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If you’ve been following our blog closely over the last few weeks, you’ll notice that we have covered quite a number of different themes that have been released or updated for the iOS 7 jailbreak. While themes are definitely the main option that most iOS users use to customize their devices, other methods exist to change the look and feel of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

All that leads into Icon Masks, a new jailbreak tweak that redefines the look of your Home screen icons… 

As you might expect from its name, Icon Masks installs dozens of icon masks that can be enabled through Winterboard. Each icon mask changes the look of your Home screen icons, with several shapes to choose from: blob, circle, cloud, droplet, eye, guitar pick, heart, hexagon, leafy, oval, ribbon, rocket, sea star, shield, square (rotated), square (rounded), square (squished), square (tipped), triangle (sharp), triangle (rounded), triangle (squished), vintage and more.

All Icon Masks iOS 7

Essentially, this tweak adds some additional flare to your stock or themed icons. For instance, you might choose to install one of the top 10 themes for Winterboard and then use Icon Masks to overlay a hexagonal mask. If you enjoy the art of perfecting the look of your device, there is probably a combination that you’ll find looks great. In the screenshots above, for demonstrative purposes, I used a vintage mask for the left and a cloud mask for the right.

Icon Masks Folders

One downside to this tweak is that it doesn’t apply an icon mask to folders, which is a big eyesore. There are also issues with the Calendar app text displaying properly. The underlying problem is that theming iOS 7 is more challenging than past versions, so we’ll have to be patient as designers look into new methods of skinning different elements of the user interface. In the meantime, expect to face minor inconsistencies with themes and other customization packages.

Icon Masks, developed by ideaprison, is available for free on Cydia in the default ModMyi repository. An upcoming update promises to fix the Calendar text for each shape, and later versions will provide preference icon shapes and folder shapes. The tweak has a number of options to configure in Settings. If you’re looking for a similar tweak for badges, Badge Masks is also available on Cydia in the same repo.

Let’s see what Icon Masks looks like on your device. Be sure to share your screenshots in the comments for everyone to see.

  • Prasoon Singh


    • I actually have to agree. But some themers might find the tweak useful, so I figured it might be worth sharing. Maybe someone can come up with a wallpaper, theme and icon mask combination that’s actually half decent. Surely someone is up for the challenge?

      • Andrew McOlash

        I don’t completely agree. I think that many of the masks would not look good on most devices, but I think a handful actually would work well. The larger, less detailed ones like the octagon or circle actually have a very modern feel to them which seems a bit nicer than the rounded squares after all these years

      • If you’d let people click the preview I made then they might get a better impression. Showing it off with the stock icons (which it is not intended for) gives people the wrong idea. Not to say I wasn’t thrilled seeing one of my creations posted on a site I’v been reading for years! Most of the comments just left me feeling bad even though it’s clear they haven’t even tried the masks themselves, but base it purely off of some of the screenshots.

  • Framboogle

    They are all ugly

  • Isa Altintas

    Cydia: Concept LS Cydget

    • Looks really interesting. Does it require GroovyLock?

      • Jonathan


  • Abdl


  • Jordan Dixon

    The circle option might be nice with the stock iOS 7 icons

    • Jonathan

      If you find the right theme meant for it, then it could.
      No offense, that’s one of my least favorite stock wallpapers.

    • Steven Callejas

      I don’t use a theme, I take individual icons that are appealing to me and manually change them. But I love the circle option.

  • PiraCee

    This page is a waste of bandwidth

    • Jonathan

      Then leave iDownloadblog.
      Good day, sir.

      • Poo

        Stop bumlicking the site you sad ios nerd lol!

    • Butch Danes

      A waste of bandwidth? You’re talking like loading up this page takes a lot of time and has a lot of text and graphics to load. If you have very little bandwidth then I would suggest you not browse the Internet at all because there are tons of websites and pages that take longer to load than this.

    • Cesar D

      You are a waste of human.

  • Jonathan

    Thanks Joe, but I like the default shape better, even more so though, the Soft Remix shape 🙂

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Interesting, it doesn’t look bad in my opinion, if you choose carefully. I would have chosen a big square one and avoid the odd shapes. Perhaps because I am missing FlatIcons. 🙂

    • Isa Altintas

      Exactly. Couple more days left according to FlatIcons designer..

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Seriously? Oh lord, that’s lovely news! Thanks for sharing!

  • Barcelonian

    This is ridiculous lol too much!

  • Such hard criticism, other than a few ‘fun’ shapes in there most are shapes I find can be liked by anyone. And I clearly state that their success (so in looks) depends on which underlying theme you have.

    I’m releasing an update soon that fixes the text on top of the calendar app, so it fits for every shape.

    Here’s how I’m using it right now:

    The tweak TapTapFolder can help out with the folder icon not being able to be changed yet.

    • As for the calendar text “bug” this can’t be fixed until Winterboard has been updated, Saurik has confirmed he knows about this and is planning to fix it.

    • Stefan Jansen

      I like it! Don’t worty about the critics, people allways have something to complain.

      • Thanks I appreciate it, luckily there are a lot of people who enjoy using them.

        I’m working on fixing the calendar texts right now thanks to the Winterboard update that has been released today. Update for the masks should be up tomorrow along with a new shape or two.

      • Bill Chamberlin

        Thank you for all your hard work sir. I love the masks for different themes during different seasons. I know this thread is old but was hoping for a response anyhow. If I wanted to add my own mask to the themes folder, is there a plist file somewhere also needing change? Plus one other thought would adding a gradient from say white to black do anything to the mask? Thanks again.

      • Hi there, just copy one of the folders from my theme and change the pngs to contain your shape, that way you get the filenames and sizes right. I experimented but never finished a set of special effect masks, so yeah it picks up on opacity, so for such a mask you’d need to have the gradient go from black to transparent. Good Luck.

  • Nick

    a little disappointed it doesnt affect the folders 🙁

  • Adit Mohindra

    What themes is the first picture to the left. I want my phone to look like thst

  • Nino 0raham

    We need something that would make all icon theme with the theme we download like back in the day of thememaker