iWatch concept (Lock screen, Todd Hamilton 001)

I’ve always felt that the watch itself should be almost an afterthought in the never-ending discussion pertaining to what Apple’s rumored iWatch should be. ‘You’re thinking about it all wrong’ instantly comes to mind whenever new iWatch concepts hit the web. Looking at the current crop of mockups, their predictability and untenableness is starting to feel depressing and really killing all the fun for me.

But there’s some hope left as 3D artist Todd Hamilton took it upon himself to improve upon Thomas Bogner’s Nike FuelBand-like iWatch concept, taking his idea to the next level of awesomeness. It’s right after the jump: have a look at the renderings and dare tell us it’s not the best iWatch concept you’ve seen thus far…

I’m loving the curved touchscreen display on the front.

Seen top of post: the Lock screen.

Right below: your Home screen. Notice a page controller on the right. Swiping up or down moves between pages of apps and hitting the Home button takes you back to the lockscreen, the author explains.

iWatch concept (Home, Todd Hamilton 001)

This video showcases how the Phone app could potentially work.

And this is what running should be like.

iWatch concept (Run, Todd Hamilton 001)

And, of course, Siri. There’s your time (the ‘watch’ part in ‘smartwatch’), date and a tappable button to activate the voice assistant. “From here the possible actions are: tap to use Siri, swipe up to unlock, or pull down to view notifications,” says Todd.

iWatch concept (Siri, Todd Hamilton 001)

What’s missing is life/health tracking.

Apple recently hired two biosensor experts from medical devices firms so there’s a great deal of chance that the iWatch might contain advanced biometric sensors to constantly monitor your blood chemistry and body condition, stuff like glucose levels, your heart rates and so forth.

Bloomberg learned from sources that in addition to motion and sleep/life tracking, the iWatch will indeed monitor heart rates and other health-related data.

Todd cautions on his blog that any FuelBand-like device should be really mindful about the orientation of its interface. The artist set out to create this concept as a case study of sorts on good wristwatch UI design, the blog post explains.

“It needed to feel natural on the wrist and look like something Apple would actually produce,” reads the post.

Is this the best iWatch concept to date?

  • Prasoon Singh

    Love it 🙂

  • Markus Hudobnik


  • Andrew von Pikrt


  • Prasoon Singh

    I’m just wondering if Apple will make different sizes since everyone has different wrist sizes.

    • AmitMargalit

      Look at the nike fuelband solution

    • SkyFall

      Probably not, it would be really time consuming to make that. My guess is that there will be two sizes a 1.5 inch and a 1.0 inch to choose from and the wrist band will be like the regular watches wrist band (design not build quality).

    • Fahad

      Yeah, I have extremely slim wrists. :/

  • La Cucaracha


    • Frozen Bee .GFKS

      i laughed, but i dont agree

      • Jonathan


  • Roberto Robles

    That actually looks pretty cool

  • Sputnik09


  • Even a fan concept looks way better than what the “other guys” are doing.

    • Hyr3m

      A fan concept does not need to worry about feasibility, durability or price… This looks like you would break it in the first week you’re wearing it.

      • Well, I can agree with you, but again, talking about the other guys…like samsung

        – fiasibility, poor
        – price, expensive
        – battery durability, poor
        – ugly
        – not confortable

      • Hyr3m

        “Feasibility” is “is it possible to build something like this”. The constraints being existing materials/technology and machines.
        “Price”, meaning “building price”, is linked to feasibility in the sense that if it costs 5000$ to build an iWatch like this, it’s not going to be a viable product.
        “Durability”, meaning “how solid would it be” -> This concept looks like it would break in the first week you’re wearing it. Also, a small device like this probably wouldn’t have very good battery life either, not a viable product again.
        “Beauty” -> the other constraints come first (although obviously not for Apple who’d rather have a glass iPhone that breaks so easily people keep paying to get it repaired/get a new one).
        “comfort” is like beauty; if these two are really important to the company, a product will only see the light of day if the three other constraints can also be worked with.

        This is why a concept generally looks better than an end product. It’s usually seen as a general direction to go towards but that’s usually not feasible as is.

  • Chindavon

    This concept needs to happen.

  • Mohannad

    THAT would be something Very interesting to make by apple, unless you didn’t know apple -__- they probably need to keep an eye on these concepts at least…

  • Jonathan

    I’d buy that.

  • Fevostone


  • onebyone_

    shut up & take my money!

    great concept seems it was produced by apple.

    • onebyone_

      also, it’s good to see it without useless apps like safari, who wants a internet browser in a little screen when in your pocket you have an iPhone or iPod touch. They need think what apps will be there on these little screen.

      seeing this, I think, this will open a new world of possibilities for devs to produce new apps based on the functions that will help people on they daily life.

    • jack

      “Shut up and take my money!!!”
      This sounds so gay.

      • onebyone_

        …you sounds so “man”.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I feel the same way.

  • jack

    Finally something decent

  • Inspired by the Nike fuel band…

    • Jonathan

      You took the words out of my mouth. 😛

      • Zaidan Umar

        He took the words right out of the article….

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    This concept iWatch is actually really hot.

  • Graham Miranda

    Never going to happen.

    • Adam Bowman

      Yeah, that screen is waaay too BIG for Apple.

  • Bob

    Not bad but looks incredibly fake.

  • Abdl

    Looks kinda large for an average wrist

  • Tavish

    Beautiful but battery wouldn’t last a day. 🙁

    • Alex Marwaha

      says who?

      • Jonathan

        Him. *points at air*

  • Lagax

    This would become a bigger fail than the Galaxy gear! Also Apple will make something looking like a watch! Keep in mind it’s the iWATCH and not the iWRISTBAND. Seriously…

    • XboxPS


      • Jonathan


    • By your theory then the iPhone should be called “iSmartPhone” or the “iMultitouchInternetDeviceThatCanMakeCallstoo”

      • Lagax

        Sorry for the late response, but no actually not, it’s still a phone, but that wouldn’t be a watch 😉

      • No problem. Are you sure? Beside all “smart” features, he has a clock and can be used like a Wristwatch… that’s why people call to this category “smart watches”

      • Lagax

        Well, I just hope the iWatch isn’t this ‘fitness-only’ thing everyone is talking about right now, because fitness-electronic is not as important as that apple should waste a whole Product category for this.

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    For God Sake, Apple See these concepts !!

  • Rowan09

    I would like something like this and especially if it’s waterproof it will sell a ton.

  • Alexander Reimann

    Sign me up!

  • XboxPS

    I want this iWatch!!!

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Amazing, kinda what I had in my head but then I can’t design things.

  • SimonReidy

    I don’t think I’d wear this. It’s not that its ugly or anything, but watches are a type of jewellery, and are therefore items that people like to match to their own style (and customise with their own watchbands). I think it’s more likely that Apple will build a more conservatively designed iWatch that mimics a traditionally shaped watch on the outside, but packs the latest technology within. My guess is it will probably be something more similar to the new Pebble design.

  • Michael Jay Delaney

    I had this article read to me by the Aperture Science turret voice on my Mac, so thanks iDB.
    More relevantly, there is no reason to have a visual Contacts function on the watch, especially on a screen like this. For people with more than 50 or so it’ll be a pain to scroll through them all for the one you want. To correct this with a search function would also be ridiculous because you’d be using voice dictation, which you should be using for whatever you were doing within Contacts in the first place.
    Otherwise, I like this much more than other concepts that’ve popped up.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Hurry up Apple don’t let Samsung see this, LOL!!

  • George V

    I’m hoping it comes to be something like this

  • JB

    Best concept design so far IMO

  • Donato Bearint

    It will be a watch. 100%

  • josep2


  • Adam Bowman

    Will there be a new App Store for the iWatch, I wonder?

    I would love to have a watch/band (or an app for one) that could measure the speed of my baseball bat swings or my punches.

    • JB

      I can see the potential to measure all sorts of movements 😀

  • Carlos Gomes

    I don’t wear watches, I always considered I would not wear this kid of gadgets – based on what we have so far – but damn, this is amazing.
    I want it and Apple should too, specially this closing its user base in the ecosystem.

    (btw, can batteries be flexible?)

  • Snailpo

    I think this one is pretty close, since they work so closely with nike fuel band, they will probably copy the same format.

  • Gorgeous; just needs a little more screen width

  • @sexyhamthing

    This website is becoming more and more ridiculous

  • SamDS

    guys, you know they have to put a computer in there somewhere, right?
    its not just glass and rubber?

  • Litchy

    Would buy one of those right away 🙂

  • pnh

    I would be thrilled if it looked EXACTLY like this.

  • Ahmad Al-Qaed

    I think if they are making this concept, at least make a technology that uses the screen as a solar-power source for the batteries, normal watches last 1 year with one battery at least, so why wouldn’t they make it last for at least 1 month rather than the stupid Galaxy Gear which lasts only one day, thats very dumb. Like the concept but should have more and better battery life, make the battery for example, from hydrogen an charge it using the sun, I know it is hard, but we are on 2014, Apple is amazing in making new technologies

  • Aric Bolf


  • Ben

    Would be cool if they made it so you can buy the watch and it comes with no band. Apple sells bands that you put on iWatch. If you need a new size, you get a new band.

  • Ashutoshkhurana5

    Any concept that apple has done?

  • Matt D.

    That was so beautiful