Apple rumored to discontinue iPad mini

First introduced in 2012, Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad mini won't be updated going forward because the company is phasing out the device due to decreasing sales. A source close to the iPhone maker told BGR there’s “fierce cannibalism of Apple's own products” and that the iPad mini lineup has just been “sized out of its own category.”

The report does not detail when the device might be discontinued.

“We’re also told that the numbers are 'very clear' as far as sales are concerned, which is most likely the biggest reason the company plans to eliminate the littlest iPad,” reads the article.

Following the introduction of the new 9.7-inch iPad model in March 2017, Apple phased out both the original iPad mini and iPad Air 2 models.

Apple could unveil a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro at its annual developers conference next month. It's perfectly plausible that iPad mini won't be featured on Tim Cook's “2017 iPad lineup” slide.

The Cupertino company currently offers iPad mini 4 with Wi-Fi and 128 gigabytes of storage for $399. An LTE-enabled model goes for $529. Apple killed the 32-gigabyte iPad mini 4 edition after debuting the new 9.7-inch iPad model.

Japanese blog Mac Otakara claimed last October that Apple could release a fifth-generation iPad mini and market it as the 7.9-inch “iPad mini Pro.”

At any rate, iPad mini made a great choice for budget shoppers.

But with the September 2014 introduction of larger-screened iPhones, iPad mini has slowly but surely been losing its allure as a device that's perfectly suited for light tasks such as reading, checking email, browsing the web, gaming, messaging and so forth.

Should Apple discontinue iPad mini?

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BGR: Next Apple Watch to use smart bands for game-changing diabetes treatment tech

Apple is reportedly working on a “game-changing” diabetes treatment technology for Apple Watch Series 3 which will allegedly use interchangeable “smart watch bands” said to contain specialized built-in sensors.

That's according to a source familiar with Apple’s plans who spoke with BGR. The iPhone maker has reportedly “identified the right part of the body and there’s so much more they can and intend to do with the watch,” said the source.

Jonathan Geller, who runs BGR, speculates that the glucose monitoring feature could use Apple's smart band system rather than being built into the watch hardware.

“Apple also plans to introduce interchangeable smart watch bands that add various functionality to Apple Watch without added complexity, and without increasing the price of the watch itself,” the author wrote.

30 million people suffer from diabetes in the US, as per the American Diabetes Association.

Currently, the only way to properly measure blood sugar levels is by using a blood sample or a device that penetrates the skin. That could change soon, if these reports are anything to go by.

Last week, CNBC learned that the Cupertino company has been developing non-invasive sensors that would continuously monitor blood sugar levels.

The super secret initiative is allegedly focused on developing optical sensors that would shine a light through the skin in order to measure indications of glucose.

Apple is even conducting feasibility trials at clinical sites across the Bay Area.

CNBC says Apple hired consultants to deal with regulatory approvals, yet another indication that these smart Apple Watch bands with built-in sensors could in fact see the light of day.

Apple is expected to preview a major new version of watchOS at WWDC next month.

iOS 8.2 arriving Monday, here are full release notes

Backtracking on its previous report which claimed iOS 8.2 would be released for public consumption this week, BGR is now claiming that the software will be released to the public next week.

According to BGR founder and editor Jonathan Geller, Apple's decided to release one more Gold Master (GM) version crying a build number of 12D508 to employees and testers ahead of an expected launch this coming Monday.

Jump past the fold for full release notes.

BGR: iOS 8.2 launching next Monday

Apple is shooting to release iOS 8.2 for public consumption next Monday, March 2, 2015, “or the following week at the absolute latest,” according to BGR editor Jonathan Geller who spoke to sources in the know.

March 2 is a Monday, an unusual day for an iOS software update, but so is March 9 when Apple's “Spring Forward” media event is due, at which it's expected to talk Apple Watch specifics.

Moreover, as many as four betas of iOS 8.3 could be issued before that software update is ready for public release, the BGR founder and editor has learned. He mentioned earlier in the month that iOS 8.2 would be arriving some time in March, but didn't provide a timeframe.

BGR: iOS 8.2 due next month, Apple Watch launch event planned

Tuesday, BGR said it's learned from its own sources that Apple is shooting to release iOS 8.2 around March, ahead of the Apple Watch launch in April. “A trusted source” privy to Apple's most recent roadmap told the technology blog that Apple isn’t planning to release iOS 8.2 this month.

In addition to general improvements and fixes, the headline feature of iOS 8.2 is official support for Apple's wrist-worn device, which in all likelihood entails  a companion iPhone app for installing apps onto the Watch and managing various device settings.

BGR: iOS 8.0.1 with ‘further enhancements’ in the works

With four days until Apple's big reveal and the impending public launch of iOS 8, the Cupertino firm is already preparing the first iOS 8.0.1 update, BGR reported Friday. The software contains unspecified "further improvements" and Apple is going to seed it to its carrier and testing partners shortly. Note that BGR has a pretty solid track record in predicting carrier-related news.

Just recently, the site correctly claimed that the current iOS 8 Beta 5 would be the final beta released to developers ahead of a Gold Master. Indeed, the iPhone maker last month exclusively released iOS 8 Beta 6 to carrier partners for testing ahead of the iOS 8 launch.

Here’s why Beta 5 may be the final iOS 8 build seeded to devs ahead of Gold Master

Yesterday's release of OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 6 with an additional five gorgeous wallpapers and a bunch of refinements has left many eagle-eyed watchers scratching their head over the fact that the assumed iOS 8 Beta 6 wouldn't materialize.

Indeed, fast-forward nearly twenty-four hours later and Beta 6 is still nowhere to be seen. Such an anticlimactic turn of events probably means that iOS 8 Beta 5, which was released a fortnight ago, is the final beta build seeded to developers ahead of the so-called Gold Mater release...

BGR: Apple seeding iOS 7.1 Beta 4 to devs tomorrow, carriers already testing it

After seeding the third beta of iOS 7.1 to its registered developers, the company could release another beta as soon as tomorrow, according to BGR. While BGR's track record is not as stellar as it used to be, the tech blog did accurately predict several iOS 7 betas last summer.

According to the publication, iOS 7.1 Beta 4 will be out tomorrow as Apple continues to squash bugs and fix the remaining hiccups, including keyboard issues and problems with the Contacts app.

iOS 7 Beta 4 is also expected to bring more changes to the Phone interface "and other changes," reads the article...

AT&T vacation blackout confirms rumored September 20 iPhone 5S/5C launch

Following a report that T-Mobile is canceling vacations for store employees between September 20 and September 22, another story has affirmed that rival AT&T is now following suit. Specifically, the carrier is said to be blacking out vacation days for the second half of September, seemingly in preparation for the iPhone 5S/5C launch date.

That's a tell-tale sign of an impending iPhone launch: carriers want to ensure enough staff is on hand to handle an influx of customers at launch. Notably, AT&T did the same last year ahead of the iPhone 5 launch, as well as every single year starting with the original iPhone launch back in 2007.

Putting these pieces together, new iPhones are very likely going on sale in the United States and a few major international markets on Friday, September 20, which would be ten days after the official unveiling...

Seventh and final iOS 7 Beta could land today

The seventh and final beta of Apple's forthcoming iOS 7 mobile operating system could be seeded to developers later today, BGR reported Monday morning. Though the tech blog has a fairly accurate track record in terms of iOS 7 beta dates, it's worth pointing out BGR last week said Apple would release iOS 7 Beta 6 this week.

Just a few hours following that prediction Apple spoiled BGR's party be seeding iOS 7 Beta 6 to developers. Here's to hoping the final iOS 7 beta lands today. Otherwise, this could be the last time I write about BGR's predictions...

Apple reportedly releasing iOS 7 Gold Master on September 10

Apple is shooting to release a Gold Master build of iOS 7 to developers by September 10, if BGR is to be trusted. Gold Master refers to a final version of software that's ready for release to manufacturing - it's usually the same build as the version that comes factory preloaded on latest devices.

The publication reports that Apple will make a final Gold Master build available to its employees and carrier partners five days early, on September 5. More tidbits right below...