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Beats Music CEO Luke Wood told us last October to soon expect a brand new subscription music service, one not only making a difference to how we consume songs but also changing our perception of what streaming music services should be all about. Yesterday, Beats Music announced it will be definitely opening for business on January 21.

In an effort to drum up excitement ahead of the impending launch, the headphone manufacturer likened existing music service to “servers” that provide little more than access to a catalog.

But how the heck does Beats Music expect to stand out in the crowded space of streaming service? By curating music from trusted human sources like established industry magazines, that’s how. They even hired professional DJs! “In our experience it’s always been a living, breathing human who has brought us that song we fell in love with,” the company said.

What’s in it for you? More than meets the eye. Read on…

Their “trusted human sources” include Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Grand Ole Opry, Downbeat, DJ Mag, Hot 97/Power 106, Naxos and many others, as well as a bunch of well-known DJs, radio programmers and “our personal heroes across the genres.”

Beats’ celeb execs include President Luke Wood and Chairman Jimmy Lovine who both were pushing for subscription music services since the 1990s, and Chief Creative Officer Trent Reznor who really needs no introduction.

Lovine, a music mogul, in particular spent years trying to convince Steve Jobs to do a subscription-based music service.

Beats Music (iPhone 5s, Find It))
Radio programmers’ picks are available in the Highlights section.

The San Francisco headquartered company will feature human-curated playlists based on a particular artist, activity or the general mood of the listener, resulting in “music that’s always right for you”.

A great DJ picks the right song and knows the only thing more important than the song playing right now is the song that comes next. A great DJ gets bored before you do and knows when to switch gears to keep you listening.

To achieve its proposition of the right music at the right time, the service will of course use clever personalization algorithms, but it’ll be more than that because a handful of stations can’t satisfy all listeners”.

We built the intuition that takes these human curated playlists and hand-selected songs and albums and delivers you the right ones for you based on your taste.

We made it simple so all you need to do is open the app and hit play to hear something excellent you’re likely to dig.

The way it’s going to work, you’ll tell the app where you are, what you feel like doing, who you’re with, and what kind of music you’re looking to hear and the app will try its best to deliver an endless playlist for your context.

Beats Music will of course allow listeners to create their own playlists, download albums for offline listening, search across friends and their playlists and more.

It’s an interesting concept, but we’ll reserve our judgement until we run Beats Music through its paces. Can Beats Music take on the likes of Rdio, iTunes Radio, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio and the likes?

It’s too early to tell, but they certainly have the brand power so it’ll be interesting seeing how the competition goes. According to The New York Times, the company is planning to “exploit the power of its headphone brand through aggressive marketing”.

Beats Music (iPhone 5s, right Now)

According to the yesterday’s blog post, they teamed up with AT&T so if you’re a customer Beats will give your family — up to five people and ten devices — all the music you can eat in exchange for just $14.99 a month, normally a $50 a month value.

Unlimited streaming for individual accounts from a catalog of over 20 million songs will set you back $9.99 a month and there’ll be a free tier to sample Beats Music without restrictions.

The initially U.S.-only service will be launching January 21 on the web, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, with a native Windows 8 app coming at a later stage.

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Beats CEO in March 2012 to make sure the music service would not spoil Apple’s then-upcoming iTunes Radio.

Do you think Beats Music could pull you away from Spotify?

  • Guest

    Just download a tweak called Spotifree and listen to anything for free on Spofity

    • Glenn DolFan Baptista

      What’s the source can’t find it

      • Guest


    • Ninja Banana

      Or just look up Grooveshark. 🙂

  • Krixtian

    Well I have AT&T with 5 accounts and I can use the $14.99 service. That’s way better than $10 for each account that spotify uses. So there’s a great possibility that I might stop using spotify and if AT&T lets Beats Music use the sponsored data I won’t even think about spotify ever again.

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Trent is in this?? I guess this will be my new music stream service… I can say goodbye to all others

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    The app looks really nice but call me old fashioned I prefer to “own” my music and not rent it from a third-party on a monthly basis…

    • Matthew Cleveland

      Same reason why I still buy CDs. I prefer to own it, not borrow it.

  • Phil Randle

    This would have to be good to make me leave Rdio, very happy with the service, and Rdio’s apps look fabulous. Would love a JB tweak where it will let me open and currently listening track and attempt to find it in Rdio like shazam does, or even a tweak that lets you launch shazam from anywhere like control centre.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      It would make a cool Siri tweak where you just say “What song is playing?” if AssistantExtensions ever gets updated for iOS 7…

    • Hmmm


  • 123bob

    Sounds cool!

  • oralarts

    I’ll reserve judgement until I have a chance to put the app through its paces, but it doesn’t seem to have anything on Spotify at this point. Let’s not forget that this is the same company that sells average (at best) headphones for $300-400 on the strength of their marketing mojo. Dre and company are all hype.

    • Epi

      When Dre is in the studio making music he doesn’t use Beats.

      • Daniel Eliasson

        Yep, uses Sennheiser.

      • cunotherside

        Your a HYPOCRITE there’s profit and then there’s GREED!JERK!

      • Daniel Eliasson

        Really? Is Apple’s pricing greedy? No, there isn’t. Also, you shouldn’t get this heated about a debate on the internet. I recommend seeking out a psychologist.

  • jose carlos

    This BEATS company is using GREEDY marketing strategy just like APPLE! Some fools my call it business but that also has it’s hypocritical BASE!

    • Daniel Eliasson

      What the hell are “greedy” marketing strategies? These are companies, the idea of a company is to make a profit. Boy, you seem to be jelly.

  • Josh

    I believe his name is Jimmy iovine not Lovine.

  • Matt

    Thank you but no thank you. Gonna stick with my trusty Spotify.

  • appl3h4ck3r

    I’ll take Spotify over this and use Beats headphone the listen to my Spotify playlists. Boom…there’s my Beats Music. I pay $9.99 a month for Spotify anyways. Why would I change for something that is basically exactly the same as Spotfiy…it’s just about the same as any other streaming music service.

  • Adam Keeler

    Beats headphones are the sonic equivalent of snake oil. They’re way overpriced for sound that’s no better than my Senheiser hd420’s that I got for 20 bucks. Who cares who they having running it. I prefer owning music. At 10 a month that’s 12 albums a year. Plenty of new listening on top of my cd catalog.

    • Drake

      sennheiser’s dont look sexy as f’ck tho

      • Ansar Arif

        Headphones aren’t fashion items, which beats seems to be what it is. However, my Sennheiser Amperior and Momentum look super sexy in my opinion and sounds ridiculously amazing.

      • Adam Keeler

        Cause it matters what it looks like. You know cause that totally affects the sound. Cause they’re built for people to look cool in. Not listen to music. Nope. I’ll hand it to Dre he’s a marketing genius. Unfortunately that means the buyers are not exactly making decisions based on use.

      • kadir

        For some people it does matter. It comes down to personal preference. Regardless there is no way in hell you can tell a significant difference between the sounds coming out of the Beats Pro and your ‘Senheiser hd420’

      • Daniel Eliasson

        Oh but of course you can. The Senheiser have crisp highs AND bass, while the beats’s bass is just obnoxious.

      • Drake

        different people use headphones for different things

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Meh, I’ll stick with torrenting all my music.

    • Daniel Eliasson

      wow, you’re so edgy man. showing how you torrent. do you realize that if everyone was like you, most people wouldn’t even make music?

  • Extra Domus

    It’s jimmy Iovine not Lovine LOL