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Continuing with today’s line of app updates, Microsoft has posted a new version of its SkyDrive client for the iPhone and iPad. The update brings the app to version 4.0, and includes a handful of improvements and an all new design for iOS 7.

The client itself allows you to upload photos, videos and other files to Microsoft’s cloud service. And today’s release adds Camera Backup for automatic media uploads, improved integration with Office Mobile for iPhone and OneNote, and more…

Here’s the full change log for 4.0:

– Camera Backup for automatically uploading photos and videos to SkyDrive
– Improved integration with Office Mobile for iPhone and OneNote, including the ability to edit Office documents
– New look and feel for iOS 7
– Bug fixes and performance improvements

I happen to love the design of iOS 7, so I’m digging SkyDrive’s new look. But those that are getting tired of the all-white spaces and flat graphics may not find it so appealing. All of the usual iOS 7 elements are here, right down to the simpler icons.

Obviously, this app won’t do you any good if you’re not using Microsoft’s SkyDrive service. But for those that are bought into the ecosystem, this looks like a solid update. If you’re interested, you can find the SkyDrive app in the App Store for free.

For those that aren’t already using the service, Microsoft offers 7GB of free space and charges just $10 per year for 20GB of storage. More info here.

  • Jared

    The biggest gripe I had with SkyDrive was that anytime you’d attempt to upload any edited photos saved to camera roll the app would always upload the original uncropped and unedited version. That and when attempting to upload multiple photos at once usually between 20 or 30 the app would crash every time.

    • rubeN

      my biggest grip with SD is they restrict the type of files you’re allowed to upload.

  • Chris Kenworthy

    it’s part of my emails so yeah I use SkyDrive. Easy to use and lets me open certain files too, like Word or PDFs. It’s personal preference, I have got Google Drive and Dropbox accounts, but I don’t use them as much: I check my email every day so I’m always one click, ir one touch, away from SkyDrive.

  • omrishtam

    about time. but still it looks like they just painted it in white…..not a full redesign. they should have colored it with flat blue or something like that

  • Eww Microsoft..

  • Jonathan

    ’bout time.

  • Wilfred Lim

    my biggest issue now is…cant even sign in to any Microsoft service…
    looks like their authentication service is down or inaccessible to me