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One of the top accessory makers and among the leading players in the Apple accessories ecosystem, Logitech, today announced four new keyboard cases and covers designed specifically for Apple’s upcoming iPad Air.

However, Logitech’s arch-enemy Belkin earlier telegraphed an announcement of its own. A whole bunch of new iPad Air-specific accessories are part of Belkin’s announcement, including three new Bluetooth keyboard models from Belkin’s Qode lineup, one of them apparently made from an “aircraft-grade aluminum alloy”.

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Belkin last week said that three new Qode-family branded iPad Air keyboard covers are now available: the Ultimate Keyboard Case, Thin Type Keyboard Case and Slim Style Keyboard Case.

The Qode $129.99 Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air (see image top of post and below) secures your iPad Air in place for prolonged typing periods, but is also suited when watching movies and presentations, playing games and more. Belkin has added magnets to the case which hold your iPad Air in a variety of comfortable viewing angles.

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case (image 002)

In case you were wondering (pun intended), the case is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, has a 264-hour battery, comes in black and silver and can be folded behind the device.

The $99.99 Qode Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air uses magnets to attach to the device, much like Apple’s Smart Covers. It’s also made from aluminum and has similar functions to Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. The accessory will be available only in silver and Belkin claims the built-in battery is good for 79 hours of use.

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case (image 001)

The $79.99 Qode Slim Style Keyboard Case for iPad Air adds a dash of color to your accessorizing: it comes in Black, Red, Topaz, Sorbet and Purple. The built-in battery is rated for 60 hours of active use and the case’s single-hinge design with a three-position kickstand at the rear should be appealing to road warriors.

Belkin SlimStyle Keyboard for iPad Air 9image 001)

Check out the trailer for the ultimate case.

In addition to the aforementioned three ‘hero’ cases, Belkin also introduced a few additional iPad Air add-ons:

The $89.99 Apex360 Advanced Protection Case for iPad Air (F7N001) and $69.99 Apex 360 Advanced Protection Case for iPad mini (F7N023)
• Built to surpass U.S Military 6 ft. drop testing
• Reinforced frame creates insulating air pockets for shock absorption
• Contoured outer shell for secure hold
• Removable magnetic QuickStand pivots for iPad Air multiple portrait and landscape viewing
• AutoWake magnets
• Clasp closure
• F7N001 available in two colors: Blacktop and Olive
• F7N023 available in two colors: Blacktop and Fuchsia
• Also available for iPad mini

The $59.99 LapStand Cover for iPad Air (F7N061, F7N065)
• Patented LapStand design keeps iPad steady on lap
• ComfortForm™ material forms to body
• Multiple angles for viewing or typing
• Protective corners and strap closure keep iPad secure
• F7N061 available in Blacktop and Stone microfiber
• F7N065 available in Charcoal, Red, Cream and Sorbet twill

The $59.99 FreeStyle Cover for iPad Air (F7N100)
• Ultra-thin, form-fitting design
• Versatile magnetic QuickStand cover folds over for screen coverage, back for portrait or landscape viewing, or detaches altogether for sleek back protection
• Multiple angles for viewing or typing
• Soft-touch finish
• Clasp closure
• Available in Blacktop and Slate

The $39.99-$49.99 FormFit Cover for iPad Air (F7N054, F7N062, F7N063, F7N066, F7N101)
• Ultra-thin, form-fitting design
• Multiple angles for viewing or typing
• Clasp closure
• F7N054 available in a two-toned palette in Blacktop and Purple
• F7N062 available in a stylish scales pattern in Fuchsia
• F7N063 available in Black, Slate and Lavender
• F7N066 available in a fresh striped pattern in Pink
• F7N101 available in Blacktop and Ink with a single stripe

The $29.99 Classic Strap Cover for iPad Air (F7N053)
• Classic design in a lightweight, durable fabric
• Thin, tailored fit
• Elastic strap closure
• Available in Black and Rose

The $39.99 TriFold Cover for iPad Air (F7N056)
• Soft-touch finish
• Cinema viewing angle and comfortable typing angle
• Elastic strap closure
• Available in Black, Purple and Bubblegum

The $59.99 MultiTasker Cover for iPad Air (F7N059)
• Natural grain leather
• Stylus and business card storage
• Multiple angles for viewing and typing
• Magnetic tab closure
• Available in Black, Ink and Rose

The $49.99 Stripe Tab Cover with Stand for iPad Air (F7N060)
• Multiple angles for viewing and typing
• Integrated magnetic tab closure
• X-frame design with protective corners keep iPad secure
• Pinstripe pattern for contrasting color and texture
• Available in Black, Burgundy and Ink

The $49.99 Dash Tab Cover with Stand for iPad Air (F7N064)
• Multiple angles for viewing and typing
• Integrated magnetic tab closure
• X-frame design with protective corners keep iPad secure
• Dash pattern along spine for pop of color and texture
• Available in Black, Gravel and

The $39.99 Quilted Cover with Stand for iPad Air (F7N073)
• Stylish quilted design
• Adjustable viewing angles
• AutoWake magnets
• Available in Blacktop, Cream and Ruby

These new goodies will be available online through and at select retailers worldwide starting November. The Apex360 Advanced Protection Case for the iPad mini is available now at and select retailers and will be available for the iPad Air in December.

  • Sokrates

    Why put such a sleek tablet in a bulky case?

    • Glorin

      let’s say you travel and do stuff.. you need a case (maybe) and a keyboard if you write stuff.. There is a huuuuge market for that.

  • Jonathan

    How about a Surface Pro keyboard inspired version? As thin as a smart cover, and, easier to use for some people than the actual screen.

  • Glorin

    Microsoft just got hit in the stomach by Belkin…

  • jocastro

    yuk… belkin sucks. there products always break to easily

  • Anon

    Ugh it looks like the Surface

  • xSeriouSx

    $129.99 for this, yet numskulls call the $129.99 Surface Type Cover (which doesn’t require Bluetooth AND is back-lit) overpriced.