Resized WinterBoard Featured

If you’ve tried any WinterBoard themes lately, then you’ve probably encountered the annoying status bar caching issue that causes themed status bars not to show up properly. Well, you’ll be happy to know that Saurik has released an update to WinterBoard that fixes the status bar issue.

Dubbed version 0.9.3915, this WinterBoard update fixes the status bar issues, solves a problem with WebKit transforms, and has a couple of other fixes up its sleeve. If you’re running any WinterBoard themes, then you’ll want to be sure to update as soon as you can. Check inside for the full change log.

Resized WinterBoard Change Log

Here is the full list of changes that come with 0.9.3915. There are no new features to be found with this latest installment of WinterBoard, but you should notice increased stability.

  • Cydget: Solve WebKit Transforms
  • Correct Install Path of Optimizer
  • 7.x: Fix Calendar Icon Text Styling
  • 7.x: Clear New Status Bar Cache

I know that I personally encountered the status bar issue while testing out the latest version of Ayecon, so I’m happy to see that Saurik has taken the time to clean this up. Let me know if you find anything else significant about this release.

  • Merman123

    Awesome !

  • Lucas Rosati


  • JinOnyxMusic

    Refreshed Cydia. Still not out for me.

    Edit: Updated! This is great! It’s wasn’t that difficult to clear the cache, but this made things a lot easier.

    • Phan Van Minh

      Still not out for me too!

    • Capirexz

      I dont get the update.

  • Russelle Adriano

    So I must remove StatusBarFix2 before upgrading Winterboard?

    • Noaaahh

      No, I don’t think so. They’re two different things.

    • Quang

      They are 2 different things.
      With “old” Winterboard, when you apply a theme for status bar, the status bar wont automatically change. You had to use iFile (or other apps) to delete the Status bar cache.

  • Reyas Mohammed

    Without knowing this issue, I have reinstalled windterboard and other tweaks multiple times.. also rebooted twice.. anyways thanks for the update ๐Ÿ™‚

  • farisshahin ุงู†ุง ูู‚ูŠุฑ

    I downloaded winterboard and some themes from cydia. However only few icons that follow the theme while others remain as default. I already updated winterboard and the problem’s still there. Anybody know what’s the problem and how to make the themes fully functional?

    • Nate McKelvie

      I’m not sure this is your problem or not but I found that a few tweaks not made specifically for ios7 caused problems with winter board. For example the tweak universal video downloader destroyed winter board! After installing it only the newsstand app remained themed and even after removing all tweaks and themes the newsstand NEVER stopped being themed, I had to do full restore

  • JS3

    i really really appreciate all the work he does for all of us i just really wish he could get the status bar issue system wide fixed up… great work none the less!

  • Rondog

    I still can’t get circles for iphone or circles for ipad to work, is it an issue with winterboard or the tweak itself? I’ve e-mailed the author Jackie Tran but as usuall no reply.

    • marcus1324

      I can probably help you with this, what do you mean the circles aren’t working?

      • Rondog

        The circles for icons that are installed with winterboard don’t change my icons to round, and when I purchased the tweak it said it was ios 7 compatible. it’s the same for the ipad, the icons don’t change at all they stay the same, square. I went ahead and bought Style HD and my icons are round and hd,so I imagine it might be the tweak and not winterboard. I tried it with the winterboard upgrade and they still don’t work. I’m talking about the icon masks that turn them round. It’s a nice tweak but it doesn’t work.

      • marcus1324

        Ok I think what you need to do is clear you icon cache with iFile. First off get iFile if you don’t have it. It’s highly recommended for any jailbroken iDevice. Your going to want to navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Caches and then in that long list of items look for the folder titled and open it. Click edit at the top right of your iDevice, select everything inside of that folder and delete it with the trash icon. After that close out of all of your open apps completely and turn off your iDevice. Leave it off for a minute and then turn it back on. When I say this I’m talking about a reboot where you actually hold down the power button and all. This should fix your problem, I hope I helped!

      • Rondog

        I did exactlly as you said and the icons only change half way, by that I mean they are half round and half square, all distorted, so I’m guessing it’s the tweak, because when I re-install style HD the icons are perfect. I’ll just wait maybe they’ll upgrade the tweak. Thanks for the help.

      • marcus1324

        Well sorry it didn’t work out for you, good luck!

  • Alexander Sanchez Sarmiento

    How come i cnt see my themes on my lock and home screen :/? Someone help

  • Juan Genao

    How do I delete old themes I’m not using?