or AT&T Wireless Home Phone.6

      • Jarmar Gaines

        Just for a little more clarification you will get the mobile hot spot included without an additional charge on the Mobile Share Value plan. You do have to be out of contract or have a phone on the next plan in order to make the line charge $15. If you are still in contract the cost per line is $40. Which would be $180 for two phones on mobile share. I work for AT&T if you have more questions let me know.

      • Merman123

        This is wrong. You can still be on contract and take advantage of the offer for the cheaper price. Only thing is when the contract is over you will have to choose either buying a phone on the Next plan or buying at full retail price. This is no big deal for me. It’s something you have to do when you switch to T-Mobile anyway. Which seems that’s who everyone seems to be comparing them with. Besides , ATT has expressed multiple times that they are trying to wean us off of subsidized phones, so that move was expected. I’m loving these new prices. Source? I already have this set on my account. Did it over the phone.

      • Jack Wong

        Oh then I see why the plan is cheaper now, because at&t no longer subsidized our iPhone(I think $400 each).

        This is a good move I think, no one like locked phone, or no simcard(point at Verizon…)

      • Jarmar Gaines

        You can have the 10 gig mobile share for $100, but if your line is on a two year contract you will be paying $40 for each line until the agreement is over. I’m sorry you were given the wrong info over the phone. I actually work in the store and change these plans all day. Trust me man I know. If you were on a grandfather a plan you can call back in a have it changed back it isn’t too late.

      • Blip dude

        You are right, at the STORE. Over the phone, the case was different and was able to get the deal, and checked my plan on the app to make sure. So thanks to Gentleman over the phone that was able to keep me from going to T-mobile. He even asked his manager to make sure. Obviously like T-mobile there are communication issues at AT&T so I will believe you are correct. But until then I suggest everyone have the changes done over the phone if you want to avoid the requirements.

      • Jack Wong

        Thanks, and I will wait for few more months and see, I really hate to buy a locked phone, and I don’t mind to buy a fully unlocked phone if the monthly is more reasonable.

        I still don’t have tablet yet because of the data plan is too costly.

      • Scott Carter

        amazing that you work for att and you’re giving out incorrect information. actually, it’s not amazing. it sounds about right

      • Jarmar Gaines

        Pricing for Value plan w/ 10 GB data ($100/mo.) plus per smartphone pricing ($15/mo.) on no annual service contract or on an installment agmt.

        I copied this directly from AT&T site. You can not be on a 2 year contract and still pay $15 per line. I know my plan and services if would read the small print you will see.

      • Scott Carter

        I’ve already switched to the plan from the contract I was on!! I did it this morning. C’mon man. You’re proving everything about customer service with ATT correct.

      • Jack Wong

        I was trying to check how much is the different in my case with my existing account.

        att wireless homepage –> family value plan –> existing customer –> login –> but then I don’t see this new plan available –> then I click the new mobile share plan –> it brought me to another page, goto one of the retail store…

      • Scott Carter

        All existing customers, including those on a 2-year agreements before Feb. 2, 2014, are able to move to these plans.” – AT&T

        *do your research. it’s your company. you should already know this.

      • Blip dude

        Yes, it is included with all mobile share plans.

  • At

    This is actually cheaper than tmobile. 3 lines on tmobile is $150 a month. That’s with the unlimited on each line, I never go over on my data plan which was 4 gigs for 3 lines (all lines have access to wifi) so sticking with AT&T with better and faster service is a no brainer for me. I am a current customer and just went online and switched. Cheaper plan, more data, thanks tmobile for going after AT&T, you just saved me $!

  • Max Bao

    Will this add two more years to my existing contract keeping me until 2016 if I’m already a customer with a contract expiring in 2015?

    • Stevenreagan

      No, your contract and its expiration will stay the same.

  • Nikolai Krogstad

    I just checked my dataplan (fro norway), for 35gigs (only) you have to pay a monthly fee of 63$ and for a data and calling plan with 15gb and 400 minutes sms mms etc i have to pay 111$, damn america and ATT is expenisve…

    • Yeah dont you ever use amrican because they are scam now just like apple

  • Guest

    Thank you iDB for this info!!! Just called AT&T and changed my plan for 3 iPhones and I am saving over $50 a month!!! Awesome !!! Tmobile suck in my area and I have over 50 mbps speed on my iPhone 5S with LTE from AT&T!
    See pic below:

  • Stevenreagan

    ATT customer current in contract before 02/02/14 are eigligle for this new plan. Your contract and its expiration date will stay the same. But next time u want new phone, u have to pay full price or pay by Next installment plan. And yes, this plan inclues personal hotspot.
    Customers with four lines to get 10Gb (or 2.5Gb per line) on Tmoblie is cost $140 a month, while on ATT with this new plan is $160.
    Att is $20 more expensive than Tmoblie each month, but please consider network coverage. Tmoblie plan aIso has free international roaming. If u have good Tmoblie coverage in your area, then Tmoblie is a better choice for u.

  • help me

    I am a little confused. I have 4 phones and I have had this plan for about a year. Where we have shared unlimited talk text and 10 gb of data with the 4 phones. So this is not new to me. Some months they say we even go over when I dont see how! We use wifi alot! Which is a whole different internet. But my question is. R they saying people that take advantage of this will now be doing away with their 2 year contracts and having to go to the next program? Because that just adds more money to your bill there!!! If all four of us were yo upgrade say to iphone 5c on the next program that is an extra 100.00 on my bill a month! Is it going to come to where we have to do the next in order to upgrade?

    • Stevenreagan

      Yes. U are correct. In order to update, you have to pay extra $100 for 4 new phones (Next plan) for 26 months. Or you have to pay full price for your new phones.

      • help me

        No I called and she told me I could be on contract, next, no contract, it didn’t matter. She was able to sign me up with all four of my fones!

      • Stevenreagan

        Glad that u changed to this new plan.
        I mean in this plan, the next time u want to update to new phones, u no longer have two year commiment device discounts. Instead you have to pay by Next plan or pay full price for your phones.

  • Merman123

    The prices will show 180 but when your bill is due “credits” are applied to your account to reflect 130. I’m really starting to doubt you work for them ..?

  • Merman123

    To end this once and for all, I took a screenshot of my current plan. I am currently ON CONTRACT. Are they still lying to me?

    • Jarmar Gaines

      Okay for the last time the line is only 15 if you are not on a 2 year contract. How can you refute what this is showing!! I’m telling you are only screwing over yourself. I don’t care what you do really just want to make sure the correct information is out there.

      • Blip dude

        I did over the phone earlier, 3 of 4 lines still contract, total price before taxes now is $174!!!! (2 lines have insurance). This whole thing sounds like a clusterf*** at the moment, but believe me, I got it for only at $174 (vs. $245). Plus $100 credit for adding 2 iPads ($200 total, no commitment), so our first month’s bill will practically be pocket change. This would not have been the case with T-mobile AT ALL.

      • BeRational

        Jarmar, you aren’t getting it. You are correct about the $40 if you sign a new two year contract after Feb 2nd 2014. But if you were already under contract prior to Feb 2nd, then it’s only $15. And it stays $15 until you need to get a new phone. At that time if you choose the 2 year subsidized contract you would have to pay $40, or you can got with ATT Next for $15 + $25 for the phone (same $40), or you can bring your own phone and keep the $15.
        Scot Carter… you are 100% correct about this being another example of ATT misinformation. I called three times and spoke to 2 different supervisors and then with customer retention and got 4 different answers. Now look at this guy doesn’t have the correct info either. When I switched over to the plan I was told no matter what I would never be charged $40 when I got a new phone. I recorded the agent telling me that otherwise I wouldn’t have switched. ATT has a real problem on their hands with this misinformation.

  • Blip dude

    So I went through the process today and it went like this: I walked into an AT&T store and I asked for the 10GB plan that was $160 for 4 lines ($100 for 10GB, $15 per line). They tell me that because 3 of the 4 lines are still in a commitment plan, it would $40 per line and $15 for the out of contract line. I said *hah* and left.

    Went home, family was disappointed because it meant crappy ass T-mobile was the only Alternative to paying less than $200/month for the next 2-3 years. They said they were willing to upgrade with the Next program (No commitment REQ), but I first decided to call up AT&T to see what they tell me. guess what?? the Gentleman on the phone said it was okay to proceed with the $160 plan even with 3 of 4 with 7 months remaining. Didn’t have to use their NEXT program or anything. So for those trying to get on the deal, GO FOR IT!!! BY PHONE!!! I even went back to activate 2 iPads on the account (no commitment), and another Gentleman gave $200 credit ($400 if a contract is signed, which I didn’t do).

    My family is still choosing to go with the NEXT program so they can all get their 5S soon enough, plus if I add my line by 3/31, it’ll be an extra $100 credit. F*** T-mobile, we got a good deal with $200 credit ($300 when I add mine), no longer on a contract and we still got to keep the phones to sell later in the future. That would not have been the case AT ALL with T-mobile.

    • help me

      But by going with the next program are u not defeating the purpose? U r still really paying full price for all the fones on the next program right? They add like 29.00 per fone to your bill a month untill its paid off or until u trade it in for another one. But if something happens to that fone while u r still paying for it, u have to Con’t to pay for that fone correct because u dont”own” that fone. And do they have to wait until their contract is up in order to get on the next plan?

      • Blip dude

        That isn’t official yet, ultimately it is my Family’s call, I just provide the credit.

        It is more silly to stay on a subsidy contract plan than it is to pay full price for those. For starters, if my family makes the decision to go on the next program, that will automatically Null/void their contracts with NO PENALTY (1 has 22 days left, 2 have 7 months left). So this is where T-mobile idea comes in. They all buy iPhone 5S ($650-$32.50/month). This is great because if we do decide to go our on ways in the future, there is only the phone balance due.

        Now, here is where it got better for me at least, and a better offer than T-mobile. WE GET TO KEEP OUR OLD PHONES!!! That means if I sell a mint/JB/Unlocked 4S for $325 and 2 mint/JB/Unlocked i4’s (these are estimates), the actual price of the i5S come down to $325-$450 per device. That means now it’ll only take 12-18 months to pay off the phone versus 20-26. Also, they will NOT be trading in their phones, because I

      • Blip dude

        EDIT – because I told them they would sacrifice their phone if they decide to trade it in, plus lose $325, they quickly realized trading it in would be a stupid idea. The purpose of them getting a phone via next is simply to finance the phones and pay it off in less than 9 months. Keeping the old phones to resell would help if they make the decision.

  • Josh

    I had AT&T (for 12yrs) at first i had two iPhone’s with unlimited and two regular phone’s at paying 200$ a month for 700min which i never came close to. Then i upgrade the two regular phones to iPhone’s. They STRONGLY suggest’d i switched to mobile share to save money. So i switched to 20 gig plan which after all cost with plan and each phone was over 300$ a month. Problem here is that the two iPhone’s that were unlimited use A LOT of data (more then 10 GB+ each). So 20 GB wasn’t enough and it was costing to much…Recently switched to T-Mobile with the same 4 iPhone’s and i’m paying 160$ (2 unlimited and two 2.5 GB) and in my area of Baltimore MD its been GREAT….LTE in my area is the same as AT&T with a slight 5 MB difference which doesn’t bother me. I don’t travel so T-Mobiles service is great for me….The shame is AT&T wouldn’t do much to keep me as a customer other then offering a 10$ a month discount…

  • TK

    I’m currently on a contract with 4 phones and 2 data lines. This lowered my bills from $250 to $165. The only catch is that if you get a new phone you have to pay around $30 a month rental fees on the new phone. This can be good if you switch a new phone every year hwich alot of people do. I’m still getting 4 extra share gig from 6 gig and save money.

  • jenn

    omgoodness…. we signed up for this plan. “family plan” and the sales man assured us that were were getting this plan (
    175.00 plus tax)…. we get the first bill… over 500.00 dollars, and apparently the salesman didnt sign us up for this plan. NOW corporate is saying if we want to terminate 5 lines it will be 325.00 per phone?!??!!? Weve have only been with them for 23DAYS!!!!! Its a nighmare!!!!

  • NewsRe

    This article is over a year old. thanks Yahoo you dummies