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The American singer, songwriter and actress, Beyoncé, has made an unusual move of releasing her fifth self-titled studio album exclusively on Apple’s iTunes. Available today from the iTunes Store, the release is dubbed a ‘visual album’ and arrives with a heavy marketing push from Apple – the iTunes Store is currently featuring Beyoncé’s album on all rotating carousel at the top, with links to her previous albums.

You didn’t even know she was working on a new alubm? You’re not the only one! Visual album? That’s because each song comes with an accompanying music video (plus a digital booklet), a great treat given music videos are normally sold separately of songs…

As seen on the screenie top of post, the entire iTunes Music Store carousel is dominated by Beyoncé’s new album. I know, she is an international pop star, but to take all of the advertising spaces is just unprecedented and a first for iTunes, if I’m not mistaken.

The album contains fourteen songs, eighteen videos and a digital booklet and is available for $15.99, exclusively from iTunes.

From the blurb:

Beyoncé’s fifth studio endeavor is a provocative, unguarded artistic statement – revealing a side of the icon previously unknown to fans and cementing her status as a pop visionary.

The roster of guest collaborators includes JAY Z, Drake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Michele Williams, Kelly Rowland, Justin Timberlake and more.

Adding a striking dimension to the music, the complementary videos unfold amid an international backdrop of New York, Paris, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro. 

Songs will be available for individual purchase on December 20, according to Apple.

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    Ok ! O.o

  • How many Beyoncé fans on iDB? Yeah, that’s what I thought 😉

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      Are you one?

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        Seb is the type of dude to put a finger in one ear and close his eyes when he is singing to this album. Hahaha

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    • Al

      It’s not necessarily a big deal about the exclusivity of the album, but the notion hardly any one knew about it.

      It came out of nowhere, I’m a fan of hers… I like the fact she takes her craft seriously. It was a bold move, instead of marketing to the industry… She basically just presented it to her fans. Wish more artist will follow it…

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      I am 🙂

    • Nir

      I am

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    Wow does this album offer a penis trade in offer?

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      Why would you wana trade your penis? 😉

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        and by miles you mean herpes.

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    That is some shitty article…

  • Steve Norris

    There is a tech angle here somewhere… I think this damn thing should be about at least a half a gig since you get all the music videos too. Wifi slow? Everybody at the office downloading this?

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    who cares

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      Don’t click on the article if you don’t care.

  • Todd Young

    I rarely comment here, but this is ridiculous. Since when does Beyonce have anything to do with iOS jailbreaking? Wow — iDB journalism is scrapping the bottom of the barrel, I fear.

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      My guess is because it connects to iTunes. LOL!!!! But its only a guess.

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    I figured there would be more negative comments. I’m ashamed of you guys.