nokia 2520

Microsoft has built up quite the library of iPad-bashing TV spots. And now that it’s buying out Nokia’s mobile hardware business, it’s getting them in on the gag. Today, Nokia launched a new TV commercial taking potshots at Apple’s popular tablet.

The ad is supposed to be about Nokia’s new Lumia 2520 slate, which launched last week, but you only see it for about 5 seconds at the very end of the 1 minute and 18 second-long video. For the other 72 seconds, it shows a user defending his iPad…

Here’s the ad:

The theme of the ad seems to be that because the iPad doesn’t have a physical keyboard, you can’t be productive on it—something I think a lot folks would disagree with. To be fair, there are hundreds available, but the point is the Lumia comes with one.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the no-keyboard argument from Microsoft’s camp, and it probably won’t be the last. The question is, though, is this whole ‘the iPad can’t do what we can do’ strategy working? Do people care? Are they buying it?

I would argue that it’s not working, and Microsoft (and Nokia) would be better off showing what their tablets can do as opposed to showing what the iPad can’t. What do you think?

  • Jonathan

    Duh, that’s why the keyboard is on screen…. Nokia still loses.

    • @sexyhamthing

      but… the keyboard is optional on the 2520…. its about having tactile feedback and being able to make accurate keypressees…… considering the huge number of keyboard accessories you can grab for the ipad… which are also optional…. the ad really has no point :3

      • felixtaf

        And its not cheap either. Expensive as every other keyboard accessory!

    • @sexyhamthing

      nokias keyboard has physical keys, which are easier to type on, given the tactile feedback.
      the keyboard is optional, like any ipad accessory that does the same.
      nokias ad really has no point

  • Vince Reedy

    Isn’t a tablet with a keyboard a laptop? It ceases to be a tablet if it has a keyboard, does it not?

    • Nope, a tablet with a keyboard (and a flexible OS) is a 2-in-1 device…with keyboard folded back, it’s in tablet form, with keyboard out it’s in laptop form.

      • quitcherbichinn

        Hence it is not a tablet! That’s the whole point of a tablet…small, ease of use, ease of transport, no keyboard. If a keyboard is permanently attached it is not a tablet and at best a convertible. The convertible is bulky and heavy and defeats the whole purpose of a tablet.

      • Lol, sounding like you’ve overdosed on the Apple koolaid. Like Laptop and Desktop, a Tablet is just another form factor of a PC. No need for it to be limited to bastardized apps like on iOS/Android/Windows RT.

        A device, like the Surface Pro, fits the tablet category. Add the keyboard-cover, and you have the ability to easily switch between tablet form (fold it back) & laptop form (unfold it) on the go. Regarding it being bulky, it’s still only 2lbs (lighter than ANY laptop), so, unless you’re some weakass link with spaghetti hands, don’t see what’s heavy about it…

      • quitcherbichinn

        Has nothing to do with Apple. There are Windows tablets that are just that…tablets. There are Android tablets that are just that…tablets. I also believe that if you, for once, removed your head from your rectum and READ what I actually typed rather than what you THINK I typed then maybe you ‘d get it. The post stated “permanently attached” and “convertible.” If it is permanently attached it is NOT A TABLET – it is a convertible. Not the same thing.

        Dealing with you before I expected nothing less than your inane reply. You have a dislike for Apple that you blatantly show all the time – the evidence is in your posts. So you are nothing more than a typical online troll. Pathetic!

      • Yes there are, so what’s your point? Carry multiple devices to perform consumption tasks and productive tasks away from home? If you actually do your thinking yourself, you’ll realize that there are tablet-first-laptop-second devices and there are laptop-first-tablet-second devices (the ones you refer to as convertibles). They too fit the category of tablet (when detached OR with their keyboard folded back). Just ’cause it’s not like the iPad doesn’t mean it’s not a tablet.

        Neither did I expect anything less from you. It’s typical of you to ignoramusly criticize non-Apple products and unconditionally praise Apple products. You know what you are when you do that…

      • quitcherbichinn

        Actually you are now talking out of your gaping rectum because I’m not a blind follower. I’m not a fan of Windows, nor am I a fan of Android and both opinions are from YEARS of personal experience and usage. That, however, doesn’t mean that Apple doesn’t have its shortcomings. No OS is perfect and no company is perfect. YOU are the one that has blatant hatred for a company/product and it is rather pathetic. Not so much that you have the hatred – to each their own…more to the fact that you go out of your way to read a blog that is centered around the company you so obviously hate. THAT is what makes you a loser. THAT is what makes you pathetic. You are more than entitled to your opinion and your likes/dislikes but to waste your time just to tell us how stupid we are, how lame we are, how much you hate Apple or w/e Apple product – yeah that just shows you are PATHETIC. Don’t bother wasting your time responding – you only talk in circles and I have read your lame comments too many times. I know you will waste your time to respond because well let’s face it…that’s the type of loser you are, so by all means respond with your regurgitated zingers! You know you are so witty!

      • Nice WOT, ever heard of paragraphs?

        Claiming you’re no blind follower doesn’t change the meaning of what you type. I hate official iOS (due to it’s limitations compared to the competition), but use a freed iPhone, ’cause I value jailbreak freedom over Android freedom (due to it being more secure). I hate Windows 8 on Laptop and Desktop form factors (due to it’s GUIs being clearly tablet-oriented and the fact that it dumps many power-user GUIs) , but like it on Tablet form factors (where it’s at home), hence why I use it on my Surface Pro (even though I could have installed a separate OS).

        I come to this site first for Apple news, and go to others (like engadget, ZDNet, TechRepublic, etc) for other tech news ’cause I like to keep up to date on the news from all tech companies. You on the other hand, maybe, you’re only interested in Apple…good for you.

        I’m no ignoramus hater (nor worshipper), like you seem to be; I have a reason (based on conventional logic) behind criticisms and praises. You on the other hand, seem to have a dingbat-logic behind your criticism/praises. That’s what makes you a pathological loser.

        Don’t want a response, then don’t reply, idiot.

      • Raashid

        You seem to be the one with your head up your rectum, ’cause you clearly have a different definition of what a tablet is and it conflicts with conventional logic…so far, your definition seems to be: only if it looks an iPad can it be considered a tablet

  • TU

    The chick is fine.

  • R4


  • Julio Acosta

    Not gonna lie the ad is pretty funny, but really their bashing on the air because it has no physical keyboard (which you can easily get one) not to mention they also talk about battery life? The iPad air has by far the best battery life out there. Fail. And having a physical keyboard kinda defeats the purpose of a tablet. Nice try Nokia

    • felixtaf

      The keyboard with Nokia isnt free. (its optional for 140$). So wats the point of this ad?

    • Raashid

      Apart from having a physical keyboard defeating the purpose of a Tablet (no it doesn’t, it makes it a productive device), totally agree, especially regarding the iPad air having the best battery. Engadget’s review of the LTE-enabled iPad air (http://engt co/19QQF20 ) showed that it was close to the Surface 2’s 14 Hours, WiFi only would probably be greater than (or equal to) the Surface 2’s.

  • Jife66

    Nokia or Microsoft ( or any other Apple bashing companies ) are not doing themselves any favours by dissing the iPad, like the last paragraph says, they should show what their devices can do over and above iPad, I for one have not found the need for a physical keyboard, i certainly would not pay £100 extra for the Surface keyboard. The virtual keyboard on my iPad 2 is quite sufficient thank you very much, how do you think i typed this comment ? Yes i’m an Apple fan, i really dont care for Windows 8 (or RT) or Android operating systems, yes i’ve tried them, but find IOS much easier to use, thats why i like Apple products. Give me a reason to use your products rather than tell me what you think my iPad cant do, then your sales might increase because the features are actually usefull.

  • Armed in the Villa

    NOKIA: “Here’s what’s wrong with Apple’s tablet and yet it STILL outsells us a billion to one! We can’t ‘splain it!”

  • I think the bigger story here is that the ad is absolutely horrific. It lost my attention at about 15 seconds.

  • Christian Mejía

    This ad is so bad

  • Cheree

    This ad is so bad that it made me feel nauseous.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    I agree, I bought a surface 2 and I love it, the adverts are terrible compared to apple’s but recent adverts have been much improved as they do only focus on the product with having people dancing around on an office table.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Its still doomed simply because its a Nokia. The brand has become badly scared by a reem of bad products.

  • Decio Arruda

    The sad thing is that old people and normal costumers will actually think the Nokia Lumia 2520 is better than the iPad Air because of these kinds of Microsoft advertisements.

  • Franklin Richards

    Granted the lumia 2520 does look quite nice and has longer battery life. But that’s useless if the OS is no good. Yes ok it’s great for productive work. But how many people actually got their tablet solely thinking about work. Also Nancy sounds like a terrible person.

    • I did (Surface Pro). Never saw a reason to get a toyPad as its use just a sub-part of my Laptop (consumption).

      • xxObliteratorxx

        Seriously anime man?

      • Yeah seriously…what’s your point of replying?

      • NSA

        No reason to get the Surface. It looks like to are doing free ad for Surface everywhere.

      • No reason to get the iPad. It looks like you’re doing free ad for iPad everywhere.

      • NSA

        Try to say something different. Don’t repeat what people say. Otherwise, ask Microsoft for something new to say.

      • It’s as pointless as what you replied with…got no conventional logic to back it up.

      • NSA

        Microsoft is crying because the sells are NOT that good.

      • Sure they are, not denying that (they have a long way to go in their marketing department), just said the iPad’s use is a sub-part of my old Laptop (consumption). The Surface pro on the other hand, it’s my Laptop merged with the benefits a wacom board and the touch-friendliness of the iPad…

      • NSA

        Keep finding ridiculous excuses. You think Surface is a breakthrough. However, it’s not.

      • You keep finding ignoramus excuses. You think iPad is anything but a consumption-enhancing tablet. However, it’s not.

      • NSA

        The iPad is powerful because you can do a lot . “ignoramus excuses”. I have discussed many topics before, it looks like you have a problem about how to talk with people, You kind of disrespectful for people.

        Hopefully Surface has some amazing ways to show you how to talk.

      • “The iPad is powerful because you can do a lot”

        A lot of what? Consumption? If your work involves only doing research and typing reports, then the iPad is suitable for you. I already used to do that faster on my laptop (thanks to true multitasking).

        “ridiculous excuses”, you too seem to have a problem about how to talk to people. When you jump to the conclusion that my reasoning is ridiculous and yours has no conventional logic to back it up, I find that matches the definition of ignoramus…hopefully you can use your iPad to do some research on deductive reasoning.

      • At

        Actually, you can do a lot more than just research and typing reports. Microsoft Office is not the only suit out there, nor is iWork. Microsoft Office is facing a lot more competition so that selling point will not work for very much longer.

      • NSA

        ” the iPad’s use is a sub-part of old Laptop (consumption)” From your point of view

      • Improve on your English comprehension skills…

  • Michael Allen

    They are spending way too much time talking about what the iPad can’t do because the only thing it can do that the iPad can’t are the things that were left out in the first place. It’s like saying a car can’t be a car without a giant gas-guzzling engine in it. Way to take steps back…

  • Jeff

    Pretty sure chicks would go for a guy with an ipad air than a guy with any windows device. Stupid ad.

  • Cameron Chao

    It looks like they’re trying to make a Netbook look better than an iPad.

  • Scott

    I think sales numbers speak for themselves. How many iPads sold vs Nokia 2520s (yes I know I just came out, this is also for the future). How many Surface RTs were sold? How many surface pros sold? I would say the strategy is not working for them.

  • felixtaf

    Off topic – White Belkin QODE iPad Air Ultimate keyboard case is 39.99$ now in BestBuy USA. Regular price 129$.

  • Arsanny Lintang


    Jailbreak for IOS 7 only for iPhone 4 is out ! Go check it out!

  • Dan

    Stupid video imo.
    Altough I always wondered why Apple never made an official keyboard/case for the iPad. It’s true that there are a loy of options out there, but would be nice to have an authetic Apple option.

    • Rowan09

      Yeah but it’s better for competition, if Apple made everything people would most likely buy the Apple branded product.

  • Abdl

    I hate it when when fanboys defend Apple at any cost!! I’m an apple user thou

  • xxXXxx

    I hate how every compagny ads goes dissing the top brands.. Did you ever watch an Apple ad telling people that “””””””””” is Crap?! Apple marketing team don’t put rivals weekness on the center of the ad. Why is Microsoft marketing team not able to just focus on their product and make the valuable for customers? They have a very descent product!

  • appleyay

    lol poor nokia they were dead then MS bought them now they are alive and lame,…

  • Rowan09

    The commercial spends more time showing the iPad than the Nokia tablet. Who thinks of these commercials?

  • Raashid

    Yeah, ’cause like @MrElectrifyer:disqus stated, those are laptop-first-tablet-second devices. Permanently attached keyboard puts the device in the laptop-first-tablet-second category. Detachable keyboard puts the device in the tablet-first-laptop-second category.

    You’re wrong ’cause you think the laptop-first-tablet-second devices can’t be considered as tablets; it’s been like that since Microsoft unveiled the tablet PC. You just got brainwashed by Apple’s reality distortion field…don’t blame you, you’re no different from the herd…learn to think for yourself.

  • At

    It’s funny that they are bashing Apple but if you look close, the laptop he pulls out is a MacBook. I’m a student who takes TONS of notes, all I do is use my cover as a stand and connect a bluetooth keyboard to it. Works perfect, and I don’t have to have a huge, heavy keyboard case attached to use the keyboard. Nokia is just as bad as Microsoft, why don’t you make commercials focusing on your product instead of comparing it to an iPad. Why do you compare it to the iPad? Because it’s the best tablet in its class and focusing on what your tablet can do wont sell the product.

  • Shandeep Segar

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