iOS 7.1 beta 3

After seeding the third beta of iOS 7.1 to its registered developers, the company could release another beta as soon as tomorrow, according to BGR. While BGR’s track record is not as stellar as it used to be, the tech blog did accurately predict several iOS 7 betas last summer.

According to the publication, iOS 7.1 Beta 4 will be out tomorrow as Apple continues to squash bugs and fix the remaining hiccups, including keyboard issues and problems with the Contacts app.

iOS 7 Beta 4 is also expected to bring more changes to the Phone interface “and other changes,” reads the article…

BGR also claims that iOS 7.1 Beta 4 (build 11D5127c) is already in the hands of Apple’s carrier partners and could get released to developers soon, possibly tomorrow.

You’re going to love this:

We have heard from sources that with iOS 7.1, Apple is working very hard to address some large memory bugs and other issues in iOS 7 that have caused crashes and restarts for a lot of people.

Yes, addressing that iOS 7 memory footprint and memory leaks would be much welcomed. Stock iOS 7 apps on my iPhone 5s crash at least a dozen times on any given day, especially Safari – and I’m not even jailbroken.

The article goes on to note that iOS 7.1 will unify iOS 7 better graphically, “with various user interface updates across the entire system and in apps for a more cohesive feel”.

Dialer beta 3

The website thinks there are “about six planned” iOS builds to be released for testing.

BGR previously said that iOS 7.1 may not be released until March and accurately predicted that Beta 3 would bring several important bug fixes and some new features.

iOS 7 Beta 3 includes some visual changes to the Dialer/Phone app, a new-look for the slide-to-power-off interface, confusingly tweaked Shift keys on the virtual keyboard, less vibrant icons for Phone, Messages and FaceTime and other visual tweaks and minor changes.

It has also added the ability to remove over-the-air installer files from the device.

  • Gautham Sivakumar

    That whole “and other changes” statement makes me wary of the future iOS 7 jailbreak. Assuming BGR is correct though, we won’t have to worry till March.

  • Fardeen Beharry

    personally as much as i love jailbreak, i will take ios 7 stability before anything. right now ios 7 specially is far from stable, 7.1 is so much better. i wont mind losing my jailbreak for that

    • Mozaik

      But , but Ayecon theme , ohh the cruel world.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        I don’t like the new aye con theme….

      • Zod

        I agree I totally prefer skeumorphism over flat icons but I just don’t like ayecon on iOS 7.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      You could always download the supposedly much stable beta of iOS 7, jailbreak it, remove the expiry date and fake your system version to be a stable version of iOS 😉

    • Sean Clark

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see the first public 7.1 be compatible with the jailbreak. Apple knows that some people will stay on 7.0 to keep their jailbreak and they want as many devices to upgrade as possible. Once they release 7.1, they will want 7.0 and all its bugs to be wiped out of the public sphere.

      • Niclas

        Very unlikely. Apple will probably patch the exploits in the next beta.

  • marcus1324

    I don’t have any bugs on my 7.0.4 iPhone 5s, jailbroken with evasi0n 7. If the jailbreak still works on 7.1 though I’ll update.

  • rafaelpz

    I am running a Jailbroken 7.0.4 on my iPhone 5 with 5 or 6 tweaks installed. I get as many crashes as before, neither more nor less. Also, battery life hasn’t changed.

    • Framboogle

      I have 73 tweaks and no crashes

      • Maxim∑


      • Raul M

        I got 52 tweaks and no crashes either-__- don’t use pirate apps from other cydia sources. that may be cause problems since it is not genuine and may be modified.

      • Zod

        how do you guys have so many tweaks like I only have 10 installed. I don’t want to overload my iPhone 4

      • Raul M

        These are some of my fav tweaks and apps:) this is just like not even close to half of my tweaks lol

      • Raul M

        On my iphone 4 I don’t have any tweaks installed besides NoSlowAnimations and it’s still slow lol

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Name them

  • Framboogle

    iOS 7 IS a beta in its entirety

  • Tnt4ever

    Mine 7.0.4 on iPad 2 has wifi issue before & after jailbreak.

    Did reset network setting a lot of times but useless & some time it says unable to join.

    Other devices performing excellent on ios 7.0.4 i.e iphone 4, 5 & ipad air

  • illK†Δ

    I don’t know what people are talking about. The only stability problems I had were 3rd party apps not updating for arm64 back in September…

  • Steve Zou

    Apple, bring back that frosted glass effect to my iPad 3!! Nobody should be able to get it only after having to install a tweak!

  • ::/DeltaStylez::

    Would love to see, they fix the huge amount of ‘other’ memory that builds up .. and better battery life ofcourse

  • Zod

    how many betas are coming out after this?

    • ::/DeltaStylez::

      Probably 3 of 5

  • marg

    someone please explain to me why the iPad 3 didn’t get all the clear graphics effects
    with its A5x processor when the iPhone 4S did get it with its lower-end A5 processor?
    That’s just bullshit!

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Because Apple wants you to update to a newer iPad Air. The iPad 3 can handle the transparency no problem at all though I even have AirDrop working on mine…

      • marg

        jailbroken? ill probably jailbreak mine as soon as they stop supporting it with the new ios (8,9,10…).. at this rate it’ll probably be next year haha

  • Steve Brea

    7.1 Beta 4 is out

  • Singhavi Vaibhav

    needed iOS 7.1 I badly on my iPad mini 2 app crash that normal but AppStore just freeze and killing the app doesn’t work had to restart and sometime iPad won’t response no matter what it’s like it become moody the answer is to wait or restart, next bug music bug in composer after clicking on anything it won’t response, and biggest of them zooming of wallpaper that a shit. so iOS 7 sucks on iPad mini 2

  • nodeveloper

    Would be fantastic if someone wants to make my idevice a developer too