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Wall Street analysts have been foaming at the mouth since Apple announced it would be discussing its Q1FY14 financial results on January 27. Record holidays have become the norm for the company, but with two new iPhones released last fall, this one is expected to be over the top.

How much over the top? Well Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty says she believes Apple may have sold between 54 and 55 million iPhones last quarter. That would be a new record for the company, and a nice jump from the 47.8 million handsets it sold over the holidays last year…

CNET has more from Huberty’s research note:

“Of course, those record unit sales for last quarter will dip from their holiday highs as we move through 2014.

Huberty’s crystal ball sees 45 million units in iPhone sales this quarter, followed by 35 million in the June quarter. The analyst didn’t share any predictions for the September quarter, but iPhone sales typically sink early on as buyers hold off purchases in anticipation of a new iPhone. Sales then shoot up once the new phone debuts later in September.”

The analyst also speculates on Apple’s plans for 2014:

“And what will Apple have in store for this year? The iPhone 6 likely will have a larger screen to better compete with Samsung’s huge lineup, according to Huberty and many other Apple watchers. But there will certainly be more in store.

“We believe Apple is likely to launch new Internet-based services this year, including the potential for a mobile payments platform as early as the developer conference in June, in our view,” Huberty said. “Most importantly, we believe Apple will start to monetize services on top of the many assets they have, such as iBeacon, fingerprint sensor, 575M+ credit card accounts, and homogeneous iOS installed base. iWatch or a larger iPad form factor would also push consensus estimates higher.”

Huberty comes to the same conclusion that many other pundits have: that Apple will release a larger iPhone. Rumors have been bouncing around the web since last summer that Apple is working on a larger handset, and many believe it’ll hit the market this year. But back to the numbers.

Between the success of the iPhone 5c and 5s—both of which have been top-selling devices at US carriers—and the redesigned iPad Air, Huberty thinks that Apple could also post a record revenue for last quarter of $58 billion. A $60 billion quarter? Tune in to find out if she gets it right.

  • Just as I was thinking to myself that this could be the peak for iPhone sales, I remember that a large 4.7-inch iPhone would probably sell like hotcakes.

  • Rowan09

    The stock will fall just to pick up shortly after the results are in.

  • Matt

    That’s a lot of phones lol.

  • chjode

    Not good enough. Stock drops 10%. Google stock goes up for some reason.

    • It’s easy to understand.

      Apple and iOS = 1 Brand
      Android = “100 brands, plus Carriers and lot of advertisements”

      So talking about stocks and “the wall street guys” there’s more chances on Android for them to control, specially with lobbies. They can earn much more money with that market. A thing that with Apple it’s really hard for them, so they will try everything to drop Apples value and benefit Android.

  • 123bob

    55 million X (the price for an iPhone) = a lot of money

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Well let’s say Apple JUST sells the iPhone 5c 16 gb model… thats $549 (and yes, carriers may subsidize the price of a phone up front, but there is a charge that they incur each month on your bill to help pay for that phone over your 2 year contract), Apple is making $549 per 16 gb 5c. This is just a scenario, but that adds up to roughly $30.25 billion… but don’t forget, there are also 16 gb 5s models as well as 32 gb and 64 gb models thrown into the mix at $649, $749, and $849 as well. And Apple does get the money from the carriers up front who sell subsidized phones, so we know that we don’t need to adjust the formula for that either. Either way, Apple made some big money this quarter, not to mention sales from iPad, iPod, or Mac.

  • Jonas Bush

    Just imagine what sales would have been like if be had given people a choice to choose from 3 different screen sizes, The present 4 inch, a 4.7 and 5.7 inch screen size, They would’ve needed their own private island to put the money on it would’ve been so much!