evad3rs disable default TaiG installation in China until further notice

By , Dec 22, 2013

Taig taiji

Following the backlash coming from the whole jailbreak community for bundling TaiG to their evasi0n7 jailbreak, the evad3rs have decided to turn on the kill switch for this highly controversial feature in order to deactivate it while they investigate the piracy claims.

Earlier today, the evad3rs came forward acknowledging having inked a financial deal with Chinese installer TaiG. According to evad3rs, the agreement clearly required TaiG not to facilitate piracy, which turned out to be closer to wishful thinking than actual binding terms…

Apparently, TaiG didn’t respect its part of the deal as there were several reports from various sources about default repos clearly offering cracked and pirated apps to its users. Chpwn, for example, saw his entire catalog of tweaks offered as cracked versions in a default repo of TaiG.

In a tweet sent a few minutes ago, pod2g announced that the evad3rs have decided to remotely disable the default installation of TaiG in China until they can look further into the piracy claims. It’s actually good to know that TaiG installation can remotely be killed instead of requiring a repackaging of the evasi0n7 software.

As we discussed on the latest episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak (to be available soon), I believe evad3rs had the best intention when partnering with TaiG, but they might have been played by this company from which we don’t know much, if anything.

But is it already too late?

It’s not necessarily too late to fix the mistake, but it might be too late for the evad3rs to regain the trust they might have lost from some jailbreak users.

What do you think?

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  • BoardDWorld

    That’s a cool implementation, but also reminds me of Apple’s walled garden. From one to another I guess…

  • on3simpleclick

    Still not going to use Evasi0n’s jailbreak.

    • rain111

      Completely agreed

    • Pranav Shankar

      Why? If you’re not in china it won’t even install that app. I don’t think the evaders will include malware and send your data to china. I highly doubt that. Besides this jailbreak will be under scrutiny over the next few weeks, so if there’s anything shady it will come out. As far as piracy is concerned, if a person wanted to pirate a tweak or app he will find and add the necessary repo in Cydia, it’s not that hard. The only thing I get from all of this is the evaders got 1M for putting that app in without checking if it was promoting piracy. I think they deserve the 1M and I they’ve even disabled that app, besides if you’re not in china it won’t even be installed on your phone to begin with.

      • jack


      • Ricky

        well some people claim that they saw the app installed on the root directory even if they are using english in their phones

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪


      • :)

        Prove them wrong. They have already given proof.

      • Jacques Hragar

        I agree

      • Asest


      • rosssimpson

        YES. I’m glad someone put the situation into perspective like this.

  • Ricky

    I’ll wait for geohot’s jailbreak….

    • jack

      You do that

    • sivkai

      You mean the one he tried to sell to the Chinese for $350,000?

      • Farbod


      • DosXX


      • My Wasted Fantasy

        ^^ that

      • Jacques Hragar


      • Mohamed Suhail

        Those ^^^^

      • Bra1nwash

        Them ^^^^^

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        Everyone ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 😀

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        If it worked on an ATV 3 I’d use it…

      • itachi

        you mean the one the he denied

    • Mike

      You do realize that one of the reasons Evad3rs were forced to release the jailbreak early because geohot had some exploits that they wanted to preserve for future purposes? We’re talking about an advantage to the iOS 8 jailbreak.

      • Ricky

        Releasing early doesnt stip geohot from relasing one. They should just communicate with each other. Their ego are so high

      • Eddie Leonard

        Why not let Geohot release his and save theirs? They just wanted to be first to be on news headlines.

      • Carlos Gomes

        See? You people bitching about this subject don’t know half the story.
        Geohot wasn’t gonna release anything. He was gonna sell the exploits needed to a CHINESE company for 350k.

      • Eddie Leonard

        Then why did he register a new ra1n domain 2 days ago then? 😉

      • Jerry


      • They wanted the spotlight, they didn’t neither saurik nor geohot to release a jailbreak before them, but TaiG has something to do with it as well.

    • Carlos Gomes

      Let’s see, between evad3rs and Geohot’s jailbreak:

      a) Evad3rs, they made a deal to add a chinese app by default on their jailbreak
      b) Geohot would sell his exploits to a chinese company, so the company could create and add whatever they wanted to the jailbreak.

      You still think that ‘Geohot’s’ would be safer?
      You should think for yourself and not jump in the paranoia bus because of some random tweets.

    • Palmer Paul

      He’s not going to waste his time continuing to develop it, as the evad3rs have already released their jailbreak…besides, he might end up releasing unused exploits if he released his jailbreak. Additionally, he was missing an integral part of the jailbreak (the ability to sign code), so who knows how long it might have taken him to get that part down.

  • Lebron

    All they really needed to do was be upfront about what was being installed on iDevices.

    The way the news broke makes it seem like the evasi0n team was out to scheme and deceive.

    • Al

      In the end, it’s jailbroken.

      Given that there so much attention given to the race to jailbreak iOS 7, it was important for them to keep a low profile. Like Sebastian said in the post, evad3rs appeared to have their best intentions. In hindsight, we all would think they would do it differently being in evad3rs shoes. But, it’s different being in that situation.

      They brought iOS 6 jailbreak and it was cool, but people already seemed to forgot.. if it wasn’t for them, who knows what would have come of iOS 6 jailbreak..

      • Lebron

        Yes the jailbreak is out but how can anybody trust it? I know I don’t.

        They teamed with a Chinese company that nobody’s heard of and they support piracy. Why would I put that software on my phone?

        Why wasn’t it told to everybody that they made a deal with these guys?

        We know the evaders are getting money out of the deal but what is the Chinese company getting out of the deal and is it at the expense of the users?

        Things seem shady right now. You guys must be really desperate for a jailbreak if you used evasi0n today.

      • Farbod

        What Chinese software company has anyone heard of really?

      • Lebron

        Exactly. It’s sketchy.

      • Al

        I understand you want transparency.

        But I think the primary reason why they introduced a Chinese company because of a huge growth in China due to Apple contract with China.

        From reading their statement, piracy is rampant in China. And they was hoping to build something credible. Yet, that didn’t go as expected. Your view is solid, it’s all about trust. Why not disclose that information beforehand… I definitely understand that. But given the stakes… and someone rewarding you for your hard effort, and they had the ability to change what they so fit.

        It’s all good, to view people decision after the fact. But like I mention, it would be different being in their shoes.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        You can trust it with system monitoring. If something was wrong it would have been found by now so there’s no need to be so naive

      • Caleb Meadow

        I support piracy… Most people do… Most people use illegal repos… Lots of people get their music from torrents.. Software is like sex. It’s better when it’s free.. nothing wrong with piracy 😉

  • Bradley Wyatt

    the whole jb community is fragmented right now (in reference to this and saurik )

    • Ricky

      There would be Apple VS Samsung in JB community. Racing who release the jailbreak first… Not sure who is samsung and who is apple

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        This isn’t Apple VS Samsung this is America VS Russia with it a space race to release the first jailbreak. Geohot may have had a jailbreak for all we know but now it’s irrelevant unless some of the exploits can be used later on and Apple don’t kill them…

  • ap3604

    “it might be too late for the evad3rs to regain the trust they might have lost from some jailbreak users.”

    Good. I hope those piss-ant whiners never come back to the jailbreak scene again. Good riddance…

    • Farbod

      wow and thanksgiving was just a few weeks ago. Instead of hating on the evad3rs for getting 1M dollars they deserved, why don’t you be thankful that they developed a jailbreak for you last year and this year…

      EDIT: sorry i thought u meant the evad3rs. and i totally agree with you, but my message still applies to whoever’s ungrateful to the evad3rs.

      • ap3604

        DUDE! 🙁

        I’m against about the paranoid whiners who are hating on the evad3rs.

        I personally am ever so grateful the evad3rs came out with another jailbreak again for me, all for free 🙂

      • Snailpo

        You and that paranoid shit lmao..

  • RyanFoley

    Can someone just fill me in on this. Is the controversy simply that they were partnering with a company that is associated with piracy, or is it something that affects the jailbreak user negatively.

    • Nate McKelvie

      The controversy is that the Chinese app installer was installed on devices without any knowledge to the user until it was already done. The company who runs the app supports piracy and who knows what else, so therefor people were suspicious of why they would secretly install this companies app and what the company paying a million dollars for was willing to PAY a million dollars for. Most like most of the issue is just people being paranoid, but because the code was somewhat hidden until somebody really analyses the code no one truly knows for sure other than the evaders. Personally I believe they have not installed anything that is harmful to the user and commend them for removing the app but would like to have seen them disclose the information prior to people installing it and finding out how they did. But the evaders have done great work for many users in the past and most likely again. And the fact that everyone is so pissed about them trying to make money off their work is just ridiculous. The first person that releases an ios7 jailbreak and doesn’t earn a cent whatsoever can speak til then everyone complaining about them profiting from their work is just whining over nothing ( unless of course by some far fetched stretch they really did put some malware in there which I personally don’t believe )

      • RyanFoley

        So if I jailbreak now I’d be fine, or would you recommend I just wait it out until all the essentials (Cydia, substrate, etc.) become compatible?

      • Nate McKelvie

        Wait for substrate imho

      • Carlos Gomes

        What hidden code?
        And… paragraphs, please.

      • Nate McKelvie

        It’s just a conspiracy theory, proven to be untrue last night by Geohot

  • Austin Beaty

    Used the jailbreak bout 5 hours ago only ended up with cydia

    • ap3604

      That’s because only China users would end up with Chinese app store TiaG.

  • Ricky

    “In a tweet sent a few minutes ago, pod2g announced that the evad3rs have decided to remotely disable” they can do that?! i wonder what can they remotely do with my device after using evaders

    • on3simpleclick

      That’s a good point. If they can remotely disable the TaiG app, what else could they disable on our phones? This whole thing smells like a turd..

      • ap3604

        Then delete it from your phone and please never come back to the jailbreak scene with your paranoid thoughts. Thank you 🙂

      • on3simpleclick

        Paranoid thoughts? that’s laughable. What is wrong with being cautious? Nothing. I haven’t even installed it yet lol

      • ap3604

        There’s a line between being cautious (not installing it on your phone) and paranoid (“if they can remotely disable the TiaG app, what ELSE could they disable on our phones?!).

      • on3simpleclick

        I am running 6.1.3 & waiting for a JB from Winocm.
        I’m never going use evasi0n7 or update to iOS7.
        I’m just providing my opinion on the topic lol

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Nice. Enjoy ur wait.

      • on3simpleclick

        I’ve waited 5 months. I can wait another week.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Well my friend, only time will tell. Godspeed.

      • Ricky

        freedom of speech dude

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Yup. +1

      • Ricky

        i haven’t jailbroken my phone yet

      • Evasi0n7

        you too stupid to know that developers can remotely disable something that they want for software(s) which required to download some additional “stuff” from the internet. That’s why you have that question. Just get back to pre-school and learn something more kid.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Holy fck’n shyt!! They’re gonna drain our bank accounts. Pfff…

      • on3simpleclick

        Someone took to many sarcasm pills this morning.

    • Carlos Gomes

      You should read the whole sentence. “..remotely disable the default installation”.
      When you’re installing the jailbreak, your device and evad3rs server get in touch to do their magic. So, now, when you’re jailbreaking a device and it contacts the server, the app won’t be installed because of the switch being off.

  • Ricky

    i guess this iOS version of jailbreak isn’t as wonderful as iOS6’s. This time its full of controvercy

    • ap3604

      I’m glad the jailbreak developers got paid. It’s about time as the work-tons-of-hours-for-free model just wasn’t cutting it for long term success of the jailbreak community.

      People love to whine and throw hissy fits when they can reap all the benefits of someone elses work. It’s easy to be a moron and criticize from the sidelines, there a millions of armchair CEO’s in the world that think they can do better.

      • Snailpo

        Lmao, you don’t realize how much money they make off these jailbreaks… think about last years jailbreak launch.. they had adds on their website, and millions of people were visiting that website over and over generating money each time they refreshed that webpage, they had it set up so it slowly counts down. This made people refresh the page even more. then on top of that they had people donating out the ass. I’m pretty sure they made a pretty good amount of $$

      • ap3604

        Who in the blue hell are you to say how much these guys should make?

        Do you have actual proof a dollar amount they made from iOS 6 jailbreak? That’s right… I thought not.

        They are the only ones who have a working untethered jailbreak, hence they should be compensated accordingly.

        To me, $1 million is barely scratching the surface as to how much these guys should get from helping out the community and not charging their users anything.

      • Zues


  • Bosco

    Everyone has to eat, pay bills etc. I don’t blame them for trying to make money. They provide us with free JB’s. Why not get paid for it?

    No special skill should go unpaid forever.

    With that being said, selecting a ‘no name’ company to partner with is a little off…but hey, money talks. It appears the team is doing everything they can to fix this issue. Posting the truth story is pretty big of them. They didn’t have to say anything.

    Also, money aside it shows how much they care about getting the credit. They released the JB before Geohot could put of their fire.

    • ap3604

      “Everyone has to eat, pay bills etc. I don’t blame them for trying to make money. They provide us with free JB’s. Why not get paid for it?”


      Well said.

    • no one said anything about NOT getting paid for it. it’s about cutting sketchy deals just because a 1M contract came through. (not sure if i recall reading sauriks comment about how a counteroffer to taig was on the line and evad3rs overlooked it because it was a hell of a lot of money that they just took it). plus, there are donations coming through, i truly believe if they weren’t getting the donation they wanted, they wouldn’t even bother trying to jailbreak for the ios community.

      and if they didn’t bother posting the truth, all that would be left is just of bunch of rumors that could dig a deeper conspiracy where odd theories can rise. if this was a real life case, we wouldn’t even dare touch the jailbreaking tool. i mean look at ios community now, restoring the shit out their devices even though they claim to be remotely disabling the repository.

      • ap3604

        “The sky is falling the sky is falling!”

        Btw what makes it a “sketchy deal” hmm? Because they got paid? Because it was a chinese firm?

        If you are mad that the developers got paid… well then that’s simply being a hater.

        If you think that your encrypted data will be taken and hacked because it’s a chinese firm… well then that’s simply being a bigot.

      • Farbod

        Some Chinese people are really nice. Just because they do piracy and stuff (there’s piracy all over Asia, software is not something anyone would be pay for in Asia. I know that because I am from Asia.[not China]) doesn’t mean that they will steal your private information.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Rlly, wgaf?

      • Bosco

        Like I said, it was a strange deal to make. Again, money talks. Money is such a powerful tool. You wouldn’t have taken it?

        I truly don’t believe they would toss in the towel if the donations were not high enough. They are fellow jail breakers, it’s not all about money…but money is still an important factor on so many levels.

        Personally, I have not jailbroken iOS 7. Not because of the Chinese stuff, because nothing works. It hasn’t gone through the proper channels yet. All those people restoring will be re-jail breaking once an update is pushed.

      • Rowan09

        Dude, if I got 1 mil I would have released the jailbreak in November. We have a jailbreak and they made a mistake, such is life. Thank them instead of beating them up or don’t use the jailbreak.

      • Hugh Jassol

        For once, I agree with you. LOL

      • Rowan09


    • NaSty

      On a side note anyone got an update about that shady site ‘collecting’ money for the people that release an iOS 7 jailbreak?

      • Bosco

        isios7jailbrokenyet said congrats to the evad3rs but also said ‘it’s isn’t open scoured yet. Stay tuned’.

  • i honestly believe these hackers got their head way too stuck up the money green’s ass, so deep, they were blinded by it. whatever contract they have, i’m glad they got duped, i’m glad people are pissed, lost evasions trust, disappointed by jailbreak, because all in all, it really relies on us as users. they try to fool us to get a gain on their end and they ended up backstabbing themselves. it’s honestly a battle on their own. mind you, i restored my jailbroken ios7 even though i didn’t get the taig/360 app but let’s be honest, who can trust these guys now?

    • ap3604

      Your paragraph of vomit has so many bad points in it I don’t know where to start…

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Amen to tht.

    • Drake

      I’m glad they worked their asses off to provides ungrateful assholes like you with a FREE jailbreak.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    I cldnt b happier with the whole goddamn chain of events. Pretty, pretty, amusing.

    • ap3604

      Me too! Not only is my phone jailbroken (LOVE IT!) but I also love when the paranoid conspiracy types come out. It is amusing to see how backwards their mind is 🙂

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        My sentiment exactly. Now I’ll continue to have fun poking the bees nest.

  • brandon

    I seriously think everyone is making this way bigger than it is. Just because the Evad3rs made a deal with TaiG does’t mean they should lose ANYONE’S trust. How did it hurt us? TaiG may have offered some cracked apps even when they said they weren’t but that isn’t the Evad3rs fault. Loosen up everyone. Give the Evad3rs a break, they didn’t have to work their butts off for y’all to get mad at them.

    • ap3604

      People on the internet like to make mountains out of molehills so they can make themselves feel like their life is full of controversy and excitement. News reporting has been doing that for decades.

    • Rowan09

      Everyone should know the Chinese no disrespect intended to anyone, will most likely bootleg something. Once again absolutely no disrespect to anyone it’s just what I’ve observed and researched.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    And now on to bigger things. Devs need to start optimizing their tweaks for A7 devices…like yesterday.

    • Mistah Lockett-Larsen


    • ap3604

      Here! Here!

      Smart man 🙂

    • Zues

      The future’s children will be on ios 20 reading about an ios 7 jailbreak article that was lost in the depths of the internet lol

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Seriously. Seriously?

  • Luis Martinez

    Money spoke in the end. Don’t get me wrong, they should absolutely be compensated for their work but in a business you simply don’t do that. I mean release your work prematurely that is. They just needed to understand that you win some, you lose some. You are not always the best man for the job. Also the lack of transparency on their end didn’t help.

    They can argue they were saving exploits by rushing this one out there door but I mean it sounds like iOS 7.1 is right around the corner. With this release that can potentially no longer be an option because they wanted to make some cash. I believe their intentions were the best but only for themselves and/or TaiG not the entire JB community.

    I would actually check out Saurik’s twitter if I were you guys. A lot of good stuff on there in regards to the events of today. I personally am hoping another hacker will be able to develop a bit more reliable/stable jailbreak on iOS 7.1
    A man can dream 🙂

    P.S. Before I get bitched at for my opinion I want to say I love not only the evaders but all the hackers that do what they do in regards of jailbreaking iOS. I find myself donating in many situations because I understand that what they are doing is WORK for the benefit of us at the expense of their time and lives.

    • Kevin Schrader

      I don’t know what’s wrong with you or your iDevice but the Jailbreak is running super stable for me 🙂 It’s just that most of the tweaks aren’t updated yet but that will happen over the next few days… It wasn’t much better last time.

      • Luis Martinez

        Nothing’s wrong with my device it’s just that we currently can’t do much with it. Read Sauriks tweets, he had zero testing time with it to really even update Cydia let alone the rest of the developers with their own personal repos.

      • Rowan09

        I agree but usually the first batch of jailbreaks always have some kind of issue. When evasi0n first came on the scene I had issues with iMessage which was later fix, so far I don’t have any issue but as statement most tweaks take time to be updated. I’m patient so it’s not that big of a deal, I have a jailbreak and that’s a start for now.

      • :)

        The difference being is that they excluded Saurik, other developers and the community completely. You can’t compare this with normal situations. The jailbreak isn’t finished yet, it’s not compatible with the latest official Cydia (read Saurik’s tweets).

      • Rowan09

        They were put in a situation of competing with Geohof and others with releasing a jailbreak before them. I can’t be too mad at them for releasing early before others did. Even Geohot congratulated them on releasing it first.

      • :)

        They didn’t want Saurik involved. Geohot apparently didn’t mind asking Saurik for help and Saurik would help anyone with a jailbreak. In the end, they released a jailbreak that’s not done, because of money. I’m pretty sure that in a year’s time they’d say it wasn’t worth it. The Geohot thing was a rumor, not even confirmed (though I guess he was working on a open jailbreak, which would be better than this jailbreak).

      • Rowan09

        What’s wrong with this jailbreak? All of Evasi0n’s prior jailbreaks had issues, this jailbreak is not incomplete. Geohot said himself he was working on releasing a jailbreak Chinese free, him selling the jailbreak for $350,000 was a rumor. Anyone that releases a jailbreak first gets money so Evadrs did and I’m not mad at them. Cydia wasn’t updated but it will in time and some updates were already made.

  • Eli aka Mr. Haha

    they really shot themselves in the leg by making this move. I understand, and I do believe that they deserve to be well compensated financially for the amount of work they put into this jailbreak, but they could have handled this much better. My personal opinion of course. As for me, I’m not sure i’m ready to trust these guys with jailbreaking my iPhone

    • Evasi0n7

      then do not jailbreak it anymore. use your own default firmware or buy some other os phone. Noone to trust, especially on the internet. use or do not use it depend on your.

  • Zack Bradley

    Sorry I haven’t had time to read up on this whole TaiG thing, if I’ve jail broken my phone using evasi0n7 should I restore back to default? Please help!!

    • Rowan09

      No it’s not that serious just don’t get cracked apps. You could always get cracked apps being this TaIG thing but I never download them, I purchase the apps I want/need because I support the jailbreak community.

    • Carlos Gomes

      Are you 12? You need an adult?

      If your privacy is that important to you, is a comment section the best place to find your solution?
      Jesus Christ…

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Personally I think they evad3rs just trying to look better, but how they released this jailbreak shows who they really are and how they work. I hope Saurik and the other developers are turning their backs on them.

    • Tom Brady

      What were they supposed to do

      • WolfgangHoltz

        Not much they can do now their reputation as freedom fighters is gone. pod2g and evad3rs excuses are just pathetic they new exactly what they was doing. their greed finally made them to brake and have probably made more damage than they understand.

  • OhSixTJ

    Not for nothing but what did they expect? China is the hotspot for everything pirated/bootlegged.

  • Tom Brady

    You people are being dramatic. Isn’t Jailbreaking in itself some form of like pirating. So why all this crying

    • Clement Yeo

      No sir, JB is not pirating at all

      • Tom Brady

        Is it legal?

      • Luis Martinez


      • Clement Yeo

        yes and no

    • gittlopctbi

      You apparently do not understand jailbreaking to make such a statement. I’m not deriding you, I’m just stating a fact. (Sometimes it is just impossible to say something without hearing it properly.) At any rate, it is legal and ethical.

      • Tom Brady

        I don’t understand it. And I don’t understand why everyone is whining because those guys made some cash

      • gittlopctbi

        I agree, I do not understand the whiners about them making money. I’m all for it. I just am not pleased with how they implemented it. That’s a different post in of itself. At any rate, do you have a computer? If so, then do you have utilities to add features that your OS (Mac or Windows) do not have? That’s basically what jailbreaking is.

  • Clement Yeo

    Reading on the blog / sites about iOS 7 jailbroken makes me LOL .. :/ such controversy, paranoid makes me think that nowadays ppl just whining., complaining and blaming when they can only “talk” instead of “do” something to contribute the community .. Be grateful and don’t make your speech randomly based on stories around the Internet , get the facts right before bashing someone who provide us so many useful JB before

    • planetcoalition

      So… What exactly have you contributed?

      • Clement Yeo

        i’m saying those who having hard feelings towards the evasion team, should chill out ,sit tight and watch their next move

      • Rachid Ilhilali

        You have my respect dude

      • Clement Yeo

        peace <3 & Happy Holiday

  • sriram varadarajulu

    JEFF!!! If you see this can you Make video confirming whether the so called taig installer is secretly installed into the devices and if it gets the root access and Is actually transmitting anything? Just for those paranoid pricks!!

  • felixtaf

    As long as my device and data is safe, am not goin to shit on evad3rs. Am getting the JB for free and why not they get paid for their hardwork? All these years we have been receiving free Jailbreaks. How many of us donated the jailbreakers? Honestly, I never gave a dime! So am happy for them.

    Also, am not going to jailbreak unless cydia is updated or sorted our properly. I see no point to jailbreak with less tweaks. Am on 7.0.4 on my iPad Air and iPhone 4s. Will jailbreak, when I made sure that things are safe and cydia is updated.

    Thanks to evad3rs team for their contribution and hardwork.

    There is no point in arguing over conspiracy theories. As long as our devices are safe, we shud not be bothered by these theories. Its free anyway for us. Whether they get 1Million or 10 millions, why we shud be worried?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Exactly. I may not be proud of what the Evad3rs have done but at least this is settled now. I don’t know why it took them so long to pull the bundled app though. Could it be that the store was actually trying to remove all piracy but due to the sheer amount couldn’t?

      • felixtaf

        We dont know what happened exactly in their deal with Chinese company. So, I dnt buy the conspiracy theories. Most of us are worried, coz we dono the full details/sudden release.

        Now they have explained it clearly and they took off Taig, will solve some questions.

        My question is – people who cry over piracy must realize that there are plenty repos and appstores in cydia for that too. Why piracy has become a big issue now? Other than security reasons, i dnt see a reason to shit on Taig too. Dont like it, dnt use it (it can be removed).

        Note: I was a pirate and jailbroke only to install pirated apps until 2009. Now am out of it and started paying for apps.

    • Zorbo85

      Because this is the end of jailbreaking Apple products!!All the TRUST has gone between all the devs!!!
      Pod2g has stared many times that he was really annoyed with the laters beta and said he may switch to Android jailbreaking.
      They have got their money and will switch!!

  • Matt

    Not worried about the piracy aspect of it as much as the fact that it has been proven that data from this perticular jailbreak users is being sent to China.

  • Brandon Higgins

    At this point the team hasn’t even received any money. If the company doesn’t remove any pirate software then evaders basically gave us a Christmas present and everyone should be happy.

  • Evasi0n7

    with or without bulit in pirate app people can still pirate apps/ tweaks, so pirate or do not pirate is your decide. Do not blame on the Evad3rs.

  • gittlopctbi

    I am all for them making the cool $1mil–good for them! Wish I were so resourceful. They deserve the money. What I am not happy about is the non-disclosure about the original installation of TaiG and the seeming rush to release a problematic product. I am also unhappy with the apparent alienation of Saurik. What’s going on with them? The perception–and we know that perception is critical for product trust–is that if this is the way evad3rs handled this, how can I trust the integrity of their jb? It’s a mess. Yes, I’m grateful for what they did for 6.x, but with companies as with people, it’s not necessarily about what they did in the past, it’s about what they are now, good or bad.

  • twited21

    The problem here is they have linked themselves with an untrustworthy partner
    To make a quick buck I have lost a bit of respect for them for this but I also don’t blame them for trying to make some money for their efforts
    I’m on ios 6 still jail broken I won’t be upgrading to iOS 7 or using this jailbreak

  • Freddy Born

    the only thing that I really dont like is, that we might not get the JB for 7.1 und some devs may jump off the ship.

  • J™

    they should know by now that china is infamous for piracy

  • voyaflexel

    I so hope that geohot is going to release it’s own jailbreak, but after this chinese crap evasi0n is dead to me.

  • Olumide Soyombo

    My iphone 5 running on ios 7.0.4 iz jailbroken nd so far it has been running fine…dwnloaded torrent files on my iphone…but still need some tweaks lyk appsync nd a new cydia for ios 7

  • Zorbo85

    Evaders are trying to play all innocent saying we had no idea that Taig App would be full of cracked apps!!
    Yeah right that is the SOLE reason why they paid them a cool 1 million!!
    They are now trying to say that Taig has gone behind their original agreement about no pirated apps but even Saurik warned the Evaders about how dodgy Taig were yet they still went ahead!!
    Evaders have sold us all out and made a cool Million between them, Pod2g has stated many times that he may switch to Android jailbreak and this is the start of it all!!

  • mav3rick

    Clever destroying of something it used to be seen as freedom of expression, freedom of using your device at will, the Jailbreak. Lies as pod2g giving bullshit on the words that Jailbreak exploits being stolen, which in the end they were, shady partnership with this Chinese company, irremediable spilt from the official Jailbreak tweaks store Cydia, which in the end it was the only reason to Jailbreak a device so you’ll be able to benefit the smart tweaks from great devs. Does anyone think now that rpetrich, Auxo or other well recognized devs will push their work on this new Chinese app store? With such a lot of money involved, 1M, is it so easy to think that nothing else is under table? That your device data is safe and not swiped but whatever hidden code installed with this new Jaibreak? Does anyone think that somebody is paying 1M for no really big, mean really big benefit from this?

    The simple facts are the last good exploits for releasing a Jailbreak were indeed stolen; the interests are split between the Jailbreak devs and Cydia store dev., the Jailbreak devs rush to benefit from their hard work and time spent on Jailbreaking with huge money amount involved. From all this only the end of Jailbreak can come.

  • This is why Apple says jailbreaking is bad gentelmen. Apple takes advantage of the ability to pirate apps via Jailbreaking, evad3rs were really ‘DONNOT PIRATE APPS’ guys, but I still don’t know what’s really in the minds of these guys… time will show.

  • Dixon

    Tbh how stupid are the evaders !? Everybody in the world should already knew chinese companys do only know piracy/they dont fullfill their cobtracts and the give a shit on other countries law !!! In Germany Chinese tourists even do pictures of shoes / pens / tshirts in a supermarket !! Guess why !! There are even Big worldqide conpanys like AEG / simens who claimed chinese piracy… So signing a deal with a not realy known chinese company is more than stupid !! Sorry Evaders i love you for the great Ios6 JB … But this problem which is no occured should have been known in advance !!!

    Guess dollar signs makes people brainless ?

  • Dixon

    omg chinese companys do piracy …. thats new to me !!!

    tbh how stupid the evaders can be to sign an contract with a unknown chinese company even if all the world knows that chinese companys only can copy products and to piracy anddisrespect foreign countries law.. AEG/SIMENS and many others already cliamed that !!! all the companys should start produce in other countries again even if its cheap in china..this would avoid so many of this problems and would benefit the own country .( pl get work etc ).. in germany chinese tourists even make pics of everything inside a shop or supermarket.. dont think its for their familie album … but what do i know.. im just a guy infront of my pc using jailbreak tools to free my iphone … dont listen to me

  • workin

    Xenophobe get no Cydia neither, same thing.

  • Alessandro micieli

    I was waiting for your article on this matter, with anxiety. Now that I read it I have a better idea. The evad3rs they always do a great job and for this we must thank them. I love my iPhone, and so also the jailbreak since iOS 4.1. I’m disappointed only because they have not contacted Saurik, the money that they have earned are all deserved.

  • FrankensteinBlack

    To quote 2 famous poets; MethodMAN – “Cash rules everything around me” and a Mr M. Tyson – I’ll fu till you love me”. Translation? 1. They were right to take the dough since the contract apparently had some anti-piracy clauses which gave them the ability to shut it off and take that money and run. 2. here is a tweet from a well know JB dev – “from early analysis popping up around the web: the iOS7 JB is a masterpiece. A ton of work went into it.”

    So whine away. All of you JB non donating free loaders are ultimately to blame! Besides, its about talent and the ability to get it done which they did and like a fickled whore at a Christmas post office peter party you come back every time. Coding talent shouldn’t have to beg for handouts like some drunk Christmas Santas with tin cups. So evad3r, GET THAT DOUGH!!

  • patmack

    Everyone should listen to today’s IDB podcast!