Wallpaper Fix

Since the launch of iOS 7, adding custom wallpaper from your photo library has become a complete pain in the back. When you find the perfect pic and assign it to your Home or Lock screen, it always zooms in way closer than you wanted it to be, cutting of heads, or generally ruining a perfect composition.

Wallpaper Fix is an app that corrects that problem, letting you display your family photos behind your list of apps without worrying about cutting little Sarah off at the knees…

Ever since Apple launched iOS 7, I’ve had trouble using my own pictures as wallpapers. When you load an image, it is zoomed in closer than the original and there is no way to resize it to fit the screen.

I’ve even tried the trick where you turn on Reduce Motion and resize your picture. It works a little, but still zooms in further than I would like.

Wallpaper Fix adds a border around every image so that, when you assign it to a wallpaper background and it zooms in, the image will remain intact and the only thing you lose is the black boarder.

To create a wallpaper image, open the app and select “New” from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Then, either take a picture from within the app or select one from your device’s library.

Resize the image to the exact position you want it to look when used as background wallpaper. You can even preview the image against your device’s Home screen. When the picture is positioned the way you want it to look, tap “Save” and the new image will be saved to your photo library.

Wallpaper Fix for iOS 7 2Then, open your Photos app and select the image. It will look odd because there will be a thick black border around it. Set it as your Home screen, Lock screen, or both. When the image pops up, you will see that the boarder is no longer visible, but you can still see the entire picture, instead of a zoomed-in version.

This app is universal, so you can also use it for your iPad, which is my favorite part. I don’t usually have issues with setting wallpaper images on my iPhone. I like using high-quality pictures on my iPad, and those are the ones that iOS 7 butchers. Images can be saved as landscape or portrait pictures, but not both. So keep that in mind when you are creating a new wallpaper image.

Wallpaper Fix is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

Have you noticed the irritating problem with saving images as wallpaper on iOS 7? Would you use this app to fix the problem?

  • Noaaahh

    ..or you can turn ON ‘Reduce Motion’, but of course, you don’t have parallax wallpapers!

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      The app is designed to keep the 3-D effect and maintaining your wallpaper. Otherwise your wallpaper won’t look zoomed in when using the 3-D effect.

      • Eddie Leonard

        Jailbreak > installe HiddenSettings7 > Turn all Parallax vales to 0. Easy

      • Poison Paradise

        Honestly yes Jailbreaking and turning off motion are both alternatives, but I don’t like losing the motion, and although I’ve jailbroken before, I don’t want to again just yet.. So downloading an app is quicker and easier really. So i like the option for an app to do it, but that being said I prefer the “Wallpaper Resizer” app by haha Interactive. It’s free and lets you choose how much or little your wallpaper is zoomed in (and how much border appears when tilted).

      • Eddie Leonard

        I usually don’t like these apps, They use a similar content aware tool that usually sucks lol. What I’m doing at the moment, is adding a blurred background about 30px around the edges, and in HS7, halved all the figures :L So I still get the motion, but its more subtle and you see more of the wallpaper 😀 Win win lol

    • I wouldn’t mind ditching the parallax, but I hate the fading animation it that setting uses for switching and opening apps. Apple really needs to break that out into a separate setting.

      • diggitydang

        If you’re jailbroken, you can achieve this with HiddenSettings7. I did that with mine – made parallax “0” but have all the animations still (sped up even!).

        Hope that helps!

      • Shawn

        Good thing is the upcoming 7.1 will fix that.

    • When I turn on Reduce Motion, my pictures still zoom in too much and cut off portions of my photographs. It is not as bad, but it still zooms in, ruining a perfectly composed picture.

  • Willie

    I use this app Wallax, it’s $1 and it had many other functions including scaling wallpapers.

    • czbird

      Thanks for the tip. Finally I can enjoy my old wallpapers that iOS7 messed up 🙂

    • David Gitman

      thanks for the amazing app!

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I been leaving comments on iDB and tweeting you guys from iDB to post Wallpaper Fix App on the site. I don’t know if you guys saw my all my comments and pics. Anyway thank you guys. Now people wallpapers won’t be ruined by Apple’s oversight.

  • iOops

    App works like a treat – well worth the $0.99


    I just found an app for free called photogrid. You can basically do the same thing by shrinking your photo so when you save it you can zoom it to whatever size you want. Works good!

  • topcricket

    u always have that option of getting a snapshot of the image and setting it as wallpaper. however rotating it on ur will is new. thumbs up!!

  • iBanks

    The moment an new iPhone owner thinks Microsoft caused an bug on an apple device.

    • Neil Sardesai

      I always wonder if people like Bob35960 are genuinely ignorant or just trolls.

      • James

        What’s the difference?

  • Donovan

    This doesn’t let me preview it on my lockscreen, that’s the wallpaper that is annoying me. Does anyone knows an app that does let me preview the lockscreen?

  • Missy

    It didn’t work. Maybe it only works for photos that are too small for the screen.

  • James

    Ditching the parallax didn’t help me, and neither did any of the supposed fixes to the issue. I tried them all except actually sending the photo to my PC and adjusting in Photoshop. This app worked perfectly and fast. Welllllllll worth the mere $0.99. This is awesome!

  • Sound_Mind24

    Not really, the images cannot be set 100% as wallpaper/LockScreen. There still a lil bit of zoom on the original image when trying to use as wallpaper.

  • Andrei

    What a fuck-up.

  • Bartosz

    Whats wrong with you people? You don’t need to turn off parallax effect or intalling third party apps to adjust your wallpaper. You only need to choose wallpaper and pinch to zoom out 🙂