This week’s episode is all about the iPad mini with Retina display. We discuss the Retina iPad mini’s launch, our order and pickup experiences, and our initial thoughts on the newest device to join the iOS family. We also talk about Apple’s rumored PrimeSense acquisition, and a variety of other hot topics involving everyone’s favorite fruit company.

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  • Colin

    what happend to lets talk jailbreak is it no more 🙁

    • Antzboogie

      I know they changed the name??

      • Colin

        I just thort they where going to be runing to podcasts

    • Nirvana

      In the 1st episode show note, LTJ will still be kept intact, yet, jailbreak community is completely quiet these days so it will no longer be a weekly podcast, you know! Time will tell whether ios 7 jailbreak will be released! Don’t worry

    • LTJ is not dead. It is just put on hold temporarily until there is more jailbreak news to cover 🙂

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      They said that they will still do LTJ, but on more of a monthly / bimonthly basis.. there isn’t enough news to do it right now.. this one more suits the podcast… i would expect one when we start hearing news about the iOS 7 Jailbreak being released..

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Great podcast guys. And Jeff, I had my iPad mini ordered online and all set to go for personal pick up last Thursday when the system went down. I was so mad because I thought I would have it before my 3 hour class that night, but I didn’t. So I ended up having to go back to the Apple Store later that night and thankfully the system was back up. But 8 hours for your mini, yea you have me beat big time, ha.

  • Ssemiet

    Random thought: maybe Apple could use their camera behind the screen patent so you wouldn’t have to draw a gesture at the top of the device…assuming they bring air gestures of course.

  • amazingrugs

    iOS 7 on iPad really is unfinished. Lots of sloppy ui design, straight bugs. I agree with Sebastian, it would not have shipped under Jobs’ watch. When I can notice within a few minutes ui problems and bugs, how did they ship it like that?

  • GThomas

    An idea for the podcast, maybe this could occur every once in a while, though in some ways you guys already kind of do this, would be to compare or review stock apps vs 3rd party apps. Since you’re all pretty much “power users” it could shine some light for non-power users on AppStore alternatives

  • Tom

    I just wanted to mention something about your last 5-10min discussion.

    You don’t have to use the home button on the iPad or the iPad Mini. For the iPhone, yes the home button has to be pushed, or you can also turn on the Accessibility feature to have a “virtual home button”.