OptimizeMe 1.0.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)OptimizeMe 1.0.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Readers who frequent this blog may have figured by now that I’m a big fan of health and fitness apps for my iPhone. I’m especially fond of logging programs that tap Apple’s M7 motion coprocessor which lets my iPhone 5s record up to a week’s worth of motion data with a minimal impact on the battery.

The problem is, the M7 folder on my Home screen is packed to the gills with apps.

I use one app to track my steps taken and calories burned, another app to take care of my gym training, yet another program to monitor my sleeping habits… Then there are apps that track my entertainment activities such as movies and TV shows watched, programs that recognize places and track my activities with GPS – you get the idea.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one app to rule them all? Enter OptimizeMe by German-developer OptimizeMe GmbH, now available free in the App Store

Created with the specific goal of tracking all your daily activities in a single app, OptimizeMe promises to bring all the lifelogging you’ll ever need.

Want to track the time spent sleeping, commuting, working out?

OptimizeMe does that.

Integrate running, cycling, steps taken, calories burned and location (via Foursquare) data from the activity tracker app Moves by ProtoGeo?

OptimizeMe 1.0.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)OptimizeMe 1.0.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

It does that as well.

Log your mood, health status, sex life, quality of sleep, weight and other daily parameters, as well as tag folks, add photos and comments to your daily timeline?

That, too!

Actually, you can customize any activities and parameters you want to track and OptimizeMe will dutifully crunch your stats and produce personal insights from correlation data analysis. As a result, you’ll be able to tell how other people affect your mood, how work influences your health and lots more.

There’s even a personal virtual life coach called Ari, who can help spot trends and reach your goals. Speaking of goals, OptimizeMe of course lets you set daily goals on a per-activity or per-parameter basis. Bringing it all together, it visualizes your progress and whole life by way of a nicely done selection of interactive charts.

OptimizeMe 1.0.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005)

An app like this definitely cries for an iWatch.

Apple’s health/fitness/wearable device is rumored to log people’s vital signs and key health-related data. On the software side, I’m guessing iWatch apps will also include beautiful visualization of a user’s life progress.

Until iWatch comes out, OptimizeMe will keep me occupied.

If you’re wondering about privacy, developers state that any user data “remains exclusively on your device” and won’t be shared with them or others unless you “actively chose to do so”.

What are you waiting for?

Go grab the free OptimizeMe app in the App Store now.

  • Jones

    This really does look like a sweet application. I am beginning to think that my iPhone is the main reason that I’ll become fitter.

    • Jessica J. Castillo

      Until iWatch comes out, OptimizeMe will keep me occupied.

  • iBanks

    Very complicated app I must say. And trying to set 40 hours of work per week is impossible if the hours only go up to 23 hours.

  • Maxim∑

    I have to log stuff manually though? so its not using the M7?

  • Paul Williams

    Really nice User interface but i have to add 3 hours per week just to type in and start/stop after each activity. and now is getting hard to trust that your personal data will be keep safe. If they will have voice integration it will save a lot of typing and will be easier just to say what is your current activity and when start and stop.

    • J M

      Yes, I agree! I found that one activity I am doing right now allows me to “Start” and then it runs until I hit stop, I wish I could do that for all the activities. But, logging every single thing I do, I think might get rather onerous quickly.

  • asdlb4

    Who works for 3 hours and then takes a 1 hour lunch at Mo’s Grill? Must be a gov’t employee…

    • Tristan

      Also i guess they teleported from work to mo’s grill.

  • belfastbiker

    Lovely looking, potentially interesting, but vastly too complicated and unintuitive, and far, FAR too much has to be entered manually.

    At the moment Moves links into my Momento daily journal, and also MyFitnessPal foodcalorie tracker. My scale and BP cuff link into just about everything. Tactiohealth is a good app to bring lots of things together. for habit tracking and change, I use Strides, which is very sweet, configurable yet simple, and for daily and weekly etc ToDo stuff, Wunderlist.

    This app introduces far too much that I have to REMEMBER to do manually. As such it falls FAR short of useful.

    • belfastbiker

      And yes, i’ll be first in line for the iWatch….