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Heads up Twitterrific users, the Iconfactory team has posted an update for the popular Twitter client today, bringing the app to version 5.5.2. The update brings about improvements, bug fixes, and one long-awaited feature: profile editing.

That’s right, with Twitterrific 5.5.2 you can now upload your banner and avatar image as well as edit your profile. That means you can set your account name, location and website information without ever having to leave the application…

Here is the full 5.5.2 change log:


• Profile Editing
– Crop and upload avatar and banner images
– Set your name, location, website, and bio


• Performance enhancements when scrolling and loading the timeline
• Improved application launch time


• Timeline no longer always jumps to marker when loading more tweets
• Addressed various crash-on-launch issues

To be honest, this update is long overdue, as other mobile Twitter clients like Tweetbot have allowed you to edit your profile from within the app for quite some time now. But still, dedicated Twitterrific users will be glad to finally get the feature.

Earlier this month, Twitterrific was one of the many apps to get an iOS 7-flavored update with a new UI design and several other enhancements. If you don’t have it yet, you can grab the latest version of the universal app from the App Store for $3.

  • Modest

    LOL, it didn’t have this feature before and it was a paid app? w-t-f

    • Gedeon Maheux

      Not every one edits their profile on a daily (or even monthly) basis.

      • Modest

        And that is a weak excuse.

      • Gedeon Maheux

        Hardly. When allocating development resources it’s necessary to determine what features the MAJORITY of people want and what they *think* they want. By FAR the majority of users don’t change their profiles often. Hence, why the feature was added just now. There are harsh realities to developing software, and not all of them favor all users all the time.

  • Rick

    Tweetbot FTW!!

  • jocastro

    tweetbot is wwwwaaaaaaayyyyy better

  • HurrDurrr


    • Core

      never whatsapp looks like it was made in the iphone os 3 era

  • jocastro

    here is better news then this……….IFunny is back and for ios 7

  • The Twitterific team has numerous times gone on record of saying Twitterific is a tweet consumption app more than anything. It is not a power-user app. When I want to read tweets I use Twitterific. For anything else I use Tweetbot.

  • Michael Romano

    For those that use Twitterrific over Tweetbot, can I ask why? What do you like better?