Space Blueberry theme

iOS 7 was the most controversial software update that Apple has ever released, primarily because it ushered in an all-new design that replaced detail and so-called “skeuomorphism” with flatness and simplicity. Fortunately, for those that don’t favor the stock look, the arrival of the evasi0n7 jailbreak opens the doors to a myriad of new themes to choose from. Space Blueberry, for instance, is a beautiful new icon set for the iPhone and iPod touch. Take a closer look for yourself ahead… 

Space Blueberry provides themed icons for all stock applications minus a few, and for the most part I prefer the new designs over their original counterparts. In particular, the icons for Game Center, Music, Reminders and Safari look much better. The theme also has icons for a handful of popular third-party and jailbreak apps, including: Alien Blue, Cydia, Facebook, iFile, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, WinterBoard and YouTube. The theme developer Gionata (@highdetalio) promises more icons by next week.

As this is a Winterboard theme, the iPhone 5s is not yet compatible. However, all hope is not lost. If you still want to have Space Blueberry on your A7 device, you simply need to manually install the icons using a program like iFile, iFunBox or iExplorer. I previously explained how to change the Cydia logo on iOS 7, and those instructions can be loosely followed to change other icons as well. Ensure that you backup your device to iTunes or iCloud before making any modifications to the iOS filesystem.

Space Blueberry is available for free on Cydia from the ModMyi repository and as a direct download at Dropbox. Version 1.1 has already been pushed with additional icons for Twitterrific, Tweetbot 3 and VKontakte, an update that should be live shortly. Unzip the theme file, use SSH to place it in /var/stash/themes/ and apply it with Winterboard if you are installing it manually.

What theme are you using on your iOS 7 device?

  • CPDigitalDarkroom

    Facebook icon throws me off with the whole Myspace-esque look. Other than that it looks great.

    • s05103


    • zaccadigi

      You can change it! Go to Library/Themes and there you find a different facebook icon 😉

  • Jaded

    lol at what passes for a theme these days. Crap icons with no UI. WEAK

    • CPDigitalDarkroom

      Until Winterboard is updated there isn’t much they can do.

  • M Last

    so ugly

  • Anonymous

    NextGenUI is better

  • Gróf Attila

    So winterboard works okay with other than 5s?

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Still has issues. I am patiently waiting for its update and for a truly good theme. Fingers crossed!

      • Question

        Surenix is making one! 😀

  • Wow I’ll download now 🙂 I’m excited 😀 To know this kind of stuff is exactly why I read iDB 🙂

  • Lionelle

    Way to flat for my taste.

  • Timothy

    This is much more cartoon-like than the original iOS 7 was ever accused of being.

    • DarekSlaby

      Pretty sure iOS 7 was never accused of being cartoon-like.

      • Nino

        It was, you should have been on MacRumors for the meltdowns during the summer.

      • Timothy

        A quick Google search of “iOS 7 cartoon” will prove yourself wrong.

      • Anonymous

        I think he means ios 7 childish

  • Nino

    This looks meh, iOS 10 or The Perfect iOS are much better (on Cydia).

  • Ben Giddings

    Inbox Zero… 😛

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Wait so Winterboard is working on other devices? I tried to install a theme on my Ipad 4th gen the other day and yes I enabled it and after it resprung, nothing. Any suggestions? Because it was a Fallout theme (it looked great!) and I want to get my Iphone back to I believe it was Aeycon.

    • Nino

      It won’t work for changing the UI of stock apps, but icons should be changed with most themes.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Hmm well the one I was trying to install changed the background and everything but it didnt do any of that. I guess we just have to wait for an update to it?

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Question is: Can I install winterboard, apply a theme, then uninstall winterbaord without losing the new icons?

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      you will loose everything. you need winterboard son

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Pity. Winterboard has issues now, including the infamous spotlight search bug. Thanks for the answer.

      • Adam Bowman

        Yeah.. That Spotlight Search bug messed with my head for a good 24 hours. It needs fixing fast.

      • Brandon Wilcox

        What bug are you referring to? I just downloaded this theme and I haven’t noticed any problems

  • Fevostone

    Themes are all good and well but the winterboard is still making my phone crash it needs updating first so I’ll stick with the iOS 7 icons for now

  • Alex Marwaha

    I’m using the iOS 7 theme what about u guys.

  • Justin

    Does anyone else have problems with winterboard on the iPhone5 (spotlight search crashing)?

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      just wait for an update. until then i wouldn’t recommend using it

    • Adam Bowman

      Yep. That’s the bug. I uninstalled Winterboard and Spotlight Search was fixed.

  • Mohamed Elzarei

    I think I’d stick with the stock UI better , these icons are garbage.

  • Luism27

    I’m waiting for the Winterboard update so I can use this theme ”Anique V2”

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Yeah I saw this and I think it suits a black iP5/5s perfectly.

    • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

      Se ve interesante. Cuanto cuesta?

      • Luism27


  • JeanMarc

    Yep i will wait for ayecon

  • Linton Findlay

    i dont really feel the need to theme ios7 it looks great

    • Yuck

      I’m 100% sure you have problems with your eyes.

    • Andrew


  • Gionata 

    Hey people, try to download my theme on your idevice and activate it. You will see that “live” makes it a lot better than in the screenshot.. i promised 🙂

  • Isa Altintas

    FlatIcons pleasee 🙂

  • Francisco Perez

    The theme that i am enjoying right now im my i5 iOS7 is Vortex

  • Jonathan

    Do us a favor and read your emails.

  • Saad Al Jalowdi

    Press like if u like my phone theme 🙂

    • Matt

      The only thing I like is the BMW badge on top

      • Saad Al Jalowdi

        BMW <3

      • Matt


    • Chris Harper

      Pretty cool! Keep up the work 😀

      • Saad Al Jalowdi

        😀 😀 thank you all

      • Chris Harper

        Will we be able to use if for our devices? Or is it still a Work-In-Progress?

      • Saad Al Jalowdi

        Just install this two themes and enable them 🙂

      • Noaaahh

        So, it technically not “your” theme… It’s a compilation of two themes…

      • Saad Al Jalowdi

        I didn’t mean that i own that or i designed it …
        I meant that i have it on my phone… >_<

    • jathu235


    • Susie

      I’d like it better if I knew the name.

  • Johann Medina

    Dropbox link is not available anymore…

  • GzyOnline

    I wonder how the new iOS7 themes that will come out will work with the LIVE CLOCK ICON.. hMmmm…?

  • Kyle Samuel Hamilton

    Where can I get that smooth wallpaper?

  • Matt

    I guess everyone has a different taste because this looks like something you would find on a tablets for kids. It’s too “cartoony”

  • Nice theme; but any themes require Winterboard which will cause spotlight crashes. Im not installing any themes until they update Winterboard for 7

    • Kamran Mackey

      What device do you have?

      • JB iphone 5 running 7.0.4

  • Bieberkinz

    It looks great with Circlus + Flat7. Some icons are hit or miss with Circlus, that’s why I’ll use some flat7 icons

  • Sleetui

    My Winterboard doesn’t work even though the latest MobileSubstrate is updated? (iDevice: iPhone 5 – 7.0.4) It simply crashes and puts it into SafeMode. Any suggestions?

    • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

      did you by any chance install the unofficial mobilesubstrate? remove mobilesubstrate and safe mode (this will remove all tweaks) and install everything back, it might fix the issue 🙂

      • Sleetui

        Okay thanks, I’ll see if it works.

  • J™

    manually install the icons???!!!
    u must be crazy!

  • cashher

    Anybody a link to the wallpaper?

  • dsfs2222dfsd

    i like ayecon

  • Jack Moreau

    Hi. I installed this theme and I love the icons and the simplicity but
    that is all I got was the icons. In fact this is all I got on just
    about any theme I try. I suppose that I need to be patient and wait for
    a new Winterboard or similar app ? Any workarounds for wallpaper,
    lockscreen, etc ? Anyone else having the same problems ? I have 4S on ios 7.0.4. I am an old unix programmer
    so I find this stuff a challenge and a lot of fun,.

  • Sumit Agnihotri

    oil7 theme

  • kodygilbert

    ew why is this named after space potatoes/space bluberries by tokems and mangosango? get out byeeeee