Nike+ Move

The flagship app for Apple’s new M7 coprocessor is finally available for download on the App Store. Nike+ Move, the app that Apple showcased alongside its unveiling of the iPhone 5s, went live a few hours ago.

A lot of people have been wondering what Nike stands to gain by continuing to align so closely with Apple — especially when they now sell what can arguably be seen as a competing product. After testing out the app, however, the answer to that question becomes readily apparent.

While Nike+ Move contains enough to keep curious ones occupied, it’s basically one huge Nike advertisement. Inside the app you’ll find advertisements for Nike’s other App Store offerings, as well as the Fuel Band — Nike’s standalone activity tracking hardware.

Nike+ Move 2

So what’s so special about Apple’s new M7, and why are so many developers interested in tapping into its logged data? Christian broke it down in an earlier M7 related post.

Because the M7 requires at least one-sixth of the power versus the 64-bit A7 chip, it can log data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass sensors independently of the A7 package, thus allowing for substantial power savings.

The app itself can do some basic things like track movement — where you moved and how you moved — while allowing you to share that data amongst friends. Despite its working with a flagship new hardware feature, Nike+ Move feels pretty pedestrian in practice. Yes, it’s cool that we can get all of this data using the low power consuming chip, but I can’t help but feel like we’ve run down this road before.

As mentioned, Nike+ Move was fashionably late to the M7 party. Others have long since jumped on the low power consuming bandwagon, with health and fitness tracking app Argus being the very first to do so.

Again, the Nike+ Move app is available right now for download on the App Store. Although the new iPad Air is the second device to feature the M7 coprocessor after the iPhone 5s, there probably won’t be as many supporting apps initially when you consider the iPad’s form factor. If you decide to take it for a spin, let us know how you think it fares when compared to other fitness tracking apps.

  • TD

    crashes, doesnt work

    • Tsavo Walker

      It works for me.

  • TeddyBearStand

    Off topic, but anyone notice that their iPhone 5s’s springboard animations are kinda laggy?

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Hell ya they are. I believe u can thank ios7 for that. Cheers

      • TeddyBearStand

        So annoying! Hoping 7.1 will come soon

    • s0me

      I guess all iphones lag on ios 7.

      • trumpet444

        All the animations are slower. Even with most of the motions “switched off” it’s still slower than iOS 6. The “stop and smell the animated roses” excuse is bull crap. Transitions take at least twice as long now, and whether intentional or not – it’s aggravating as hell

      • JS3

        put an ios 6 phone right beside an ios 7 phone. the speed of the animations are almost identical. stop bitching and turn the reduce motion on or move to android if your unhappy.

      • Nour Khaled

        People complaining
        from animations laggy in iPhone 5s are going to kill themselves if they move to

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Umm, ya. Now take a jailbroken iP5 running ‘speed intensifier’ and do a side by side. Absolutely no comparison. JB’n 5 seems to be running at the speed of lite, literally.

  • Pato111

    Argus graph is wait better view.

  • Anthony Lara

    But will it blend?

  • Richard Lewis

    app crashes on load. reinstalled 3 times, no luck! WTF?

    • aiight

      same here

  • I installed it on my iPhone 5 and it seems it works exclusively on the 5s, I didn’t know that. However the app prompt me to buy a Fuel band :/

  • Alnando Espaillat

    This app is worthless. Just adds points for moving around. I need something like S health in my iPhone !!

  • Steven Honey

    So I have used the app all day so far since 5:00 this morning. I read on this site last month that the nike move app was suppose to only take about 2% running all day in the background and it’s way more than 2%. It’s more like 50%. I haven’t done anything all day accept for normal task like texting and reading news and blogs on web a few times and normally I have at least 50-60% left by now and I’m down to 10%. It’s gotta be the nike move app draining my battery. Nothing else is open.

  • Marcus Maia

    After updating my iPhone 5S iOS8 and do a general reset, cleaning caches passwords and the system, I noticed that the Nike + Move ( Version 1.1.1 Build 82 ) is not working as before. Today I did a 30 minute walk with a run of 4 minutes at the end and the app just told 230 NikeFuel. and report on the activities where it tells how much you ran, walked, and as other movements, he did not tell my race 4 minutes only told 19 min walk and the rest as other movements. I upgraded to iOS8 the day it was released and started to notice a fault with the passing days, with a significant drop in my daily average. Like to see the opinion of other users of this App and any response from Nike. Maybe an update to resolve the problem.