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One feature I really miss from iOS 6 is the Share Widget that would let you to add “Tap to Tweet” and “Tap to Post” buttons to Notification Center, allowing you to quickly send a tweet or post to Facebook.

When the first iOS 7 beta versions were released, we all thought the widgets would make their way to the final release, but they didn’t. Today, we’re going to show you a workaround that allows you to quickly send a tweet or post to Facebook in iOS 7…

Where did the Share Widget go?

First, I’d like to address the disappearance of the Share Widget in iOS 7. In iOS 6, you would find the Share Widget under Settings > Notifications. If you had the Share Widget on, and assuming you had signed in both Twitter and Facebook, you were able to quickly post to these two social networks by simply pulling down Notification Center from anywhere.

When you think about it, it never really made sense for the Share Widget to be in Notification Center to begin with. Sharing to Twitter or Facebook has nothing to do with a notification. It simply was not at the right place there.

A better place for the Share Widget would be Control Center. Just like you can quickly launch the Clock or Calculator apps from Control Center, it would definitely make more sense to have the Share Widget there than in Notification Center.

At this point, I’m not sure whether Apple will ever bring the widget back or not. One thing’s for sure, it is greatly missed.

The workaround

To date, there is no way to quickly share to Facebook or Twitter from anywhere on your iOS device, but as often, there is a nice little workaround that will do the trick.

The trick is to download a free application called MySocial Post. The app gives you a very basic, yet elegant way to quickly share to Facebook or Twitter using the built-in share sheets.

Launch the app and let it connect to your Facebook and Twitter account, and you’re good to go. Either tap “Post” or “Tweet” to select what social network you want to update, type in some text and hit the “Post” button. At this point, you cannot send an update to both networks at the same time.

From now on, should you want to share something really quick on Facebook or Twitter, you can simply launch this app and quickly get to the point without any distraction.

I can already hear the angry mob complaining about how this is far from being as convenient as the original Share Widget or how it’s just as fast to simply launch the Twitter or Facebook app and update from there directly. As mentioned above, this is just a workaround. This is as good as it gets (and looks) when quickly sharing on iOS without having to launch the full Twitter/Facebook app.

Now I’m wondering if it’d be possible for the developer to create a dummy notification that would stick to the “All” tab of Notification Center. This way, you’d be able to pull down Notification Center from anywhere, tap the dummy notification and launch MySocial Post. It doesn’t sound like too much asking, does it?

If that’s something you could use, download MySocial Post in the App Store for free. Of course, if you use Launcher Center Pro, you can easily add shortcuts to quickly post to Twitter and Facebook from there.

  • John

    Seb – How would this be quicker then launching an App and updating from within Facebook/Twitter App?

    • Sex in the city

      ahhahaha. bang on

    • iBanks

      “I can already hear the angry mob complaining about how this is far from being as convenient as the original Share Widget or how it’s just as fast to simply launch the Twitter or Facebook app and update from there directly. As mentioned above, this is just a workaround. This is as good as it gets (and looks) when quickly sharing on iOS without having to launch the full Twitter/Facebook app.”

      • John

        What angry mob? Who is running around in the streets with pitch forks and torches wanting to burn down buildings and kill all children?

        Relax buddy. I had a question that I wanted answered and it was answered in his reply so take a step back, replace your coffee with just iced water and take a deep breathe in because you’re on the path to somewhere crazy…

      • iBanks

        From your response, it’s clear that you failed to read the entire article before you commented otherwise you would have realized that this was a copy and paste from the article…. Hence the quotation marks. You need a hug dude.

      • John

        So you’re only contribution is to copy and paste something that Sebastien wrote and to not actually answer the question. *golf claps*

        I asked HOW it was quicker, perhaps you really do need to slow down on the coffee and read. every. word. typed.

        PS: Thanks for voting me down, would you like me to copy and paste something for this to be voted up?

      • iBanks

        You mad bro? Next time, read the entire article. What was said by Seb was very clear. You may need a swig of coffee yourself. Though I don’t drink it. I’ll email you a hug in a min.

      • John

        Mad about what? You’re dumb enough not to explain why you copied and pasted and said nothing else…not really. How about you explain yourself better next time, bro, or did you miss that part in English because those skills clearly aren’t as good as your computer ones.

        All he said was “This is a work around”, never mentioned the multiple accounts he manages in Twitter or didn’t say anything about factoring in load times of the App so when I ask HOW would it be quicker, he failed to answer.

      • Benben

        Can i have an emailed hug?

    • It looks like the third to last paragraph I wrote wasn’t enough to prevent that kind of comments, so I’ll go on and explain why, in some cases, this is better than using a FB or Twitter app to do a quick update.

      I am going to use my case as an example. I’ll assume many Facebook/Twitter users are in the same situation.

      First Facebook: my FB app is in a folder, simply because I’m not much of a FB guy. I do send status updates from time to time, but I rarely browse my timeline. If I want to send a quick FB update, I have to go in the folder, launch the app, usually wait 2-3 seconds for it to load, and then, I can finally write my status update. What was supposed to be a quick update turned into a 5 second adventure. Not the end of the world, but my goal was to do this quickly and without any friction. The FB app failed to deliver that.

      Now Twitter: Tweetbot is right in my dock, so easily accessible from anywhere on the Home screen. The problem is I have several accounts and most of the time, the active account on Tweetbot is the iDB account (which I monitor and reply to people from). So now I have to tap Accounts icon > Select personal account > Tap new tweet button. Again, it took me 5 more seconds than I would have wanted to.

      At the end of the day, I completely understand your point. Yes, using the FB or Twitter app is *almost* as fast as using this app (or a similar one), but if you want to post quickly without any distraction, FB/Twitter apps do not offer this option.

      As for using Siri to post to FB/Twitter, thanks but no thanks. First Siri is highly unreliable, sometimes taking 20 seconds to just start comprehending what I just said. Then it might take it another 20 seconds to actually post the update. Definitely not the best route in my opinion.

      • John

        Yup. Both valid points and completely agree with you on both of them.

        For me, Tweetbot lives in a folder as Facebook. To find them, I use Spotlight and find them easily. I guess the assumption that opening ANY App takes the same time is not correct, and you have proven that.

  • solai

    Really missing Facebook widget in notification center

    • Modest

      Never used Twitter nor Facebook widgets since iOS 6 release. Always just gone to the App and updated it.

      • Kamal Ahmad

        Me too, I only posted once with it to test it out. Otherwise I thought just opening the app would be faster.

  • Stan

    You can also use siri to post fb status and tweet…

    • Arthur Geron

      being able to post trough siri but not from notification center, thanks Apple

      • Stan

        the subject is very clear… How to post quickly on Fb and twitter…

      • Mr-Raman Sharma

        thanxx dude

  • raulismusic

    Its much faster for me to say Siri Facebook Post or Siri Tweet.

  • Prasoon Singh

    This app is kind of useless. Just have Facebook and Twitter on your home screen.

  • Mohsin

    Hahaha how stupid would that be to open another app to post on facebook when facebook itself has an option to post. i don’t know why people make it a big issue, It takes one second to open an app.

    • John

      …and with the new location for Finder, it’s almost quicker to find the Facebook App rather then this way.

      Sometimes I wonder if these reviews are paid advertising.

    • Proinsias

      The facebook app is desperately slow, so for a quick update it is tedious. This is an alternative.

  • SiroL

    You can also use Siri to quickly post to FB, I haven’t tried it with Twitter. Of course, this is useless if you can’t speak out loud at the moment you wish to post something.


    I’d rather use Hootsuite to schedule all my posts for the day,week, even month and be done with it. Can schedule for twitter, FB or both. Now that’s convenient.

  • homesmartsecure

    Why not add it as a button to the action panel like open in or open with.

  • .. does not connect with twitter
    .. no landscape mode for iPads
    .. total dud app ..

  • Lucas Tres

    Apple could add a Widgets tab on the NC on iOS 7.1 bringing back the social widget and maybe new ones. That would be nice.

  • Carlos Maanuel

    If you only use twitter the fastest app is touch tweet
    You launch the app and it automatically bring the popup to tweet

  • mjpoetic

    You guys should check out Everypost…it’s not completely bug free (crashes from time to time on my 4s) but offers a quick solution to post to the major social networks (including G+)

  • onebyone_

    Very great deal for iPhone 4 owners (like me).
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Great little Free App, Works very fast. Thanks for sharing Seb.

  • Tom

    I miss Fusion. That jailbreak tweak was awesome. You could compose one update and it would post to Twitter and Facebook. It also had Myspace, but seriously, who has even logged in to Myspace since 2009?

    It was released on iOS5 and it was my favourite tweak. I had an Activator action (swipe down) set up, and then I could update both networks simultaneously. It took seconds.

    The dev didn’t update it for iOS6, which really sucked. I would have paid for it. I think it was because of API changes. :o/

  • Mac guy

    Invoke Facebook.
    Say post to Facebook.

    Siri asks what you want to say.

    Tap in the field and type.

    Hugs for everyone.

  • Anõõ Anojan

    Easiest thing you can do is just instruct Siri to do your posting 🙂

  • CarnivalCruiser1985 .

    Apple blows. I love my iPad but am so glad I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 for a phone. Why would they eliminate a perfectly good feature from ios6?

  • Victor Bermea

    Actually, you can tell Siri to make a new Facebook post or Tweet. I know this was available as well in iOS 6, but what was the point when you had the widgets in the noti. center? She pulls up a dialog and you can either tell her what to post for you or just simply type it yourself by clicking inside the dialog box. Tried researching what happened to the Quick Post and Tweet and found nothing. Then, got to playing around with my phone and found out Siri will do it for you at ease. Save them fingers from getting Carpal Tunnel… 😉 #JK

  • andnewman

    Just yet another reason to switch to Android! Does Apple actually want us to stop buying iPhones?

  • demarcosaw

    Everyone here is really missing the point. The new way to share places a large importance on content. So while you’re browsing, or in an awesome app, you can touch the new share icon and share through your preferred networks.

    It isn’t all about the status update any longer, as it is a bit trivial and you can just do that while you’re in the app.

    Content is king and more valuable than the whinny “I just love rice cakes” update. 🙂

  • I’m still on an iPhone 4 and this is much better than waiting for either app to load.

    So friggin’ slow iOS7 is…they should have cut off iPhone 4’s from the update.

    EDIT: And let’s not forget the battery hog the FB app is. Worth the price of admission right there.