FlipLaunch App Toggles

FlipSwitch is a framework for adding quick toggles to apps and tweaks. We explained what the framework does and how it works in this post. In fact, FlipControlCenter, a tweak that we just reviewed, uses the FlipSwitch framework to incorporate customized toggles into iOS 7’s Control Center. Needless to say, FlipSwitch is an extremely handy tool for developers, because it gets rid of the redundancy of creating shortcut toggles from scratch with every app or tweak.

A new add-on to FlipSwitch has been released called FlipLaunch. It allows users to incorporate app shortcuts directly into releases that support FlipSwitch. This means that one can easily add a shortcut to any app installed on device to any tweak or app that supports the FlipSwitch framework. And because the add-on uses a special two-letter naming system, you’re ensured that the application launch toggles will always look good and never out of place.

I’ve tested out FlipLaunch with the FlipControlCenter tweak that we just reviewed. Have a look inside to see how it works via our hands-on video walkthrough.

Once installed, you’ll see a new FlipLaunch preference panel located in the stock Settings app. The add-on’s preferences consist of nothing more than a list of apps that can be checked to enable, and unchecked to disable. Once apps are enabled, they will appear in any app that supports the FlipSwitch framework.

I tested out FlipLaunch with FlipControlCenter, a recently released tweak by Ryan Petrich. As you might have guessed by its name, FlipControlCenter is a tweak that supports the FlipSwitch framework. After enabling a few apps with FlipLaunch, the enabled apps immediately appeared as valid toggle options in FlipControlCenter’s preferences. Enabled applications will appear immediately within any and all apps designed to take advantage of the toggle framework.

FlipLaunch Settings

All applications that you have installed on your device, whether it be stock apps like the App Store, Calculator, or Calendar, or whether it be third party applications like Cydia, or Spotify, can be enabled and used as shortcut toggles. Even better is the fact that throughout this whole processes of enabling and disabling specific tweaks from contention, there are no resprings required, and the changes take effect immediately.

But none of that convenience would matter if the toggle buttons were poorly designed and lousy to look at. Thankfully, Jack Willis, the developer of FlipLaunch, took a smart approach. Instead of using an app’s icon, or some other generic avatar, FlipLaunch uses a stylized version of the first two letters that make up the app’s name. For instance, when you have Cydia enabled, the toggle will read: Cy. The toggles look good, and remind me of the periodic table of elements in style and design.

FlipLaunch adds a powerful new set of features to the already awesome FlipSwitch framework. If you use a tweak like FlipControlCenter, you now have a bonafide way to add additional app shortcuts directly to Control Center.

Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo to find FlipLaunch. It’s a free download and it’s available right now. Be sure to share your thoughts on the release in the comments down yonder.

  • Shamin Aggarwal

    Feels good to be the first one to comment

    • Abdl

      I used to think nobody among iDB readers have this mentality… I quess im wrong

    • Andrew


  • LogieRhythms

    Is there a toggle to lock the screen? I’m getting tired of using “gestures” due to a hard to function power button!

    • David G

      Use activator
      For example I double tap the status bar to lock my phone
      My power button doesn’t work lol

      • LogieRhythms

        Completely forgot you could do that! It’s been too long since I’ve had a jailbreak!

    • Umar Ellemdeen

      Download cc settings

    • Hoang Nguyen

      Assistive Touch

  • Abdul Rahman

    Where does recordmyscreen save the videos?

    • Andrew Piroli

      I was wondering the same thing…

      • Kieran.Lillis


  • Noaaahh

    It’d be awesome to have notifications integrated into this as well. Say, if I do FaceTime (Phone.app for iPhone), Messages, and App Store, and I get a new notification (new message, missed call) a little red circle with the value in it will appear right in Control Center. I think that’d be pretty handy IMO since I use CC a lot!

  • David Buenrostro

    It’s nice to see new tweaks coming out for Control Center but it seems redundant to have app links like this (two calculators for instance) when the bottom four icons could be changed out. Obviously this will come with time. Control Center will be perfect with customizable app links on the bottom row and system toggles on the top row.

    • Chris Tangler

      i would love this too. Top row for customized system commands and the bottom row customized applications. Gotta “+1” your comment!!

      • Joseph Jojo Roper

        Check out CC settings bro, I have it. Just like this but have the option to change out the bottom shortcuts like calculator and clock and such

      • Chris Tangler

        I have CCSettings installed and i dont have this option?!?

      • Joseph Jojo Roper

        My own on my i5 have something called “quick launches” and I can add and remove those apps

      • Joseph Jojo Roper

        Like this pic

    • Joseph Jojo Roper

      CC settings changes the bottom row, that’s why I installed CC settings instead of this one

      • David Buenrostro

        Does it? I installed it and don’t see any options for that in settings.

      • Joseph Jojo Roper

        There is something in my own called quick launches

      • Chris Tangler

        thats not CCSettings, thats CCToggles

      • Joseph Jojo Roper

        My bad but that’s it… Sorry

      • Chris Tangler

        getting it right now

        EDIT: downloaded it and has all the toggles except for a toggle for mobile hotspot…thanks for the info though on this one…going back to CCSettings until this has mobile hotspot option

      • Joseph Jojo Roper

        CC toggles*. My bad

    • KIR

      You can do that already ! Flip launch provide exactly what you mentioned !

  • Christcentered

    How do you get RecordMyScreen

  • Joseph Jojo Roper

    Sorry but cc settings removed the apps at the bottom like calculator and can change it for something else, I personally rather CC settings

  • remingways

    Activator + appactivate/apptivator have been providing a way better implementation of this for almost a year. Hopefully they update to ios7


    Combining FlipLaunch with FlipControlCenter is pretty sweet! FlipLaunch simply adds apps to the FlipSwitch Framework (would be nice if it could have an option to show app icon instead of first two letters). FlipControlCenter has been updated to allow you to control both the top and bottom sections of CC. It would be really nice if FlipControlCenter would allow you to launch the apps from FlipLaunch from the lock screen when locked with a passcode or at least prompt to put in the passcode before opening the app (currently it does nothing).

    • faogozalo

      Yeah. The biggest issue is that when a passcode is activated the apps button do nothing, rendering it useless unless you disable the passcode function.