According to Taiwan-based supply chain makers, Apple is accelerating development of a rumored large-screen iPad, the iPad Pro, and is gearing up to launch the device by the end of the third quarter, indicating a Fall launch alongside the expected refresh to the existing iPad lineup.

As the unnamed sources asseverated, Apple has also asked its component suppliers and manufacturing partners to prepare for new models of 7.9 and 9.7-inch iPads…

The report, published Friday by DigiTimes, asserts that Apple is accelerating development of large-size iPads in light of Samsung’s recent introduction of the new 12-inch Galaxy tablets.

“Market sources indicated that Apple is likely to release a 12.9-inch model by the end of the third quarter at the earliest,” the report has it.

DigiTimes is not the most reliable publication but they more often than not are accurate when it comes to supply chain chatter. The story matches up to a recent research note by Evercore’s Patrick Wang, who said supply chain sources have confirmed the existence of the larger iPad.

The 12-inch iPad, Wang wrote, will be powered by Apple’s upcoming A8 processor and will launch in the Fall of 2014. He described the device as a crossover of sorts between the iPad and the MacBook Air, “in the same spirit of Microsoft’s Surface.”

Analyzing new display panels in development, display experts over at NPD DisplaySearch noted Apple’s alleged interest in 12.9-inch 2,732-by-2,048 pixel resolution panels. For all we know, these screens could be for a Retina MacBook Air upgrade, no?

This is just another iPad Pro rumor so take it with a pinch of salt as we have yet to see some concrete evidence of the device’s existence in the form of component leaks. On the other hand, a number of rumors have suggested that the iPad Pro is in the works.

That said, would a large-screen iPad make sense do you think?

Do we really need an iPad that bridges the gap between tablet and notebook?

And more importantly, will you buy it if Apple releases it?

  • David Gitman

    12.9 is too big

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      Not for a mix between a notebook and a tablet (like the surface). Curious what os it will get!

      • David Gitman

        why do i need a tablet in size of a notebook? I could Use my mac…

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        You don’t the same as you don’t need an iPad Mini or a phablet or a smart watch. Apple is a business now though (not that they weren’t a business in the past) and if they see a market and think they can make a reasonable amount of money I think they’ll likely give it a go and see how things play out…

      • Umut Bilgiç

        It is not about what you need, it is about what they want you to think you need.

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        because it’s a lot more portable (and probably cheaper), thats the reason people get them…

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        AND i think that apple it trying to be ahead of other company’s by releasing a big tablet so that they will be seen as the innovators of big tablets (although samsung has already released some, but apple’s big ipad will probably stand out from theirs and others)

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        iOS of course!

      • Parth Patel

        I think it could be OS X redesigned for touch and matches iOS 7

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I wish! As much as I’d like this traditionally Apple has always kept mobile and desktop separately and sadly think they’ll continue to do that but with 64 bit processors in new iOS devices who knows? Perhaps Apple really is heading into a new direction…

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        maybe… maybe… but with the arrival of tim cook a few years ago apple has gone some completely different roads that steve would have gone… that’s why it would surprise me if it would come with os x or a mix between ios and os x. it wouln’t make sense if they released it with ios because nobody likes a big tablet if it can’t do more than a normal tablet, and apple knows that!

    • Jo

      That’s what she said!

  • Tony

    So basically the product has a bad rap name? The old IPP in the house! 🙂 but honestly that’s crazy to think it will be that big. Then again it’s probably not for the usual iPad type user, more or less artists and designers.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Another bigger ipod. Unless it runs both OSX and iOS.

    Ps. Not a buy if its just another larger ipad. Must have a killer feature not found on current iDevices.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Exactly! Like multi-window support or keyboard/mouse peripherals.

      • JimGramze

        I’m using a Zagg Folio keyboard case with my iPad Air right now. It feels very much like a laptop, so that option already exists. The multi-window and mouse thing not so much, but it is not a big deal to swipe back and forth between apps, and my finger on the screen is like a touchpad or mouse. But yeah, with or without a larger screen, it is about time for multi-window in iOS.

  • Guest

    So far Microsoft are the only 1s who have made the table right with the Surface Pro the iPad and Google tables have just got their mobile iOS and stretched it

    • Rowan09

      The Surface Pro is a touchscreen laptop so comparing it to the iPad and Android OS is wrong.

      • Raashid

        There goes the so-claimed technician BSing yet again. After all the conversation you had with MrElectrifyer here (http://bit ly/1fJ8Yw8), you just ignoramusly put it behind your back and keep on BSing…typical fanboy attitude.

        FYI, save your energy in denying being a fanboy due to having some other non-Apple device, ’cause your actions speak louder than your claims.

      • Rowan09

        What I said was the Surface Pro is a flop and it did. I do like Apple products over the competition but what does preference have to do with anything? I never said the Pro is wack or inferior, I said it doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is the Surface Pro a laptop or tablet? The answer would be both but who is asking for both, when Microsoft made the Surface Pro people were interested in a bigger iPhone (iPad) or bigger Android phone (Android tablets). If you notice Windows 8 looks like a phone interface instead of a traditional computer interface. Before you type read first. I never said anything different and the iPad and Android tablets should be compared to traditional laptops too if it’s being compared to the Surface Pro. Microsoft didn’t get it right because no one wants it.

      • Raashid

        You keep claiming it’s a flop, despite non-Fox-news (http://on mash to/1h0D0rL) not agreeing with you. You sure have a dingbat-definition of term “flop”…FYI, having a preference isn’t the same as making ignoramus claims.

        Regarding who’s asking for both, well how about the people who are actually buying the Surface Pro? As MrElectrifyer pointed out b4, “companies like this (http://bit ly/1gdS7Ok), this (http://bit ly/1diUtxX), this (http://bit ly/1gdTtIL) and this (http://bit ly/1gdSdWf) have actually done that, so, yes companies actually want more than plain laptops and plain tablets”. You claiming no one wants it (despite the evidence) is just symptomatic of impotent fanboy rage flowing through your nerves…

        When Apple unveiled the iPhone, most people were thinking of a SmartPhone being a phone with keyboard and ability to access the internet, email, etc (i.e. like a BlackBerry). Also, if you notice iOS on the iPad and Android on Android Tablets, they also look like a phone (touch friendly) interface….so, what’s your point dude?

        Regarding the iPad and Android tablet-only devices being compared to a Laptop-only device, you’ll easily conclude the Laptop-only does productive tasks better, and the tablet-only device enhances consumption tasks (which are already offered by the Laptop-only device). Merge the two and that’s what the Surface Pro is.

      • Rowan09

        Give me sales figures since you have some inside information? People bought the Playbook and that flopped, they also bought the HTC touchpad and that flopped. Microsoft only lost $900 million in the last Surface debacle but let me guess this time they got it right somehow huh? What’s new specs, battery life and weight huh so they have it solved? I hope you know when a company is hesitant to give figures it usally means it’s not selling well. Once again I never said the Surface Pro is inferior, it’s actually superior but why wouldn’t I just buy a traditional laptop for those prices? I and apparently most people since the Surface 1 flopped and we are waiting on sales number agree that the Surface is not solving a problem right now. The screen is just too small for a real laptop experience and I need a touchpad and keyboard for a laptop.

      • Raashid

        What you’re referring to as a flop is the RT line, not the Pro line…I don’t blame you for being misinformed, Christian/Ed was never clear in his blog post; there was always fanboy bias when writing about competitors.

        Regarding what’s new, the Surface 2 (RT) line alone has been a bigger upgrade than Apple has ever done in it’s iPad line. On top of the usual “thinner, lighter, faster” stuff, it included added physical functionality; the new kickstand position kills multiple birds with one stone.

        – Makes it easier for it to sit on lap (as a Laptop)

        – Easier to view and interact with from a tall position

        Regarding buying a traditional laptop, you never learn do you? MrElectrifyer also pointed out the following to you b4; “let’s see you do either of the following on a traditional laptop:

        – Hand note taking

        – Form filling

        – Document signing”

        On top of that, what does a traditional laptop have to offer that the Surface Pro doesn’t accomplish and more? Screen size? I have no problems viewing details on it from an arm’s length away, at 1600×900 resolution. If you’re having problems, viewing stuff on that screen size, there’s the Sony Vaio Flip 13. Keyboard size? Did you just move from a mechanical keyboard (no such thing on Laptops), ’cause honestly, I find it no different than any regular laptop keyboard (including my previous 13″ HP Pavilion dv3510nr) despite my hands measuring approximately 1.2 hands (measurement 2 http://bit ly/1gcog9s).

        The Surface Pro is an i5 Macbook Air ($1000), merged with an iPad ($500) AND a medium Intuos Wacom board ($350), yet you think a traditional laptop is more justifiable at the same price? Sounds like you failed your economics class…wonder how your so-claimed “technician” business is coming along.

      • Rowan09

        Cute. Give me sales figures on the Surface Pro 1st gen? The most expensive Surface Pro 2 costs $1799 with 512GB hd and I can get a Dell with the same specs but a 1tb hd and it’s also touchscreen. Why the hell would I want to buy the Surface Pro over that laptop when it’s $799? I can fill out forms on my iPad and take notes, even do light programming so those things you mentioned isn’t impressive, but you can do all those on the Dell. Stop being a damn fanboy and open your eyes. I own a 3rd gen iPad because I didn’t see the purpose of buying any other yet, so I don’t just buy things for fun.

      • Raashid

        Please point me to this Dell you speak of. You keep ignoramusly claiming that there’s cheaper alternatives (same thing you did to MrElectrifyer), yet you NEVER posted a link to such cheaper product that didn’t sacrifice on functionality OR performance.

      • Rowan09

        http://bit ly/1bj47OG
        It easy to just go on Dell and you will find tons of them. I would just pull out my MacBook which is cheaper than the Surface and I don’t sacrifice on performance, plus I have a bigger screen.

      • First off, that’s using a 5400RPM HDD, you actually think SSD is irrelevant? Speaks a lot about you.

        Second off, that’s a Laptop-only form factor with a capacitive touch screen, which is nothing compared to the Surface Pro’s digitizer screen:
        – No palm rejection
        – You’ll have to be using them bulky head styluses
        – No pressure sensitivity when drawing

        Finally, if you choose to use a bulky-head stylus on it, you’re going to be looking idiotic having the base of your laptop tilted up while the monitor lays on the table.

        That’s not even taking into consideration portability (2lb vs 5.1lb). Do a bit more research in finding a cheaper match…I welcome it.

        Regarding your MacBook (Air I presume) being cheaper, yeah $130 cheaper ’cause it doesn’t offer the functions of an iPad ($500) and a medium Intuous Wacom board ($350)…I’ll gladly pay that $130 and save $720, anytime.

      • Rowan09

        Oh boy so apparently you think if a professional is going to purchase a laptop they would go for the Pro? Is this not what Microsoft is trying to accomplish with this line? Yes SSD is faster than HDD but for 2 times the space and more than half the price people will take that trade-off. I once again never said the Surface Pro is inferior or a waste, I just said who is it targeting? I own a MacBook Pro not Air. I paid the same price as the Pro which has less space and I can change the HD easily compared to the Pro which is a headache.

      • It’s targeting multiple audiences, including students/teachers, pro artists, mobile power users and businesses like the 4 I pointed out to you b4: this (http://bit ly/1gdS7Ok), this (http://bit ly/1diUtxX), this (http://bit ly/1gdTtIL) and this (http://bit ly/1gdSdWf).

      • Rowan09

        The RT can serve the a similar purpose or even an Android tablet or iPad. As I said before good luck for Microsoft trying to convince the majority we need a smaller, touchscreen, expensive tablet laptop. Windows laptops were always traditionally cheaper products and of course they have expensive laptops but the Pro shouldn’t be one. This will never end and I’m not trying to convince you to hate or like anything, enjoy your Pro.

      • In the case of the RT and iPad, you dump the functions of a Wacom Board ($350+) and i5 MacBook Air ($1000+). In the case of Android, you dump the functions of an i5 MacBook Air ($1000). Add that to their prices and see which is cheaper for yourself…can’t be ignoring the usage and flexibility scenarios and coming to the conclusion 1 is cheaper over the other.

        If none of that horsepower is needed, then you could save hundreds and pick an Atom 2-in-1 for just $350. Point remains the same; you’re sacrificing on functionality or performance (in this case, both)…

      • Rowan09

        I understand but I wish it was cheaper, nevertheless it’s a nice piece of hardware.

      • Uhm, the last year 128GB model is actually on sale right now for $599. Currently out of stock though…

      • Rowan09

        That’s a nice price but on eBay they are selling it for too much since they discontinued the Pro 1.

      • I’m still waiting for a link to this so-claimed “cheaper alternative” you keep bringing up in conversations trying to prove the Surface Pro as overpriced like the MacBook Air. Please share it with us and I promise I’ll stop recommending the Surface pro…otherwise, way the go making a fool out of yourself, again.

      • Rowan09

        The link is up top. The Surface Pro is overpriced but who cares, that’s the price Microsoft is selling it for so good for them. Gucci bags and high end clothes are also overpriced but we know they are consist, Microsoft is being very inconsistent with the pricing of the Pro compared to other Windows tablets or laptops.

  • Dan

    Too big imo, I’d just rather prefer to use my PC. Wouldn’t lug something that big around.

    I do hope they come out with a revised 2 GB iPad air though, that way I can go complain in an Apple store about apps crashing and exchange it.

  • Rupinder S

    I’d rather have them perfect iOS 7 on the iPad…too many bugs.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      The iPad Pro I’m assuming will be an iPad so if they perfect iOS 7 on this rumoured device they’ll likely also focus on getting things running smoothly on older devices at least for my sake (and the sake of others) I hope they will, my iPad 3 is like a slug right now…

    • mehrab

      7.1 is perfect

      • Carlos Gomes

        7.1 is so, so much better in terms of performance, if you’re on devices like the iPad 3.
        The battery consumption also got a lot better, specially on the last beta.

  • Josh

    Too big

  • Xee

    I would buy it. I could do with some more screen estate for creative tasks and consuming media.

    • Abdl

      Of course! So would many fanboys do! They go for anything apple releases even if they dont essentially need it

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Since Samsung released one of these, they must know something about Apples plans or vice versa so I think it might be true. Along with the bigger sized Iphones. But we’ll see.

  • Philippe Côté

    I would buy only if it has an Apple or Wacom pressure-sensitive stylus. That combined with Procreate App would become my new sketchbook. ^_^

  • Y2J

    I’d be all for it, but it needs more than an even more stretched iOS. I’d like to see a iOS-OS X hybrid.

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      i agree, but i wont be all for it if it would run on standard ios…

      • Y2J

        Yeah, it needs several killer features, and preferably a different OS, that the Air and Mini don’t have and won’t get.

  • JimGramze

    My knee-jerk reaction to hearing of a 12″ touch screen is that Apple might be adding a touch screen to a laptop. Maybe they figured out how to make such a thing work well to the user’s advantage. If a tablet is to be that size then having more than one app open at once seems to be a given. Keeping the same aspect of the current iPads I could see four panes with four apps open, depending on just what they are. Comic books on that large of an iPad would be awesome, and websites in non-mobile view would be welcome as well.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    I think I don’t need a 12.9″ iPad unless there will be some benefit and new great features.

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      thats exactly what i and 90% of humanity thinks:P

  • iPT MSTR

    what will they call the iPad 6???

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      no, the ipad pro! look: they have changed the name of the ipad to the ipad air, and there are macbook air’s and macbook pro’s, so it would make sense that they would call the bigger and better ipad the ipad pro!:)

      • iPT MSTR

        Ya,,, ur rite

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein


  • jame1

    Sceptics point to the MOOCs’ high drop-out rates, which in some cases exceed 90%. But Coursera and Udacity both insist that this reflects the different expectations of consumers of free products, who can browse costlessly