Boxer 1What is it about third-party email clients that send us into a frenzy? We either love them or hate them. Each person has a very specific set of requirements to establish what they think is a worthy app to house our digital correspondences.

Boxer is an email client that lets you access multiple accounts, includes Dropbox integration, Sanebox cloud storage, to-do list organization, and all manner of additional inbox-zero features. The popular email app just received an update that adds Evernote integration and finally optimizes it for the iPad…

Users can add Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, and IMAP email addresses. You can add multiple accounts and see all messages in all inboxes in one window. This app features calendar integration so you can accept or decline event invites with one swipe. You don’t even have to read the message to respond.

Boxer 3With Dropbox, Box, and Evernote integration, composing emails has never been easier. You can add pictures, documents, and links from third-party storage services while writing your response. No more copying, dragging, or opening other apps.

Emails can be deleted or archived with a simple swipe to the left. You can also send messages to your personal to-do list or open up Boxer’s additional organizational features.

The additional features available include “liking” an email. Yes, you can send an email to your friends that you like what they wrote. It is a great way of responding to an email without having to fully dedicate yourself to writing a message.

You can also send your email to a to-do list that is accessible within Boxer. You can set a due date, add a priority, and assign someone to the task.

Respond to emails using the Quick Response feature, which includes prewritten one-sentence responses so that you can answer immediately without having to write anything when you are in a hurry.

You can also label, archive, delete, or mark an email as spam using Boxer’s organizing features. For additional organizing help, connect to Sanebox to add one-click unsubscribe, automatic follow-up reminders, and “snoozing” emails that you want to address later.

Boxer 2Log into LinkedIn and Facebook to see your contact’s profile picture alongside their email. Plus, tap on their profile picture to see more information about them, including phone numbers, email addresses, and recent correspondences with you.

Boxer is normally priced at $4.99. Thanks to a limited time sale, you can download the app for only $0.99. As of today, Boxer is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

Do you already use Boxer on your iPhone? Do you think you will use it on your iPad as well?

  • Damian W

    Best email client ever

    • I totally agree. I had never used Boxer on the iPhone before. I just started using it yesterday and have completely fallen in love with it.

      • Damian W

        I have tried almost all of them. And boxer is just better and always works. Recently there is a strong competition but they fall short in many areas. The only thing missing in boxer now is the colour accounts, sort of what cloud mail app offers.

    • on3simpleclick

      Have you tried myMail? It’s definitely my pick for best email client.

      • Damian W

        I just tried it now and it is good but not as good as boxer. Boxer has tons of options.

      • on3simpleclick

        Hm, I’ll check it out then

  • Jeff Ramirez

    I’m still debating whether I should pay for Sanebox. It’s like having to pay for what Mailbox did for free, except the whole unsubscribing thing and sanelater feature.

    Or am I missing the big picture with Sanebox? I just don’t see what the big fuss is about.

    • Damian W

      don’t debate just get boxer

  • I totally agree. I had never used Boxer on the iPhone before. I just started using it have completely fallen in love with it.

  • Rares

    WTF is wrong with this app? It works like crap on my iphone 4 with 6.1.3. The animations are at like 10 fps and first time I open it, it takes 3 minutes to make it work.