iFile Open With Dialogue

Yesterday, we told you about the update to iFile. The legendary app was redesigned to fit the mold of iOS 7, and it looked glorious in doing so. But, as tends to be the case with large updates, it featured a few bugs that needed to be fixed.

The first bug, and the most glaring flaw with the iFile update, involved the app’s Open With support in the attributes editor. When you tried to open a file using the Open With dialogue, you were left with a blank screen. This has been fixed.

Along with the fix to Open With support, comes a fix for the iFile icon in firmwares lesser than iOS 7. As you all know, the iFile icon was “iOS 7-ified” with the latest update, taking on a flatter appearance and a bolder look. While the new app icon fits in perfectly with iOS 7, it doesn’t fit in very well with older firmware. This oversight has been fixed, and iFile now features an app icon that’s appropriate for the version of iOS that is being used.

iFile Open With Before and After

Open With support, before the update and after the update

The release, which is billed as version 2.0.1 and comes in at 8.4 MB, is now available for download from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It should also be noted that with the updates to Cydia Substrate, new users can now successfully purchase iFile using Cydia’s purchasing mechanisms.

You can buy iFile for $4.99. It also comes with a free trial for new users who may be interested in the app. Be sure to catch our full video walkthrough of iFile, and let me know what you think about its iOS 7 update in the comments section below.

  • Cameron Nelms

    When I download iFile it doesn’t show up on my springboard.
    I’ve respringed, rebooted, and reinstalled mobile substrate, then rebooting/springing after that…But it’s still not there! What should I do?

    • Tony

      Have you tried searching your device for the program? I’ve had that happen on my 4s where it didn’t show up, I searched and the second I loaded it, it showed on springboard. Not sure if it will work for you but you never know.

      • Cameron Nelms

        I’ve searched on my device, but it doesn’t show up in the spotlight search.

      • Naman Jain

        did you try changing the icon ?

      • Cameron Nelms

        No, but I’ll try.

      • Guest

        You are supposed to reinstall cydia substrate and preference loader 🙂

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Hmm . Isn’t iFile free basically with the ability to buy a license to unlock more features? Or am I in the trial period?

    • Al

      iFile definitely not free.. you do get a trial period.

      I went ahead and paid for it. I already purchased Safari Downloader in the past.. So, it was 2 bucks for me.

      • Tristan

        iFile is shareware.

  • Al

    On the iPad Air, the iFile app that was updated previously… Is back to the iOS 6 icon

    • Tom

      Same problem here, this update changed the new iFile icon for the old one… (Ipad Mini Retina: running ios 7)

      Anyone can upload their new iFile icon@2x.png please? Thx

  • Hurdurr

    So. Much. White. Jesus, you need shades to use iOS 7 in the night lol

    • Cameron Chao

      I suggest trying f.lux, it might help with the white

      • NaSty

        It ‘kinda’ does, but we definitely need a dark iOS 7 theme

      • Cameron Chao

        I don’t want iOS 7 to look like android

      • NaSty

        I dont see how it would make it look like an Android…

      • Dri

        looks nice for the black Iphone

      • Elias Chao

        How can you get this theme on your iPhone? I mean, how it’s called?

      • NaSty

        Unfortunately it isnt a theme, it was a concept of a ‘night mode’ for iOS 7.

      • Elias Chao

        Would be amazing is this became true.

      • Cameron Chao

        i actually thought of Android when i saw this picture, it will look great if you own a black iphone, but not really on a white, i own the white/gold 5s, and im sure more people have the white silver or gold iphone 5/5s. However, i dont see how they wouldnt release this as a theme very soon.

  • Pod

    Could you please show us how surinex’s theme Aycon look like on iOS 7???

  • Dri

    anyone have a problem when trying to delete a letter in a sentense it delete two letters

    • TonyVee73

      SwipeSelection causes this to happen. Hopefully, they update it soon.

      • Dri

        ohh ok. thanks

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    I’m getting a preference bundle error on my iPhone 5s. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’m thinking that I would have to wait until Preference loader is updated to support x64.

  • mrloko

    Is there any tweak to make the control centre in iphone 4 translucent like in higher models ? Its all grey control centre in iphone 4!!!

    • SkyFall

      iPhone 4 Parallax enaBlur.

    • SkyFall

      iPhone 4 Parallax enaBlur

      Repo: h tt p // devbug . me/apt/

      No spaces

      • Jerry

        Is there something similar for iPad 2??

      • SkyFall

        No, not yet. I tried to find a tweak or a hidden setting that activates blur effects (on the iPad 3) but this is the only tweak that activates it. Strangely keyboard blur effects doesn’t work in iOS 7.0.4 but works in iOS 7.1

  • SkyFall

    iPad 3 ( and every iPad as far as i know) after the update has the old iFile icon.

    • Jerry

      I can confirm that. I have an Air.
      Btw, how did you change the cydia icon? I still have the old one

      • SkyFall

        Its a custom Cydia icon that I made. And i used iFile to change it.

    • winson.l

      same here with iPad 4 🙁

  • David

    I still can’t change file permissions with ifile. everytime that I try it gives me an error.

  • Liqa Madiq

    ifile keeps crashing. i install then i respring just in case; it’ll work for a short amount of time then it will crash and i can’t open it again….. I remove then install again and it works then crashes all over again… do i have a bug or something?

  • Akitsube

    Ok guys, i got a prob here.. I installed Cydia on mi 4s and all was correct,. no errors on installing tweaks etc.. I downloaded iFile correctlly and opened it but when i did my iPhone just turned black.. It’s still working ‘cose when i press the home button Siri “Wakes up” xD

    What should i do? (Preferablly not to restart iPhone >.<)

    Ty in advace :3

  • sonam tobgay

    sir,madem…………. accidently i deleted all i file data and after wards its stop working and i tried to power on but only the apple logo shows up and
    not even able to power on.if got any idea help me to figure it out