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As expected, Apple has announced updates to apps in its popular iLife and iWork suites today. Both iOS and Mac versions of the software have been revamped, adding new features, performance improvements and fresh new designs.

iMovie, for example, has been completely redesigned for iOS with a focus on editing and sharing. The Mac version has received some UI love too, and there’s a new feature called iMovie Theater, which syncs all of your videos via iCloud…


Apple has also redesigned iPhoto for both iOS and Mac, and has made Photobook creation available on the iPad. “Browsing photos has never been faster or smoother thanks to 64-bit.” Eddy Cue says new iLife apps have “hundreds of new features.”

New iLife apps are going to be available today, and as before, are free for folks with the purchase of a new Apple device.

iWork app icons

iWork apps have been completely re-written for the Mac—Apple is calling it the biggest update ever. Each has been completely rebuilt with a brand new, “more powerful” UI and there’s  now file compatibility across iOS, Mac, and Web.

Work Free

As with the iLife suite, iWork apps will be available starting today, and free with the purchase of a new iOS or Mac device.

Another interesting tidbit: Apple says it’s updating more than 20 of its apps today.

  • AWonton

    “new Apple device” does that mean those who bought iPhone 5S before this announcement will get it?

    • Christian Calgie

      When you set up your 5S there should have been a set up page where it said ‘do you want to donwload these apps?”

      • Yash Gorana

        Yes. Also, they will get the update for free.

    • Quang

      yes, its free for new purchase after Sep 1, 2013.
      The Mac Suite is free for Mac purchase after Oct 1, 2013

      • Lambert

        I bought New Macbook Air last week; however, I didn’t see Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes are free after I logged in the Mac Apple Store. Do you know the reasons?

      • You can download it here: http://www. apple. com/creativity-apps/mac/up-to-date/

  • Onyxus_Music

    free… Free… FREE!!!

    I’ve purchased all my apps from Apple this far, but this is amazing news for everyone and I’m really happy for all of this. Fantastic, so far.

    • felixtaf

      Good to see someone paid for an app and not whining, once it gone free. Cheers!

  • jacob wolin

    what time today will these be out?

    • Windy Joseph

      I think after the keynote.

  • Windy Joseph

    So if I have an iPhone 5, do I get these apps for free?

    • Malay Mody


    • Quang

      Buy new iPad or new iPhone

  • Taf Khan

    iPad Air Rocks

  • Theo Michael

    I bought an iMac at the end of September 2013, but it is the late-2012 model. Does anybody know if this qualifies for the free iWork package?

    • Renato Vieira

      I got a new Macbook Air in September and I got all the apps for free when I shouldn’t, so… who knows?

  • David Saltares

    So how does this work. I’ve got an iPhone 5 (don’t plan on upgrading until the iPhone 6 comes out). I plan on getting the new iPad Mini with Retina Display. When I buy and set that up I’m sure it will ask me if I want to download and install the iWork and iLife apps. How would I get those apps to my iPhone 5 and my MacBook Pro?

    • Malay Mody

      so you would download on the iPad mini first, then it’ll be linked to your Apple ID. then you can download on your iPhone. I think the apps are separate for mac so you may have to pay. Some one correct me if I’m wrong 😛

      • David Saltares

        Thanks. I appreciate the response.

    • Quang

      But the iWork and iLife for Mac is free for Mac purchases after Oct 1, 2013.
      If you only buy the iPad, you won’t get it free on Mac

  • Abbas

    I didn’t download the initial apple apps where you are presented with all apple apps when i set my Iphone 5s, Is there a way for me to re do it ? as those apps came free with the iphone 5s purchase?

  • armando

    you’re suppose to get it if you bought a new apple device on or after september 1st, 2013

  • Zack Simpson

    Why aren’t any of the updates on the App Store? GarageBand is totally missing, as well. Anyone know? (iPhone 5)

    • Wyeth Dion

      I noticed the same thing. It’s bugging the crap out of me. And I’m on a 5S.

  • Wyeth Dion

    So from what I can tell, the apps have yet to be updated in the iOS App Store.

  • Sam Sproul

    that Numbers icon for Mac though.