Pluck 2 Final

I’m a big fan of listening to music, predominately while I am making the early morning commute to college on weekdays. As a Canadian citizen, however, fumbling with my iPhone to change the song while driving is illegal because of the distraction it presents to the driver. It’s a good law, in my opinion, but one that can be understandably frustrating at times. And while a new jailbreak tweak called Pluck 2 isn’t a full-stop solution for that problem, it is a useful extension that allows me to keep my eyes focused on the road… 

Pluck 2 provides full access to an iPhone’s music library directly from Control Center or the Lock screen, allowing for one to select from songs, artists, playlists, and so forth very quickly and conveniently. The tweak, designed by iOS developer ravirajm, does so by placing an easily accessible small music note toggle on the bottom-left of the Lock screen and next to the media controls in Control Center. While that process overrides the passcode, if one is enabled, I did not come across a way to exit the Music app.

There are a few shortcomings with Pluck 2 to note, even if it is merely nitpicking. First, the Lock screen toggle doesn’t exactly match the look and feel of iOS 7. It’s close, but not entirely so. More importantly, it is slightly annoying how the Lock screen toggle has to be held down for a few seconds until the music library opens. I am sure that a future update could alleviate these minor issues, which are part of an otherwise good tweak.

Pluck 2 is compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 7 or later, while the iPad is not yet supported. The tweak goes for 99 cents on the Cydia Store, installable from the default BigBoss repository, aiming to save you both time and energy in life. “It’s not life-changing,” the author notes, “but after purchasing Pluck 2, you won’t have to unlock your phone several times just to pick a song.”

Whether you are at home, at work, in the gym, in your car or elsewhere, let us know how Pluck 2 works for you in the comments.

  • Al

    Users with the iPhone, does anyone have any problems with accessing the tweak by taping the icon on the LockScreen?

    It’s not working for me. I emailed the dev… haven’t got any word back. It works through the Control Center, but it doesn’t work with the Pluck 2 icon directly on the LockScreen.

    I figured since I have a passcode on it.. it wouldn’t give me access to it. Yet, if I can access it with the Control Center.. I should be able to access it with the Pluck 2 icon on the LockScreen.

    • Chris Harper

      You have to hold the icon down

      • Al

        Thanks. I just noticed that now.. 🙂

      • Chris Harper

        No problem 😀

      • Jenny Nolan


        ❒❒❒᜙❒ ❒❒❒ ❒❒❒❒ ᜛❒❒❒❒ ❒❒❒❒I’ll just change the icon on the bottom left of the lock screen. 😛

    • 123bob

      No, I don’t have any problems with accessing the tweak by ‘taping’ the icon lol I think you mean tapping

      • Al

        Well, I kept “tapping” it and “tapping” it while nothing came of it until realizing I had to hold it… Which I wasn’t aware of it.

        Now I am :-). Cool tweak…

  • Chris Harper

    Im sure the reason why you have to hold is so if you accidentally press it, it wont open, but i actually think that option should be in the settings

  • eKoknight

    Nice background 🙂 can we get a link to the wallpaper please 🙂

  • Osama Muhammed

    impressive video as for a jailbreak tweak!

  • Bennett Newsome

    I cant get this to work at all… iphone 5s.

    • According to the developer, try turning off/back on the toggles in Pluck 2 in Settings and then tap Apply in the top-right corner.

  • Jonathan

    I think I’ll download this, I’ll just change the icon on the bottom left of the lock screen. 😛

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    This needs to be in stock iOS. I loved the original and am more than happy to pay for the iOS 7 version…

  • Frank Anthony

    I wish every JB Tweak will have an amazing video ads like this. I’m so buying Pluck 2 on Cydia now 🙂

  • Pluck icon didn’t show up for me, even after applying; I wonder if it conflicts with CCLoader or CCControls?….

  • Courtney Macfarlane

    This tweak doesnt work for me on my 5S 🙁 I’ve applied the tweak but nothing on my Lockscreen or CC! Gutted.

    • Al

      I had the same problem.. You have to turn off and on of the lock screen and control center then apply.

      It should work after making thoses changes.

      • Courtney Macfarlane

        Thank you Sir, problem solved.

      • Glen Molase

        this one also solved my problem!! thank you so much!! I thought that my .99 will go to waste. haha

    • Jude Wu

      thx! I finally got pluck icons!! Yet another problem pops up, the pluck icon in CC doesn’t seem to be in the right position. kinda a little lower than it should be, got overlapped with volume up icon. I don’t if you guis have the same problem?

  • John

    Great but I never use the Music app.
    If they added an option to open Grooveshark I’d be right on it!

  • ricky_nguyen

    I can’t get the pluck icon to show up on the lock screen on my 4S I tried rebooting my phone and disabling/reenabling the toggles in the settings pane for the tweak but it only shows up in control center and I have it set up to show in the lock screen and control center. any help would be appreciated.

  • Thomas Andersen

    What’s the difference between this and just tapping the song title to launch the music app?

    • Lucas Rosati

      Practicity,besides the fact that with pluck installed you can launch the music app without opening the cc.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    This one looks promising. It reminds me of another iOS 6 jailbreak tweak. Wait– wasn’t it Pluck? 🙂 I like how the iOS 6 icon looked better though.

  • Glen Molase

    i paid for it but seems not working, even the icon is not showing, or did i missed something? I already twitted the dev but still no response.

    • walter088

      Same here, a had to enable the dark icon toggle respring and then deactivate it and respring.. And started working.. Hope this fixes your problem!

      • Alfonso López

        Not, it doesn’t solve it 🙁

    • Hugo

      if you havent figured it out…you have to start the music app then you will see the icon. this worked for me, but i dont need this tweak so i uninstalled

      • Shobhit Kumar

        Hey buddy in case u still haven’t figured it out you have to install activator

  • Jamessmooth

    Let me “pluck” from Spotify and I’m in.

    • faogozalo

      Haha, so TRUE, if it integrates with Spotify, I’m all IN!

    • SweKiwi

      Anything with Spotify yet?

  • sleeperjoe

    Wow this is probably one of the most useful tweaks released for iOS 7. One of those tweaks I hope makes it into iOS 7.x/8

  • Ashish Maheshwari

    one feature i would like to request is that tapping a song again should DESELECT it. sometimes one accidentally taps a song and then there’s no going back :p

  • Rajiv Paudel

    Does it support ipad

  • Yen-Ting Chen

    Wish it could come back to the original playlist after playing the selected song(s) like Cyueue did.

  • That’s a big advert for such a small tweak…not even the beefy tweaks have that.

  • Alexander Reimann

    I actually like the tweak a lot, since I often am faced with the issue of having to unlock and going to music app etc. I wish there was a + sign on a playlist so you can queue the entire playlist.

  • mdee4

    This app is supposed to save time, however that’s not always the case. You have to tap EACH song you want to play. What if I want to hear a whole playlist? I’d have to select every individual song. It’d be much more efficient to just go to the music app. This needs an update allowing somehow to click the first song, thus playing the whole playlist! I find it useless without that ability.

  • the eggroll

    Added, and then immediately removed once I realized you couldn’t just play a song and have it continue through the playlist. I’m not going to rebuild my playlist from scratch every time I open this app, that’s why I have playlists! Start a song, and it continues to the next. If you chose the song using a pre-existing playlist, it continues to the next song in the playlist. If you chose the song through artist or album, it continues to the next song by the artist/album, etc. This blog post is over a month old, and still this BASIC functionality hasn’t been implemented.

  • Mesut Özil

    how tu use pluck 2??

  • Матт Реякіпѕ

    I just want to know if it will work with other music services like Spotify? If not it seems like a rather useless app only using the default music app. Especially in this day in age when more people use streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, than they do the music app. I asked the developer about it and he hasn’t responded.

  • AshWin SuryaWanshi

    is it working on iOS 8.1.1??