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Flipboard fans will be happy to hear that the app finally got its proper iOS 7 update, bringing the client to version 2.1. The update brings about a ‘fresh, modern look and feel,’ in-line with Apple’s recent firmware release, and several other improvements.

Among them are speed and performance enhancements across all devices, meaning the app should feel noticeably faster on your iPhone and iPad. There’s also a new feature that allows you to change text size, on-screen alerts for new feed items, and more…

Here are the release notes for version 2.1:

This release is all about performance and polish just in time for the new iPad Air and iPad Mini.

– Speed and performance enhancements throughout. Everything is just faster on all devices.
– Fresh, modern iOS 7 look and feel.
– Ability to change text size settings in the app.
– More section tiles added to the first page on iPhone 5 and 5S.
– On screen alert when there are new items in a feed.
– Dozens of bug fixes and detailed updates.

Feedback is always welcome. Please contact support@flipboard.com with any issues or suggestions. Thank you for using Flipboard.

Flipboard’s last major update, version 2.0, came in March of this year and added the ability to create and share custom magazines, user notifications, and more. And last month, the social news reader announced that it had passed the 90 million user mark.

To grab the latest version of Flipboard for iPhone and iPad, click here (free). And if you’re not already following iDB in the app, be sure to check out our quick tutorial on how to do so.

  • on3simpleclick

    As someone who is still on 6.1.3 & waiting for a jailbreak for iOS7, thank you for not making the update ‘iOS7 only’ compatible.. 🙂

    • illK†Δ

      You’ll be on ios6 for a while then….

  • omrishtam


  • himynameisBLiNK

    can you now see FB subscriptions though?
    this is the main reason why i stopped using it.

  • Lance Baker

    The status bar is still black and it drives me crazy. Looks terrible!!

    • maaya1989

      +1,the strangest thing is in the setting interface,they already have the optimisation of status bar,I have no idea why they keep it black for reading,it’s quite a distraction…

  • Decio Arruda

    I honestly do not understand why jailbreak is that big of a factor when it comes to upgrading to iOS 7. I’ve had jailbreak all the way on iOS 6 and, now without it, I feel just fine. It’s not that much of a change. Unless, of course, you depend on free paid apps only available with jailbreak.

    • lemonhead

      That you can get on a not jailbroken device with AppAddict…

      But what I miss and for what I jailbreaked is things like YourTube combined with Gremelin or Flex just quick fixes for what I didn’t like & obviously quick reply feature which is desperately need in iOS !!!

      • Decio Arruda

        Agree. But those aren’t deal breakers.