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Since MobileSubstrate was updated to work with iOS 7 and the A7 processor, we’ve seen a number of major jailbreak tweaks updated to support the new OS and newer devices. And today we’re adding another one to the list.

Developer Elias Limneos announced yesterday that he had submitted an update for his popular CallBar tweak to Cydia that features ‘basic support’ for both iOS 7 and A7 devices. And it looks like the update is now available…

For those unfamiliar with the tweak, it essentially allows you to answer, decline or dismiss an incoming call on your iPhone using banner notifications, so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing. Here’s our walkthrough of V2:

Now before you get too excited, it’s worth saying again that this version of CallBar only features basic iOS 7 support. Limneos says that custom ringtones don’t work yet and the tweak still has a few minor bugs that need to be ironed out.

The good news, though, is that he also says that there’s a major update on the way. So we’ll be looking forward to that. But until then, if you’d like to grab the latest version of CallBar, you can find it in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for $4.

Thanks Ismail!

  • InfinitePlusOne

    No new tweaks. All just updates

    • MHCsk

      CCControls, CCQuick, Swipey, Virtual Home, Bio Protect, Flip Launch, Flip Control Center, Purge, Bloard, HiddenSettings7 just to name a few new (in case you haven’t noticed).

      • Adrian


      • David Villamizar

        a shame it has no themes 🙁

      • Adrian

        Yes, but I can live without themes. If CCtoggles is the only out of all 3 that does everthing, toggles & quick launch apps (virtual home button/zephyr replacement), plus more.

      • David Villamizar

        It’s also the only of the 3 that supports ARM64

      • Adrian

        Also install cchide & ccdeseparater those 2 tweaks compliment CCtoggles on 5S like a dream!!

  • Syed

    Airblue sharing is updated too!

    • Abdl

      Are you sure?!

      • Syed

        Add this repo – apt . if0rce . com

      • micro

        @Syed ? i have installed air blue sharing from that repo and it is not activated. What can i do?

      • Syed

        It’s up on bigboss repo.. You’ve to purchase other way

      • Does AirBlue Sharing able to share from iOS to Android Device on iPhone 5?

      • Syed

        Yep ..any Bluetooth-enabled device

    • Saad Al Jalowdi

      My friend any way to get a free registration please ??

      • Syed

        Nope.. No other way ..

  • VideoPane was also updated to support ios7 and arm64 devices.

    • Al

      VideoPane & MiniPlayer is my top tweaks…

      • With control center I ended up uninstalling miniplayer but before ios7 I loved it.

      • Al

        MiniPlayer isn’t compatible with iOS 7.. Is it?

        I have a iPad, the larger real estate for those two tweaks makes it worthwhile. Im waiting for Safari Download Manager as well…

      • Damian W

        Some private repo made it compatible with iOS 7 and it works without a single issue

      • Al

        Yeah, I just checked.

        But Imma wait it out until they get an updated look.. I heard its in the works. Thanks though.

      • Rafael Romero

        Whats the private repo for safari download manager! Im waiting on this since day 1. Im hoping this get updated soon so i can buy it instead but i really need it!

      • It worked fine for the most part for me aside from it popping up after a respring but I believe it is ios7 compatible (not sure if arm64 tho.) And yes once safari download manager is updated I will be complete.

    • Barry

      Video Pane is glitchy in YouTube though. I contacted Ryan Petrich.

      Apparently if you add a gesture to detachging the video and just jump from video to another without pausing the video in YouTube, the audio will continue to play.

  • Harold Merriman

    callbar v2.3-392 activator methods not operating in ios7 iphone 4

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Good ol’callbar, wrkin like a champ.

    • kokeropie

      Did you get it working for calling using Favorites? Since I got mine stuck and must restart the iPhone 5s. Receiving call, making call using contact and dial pad work fine.

      • Eddie Hines

        my phone locked up trying to dial from the Recent call list as well, so maybe this is NOT 100% compatible with iOS 7 yet

      • Joe Benning

        This happens to me as well. I also could not turn on speaker after receiving a call. Had to uninstall it today. Hope there is a fix soon.

  • Nekki

    Any tweak to intruduce a toggle for cellular/3G in the control center. It is the only feature that justify to jb my 5s device

    • diggitydang

      CCToggles has that and more. Good on 5s too!

    • Damian W

      There is at least 5 tweaks that do it. Sold on jailbreak?

  • Damian W

    hmm my phone app crashes during the call. The voice call remains connected but I can’t access the phone app anymore. Anyone else with the same issue?

    • David

      Yeah I have that same problem even after I unistalled it and rebooted on a 5S

  • Jude Wu

    can old buyer enjoy a free update for the latest version?

    • Kevin Osborne

      I was wondering the same thing.

  • Maciek

    I need a CallerID toggle for my 5s. Any ideas for sbs alternative?

  • Marco Belletz

    After installing CallBar 2.3-392 on iOS7+iPhone 5 everything about calls goes in crash and reboot. I think is pretty “beta” right now and I suggest you NOT to install it before an official release.

  • kokeropie

    CallBar has been updated. Calling from Recent and Favorite now works 🙂

  • Bill S

    What’s the deal on having to pay for updated callbar for ios7? Most developers give a free update. If I have to buy again, I at least need to know if it works well yet. I am looking forward to a response.