F1 Challenge for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Fans of Formula 1 racing, rejoice! Games maker Codemasters today released F1 Challenge (a $2.99 download) on the App Store with more than 90 racing events. This is a licensed videogame so you’re getting the officially licensed cars from manufacturers such as Ferrari and McLaren, in addition to the drivers and teams from the 2012 season.

F1 Challenge lets you race against such names as Scuderia Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ Jenson Button and Lotus F1 Team’s Kimi Räikkönen. Graphics look top-notch and I’ve included a few screenshots and some video evidence right after the break…

The game includes quick-fire challenges, time trials, race events, short Grand Prix challenges with twelve cars on track and simple controls (touch-to-steer and tap-to-use) for both right and left-handed players .

From the blurb:

Use slipstreaming to hunt down your opponents, defend or attack with K.E.R.S. and sweep to victory in the racing line on official Formula One circuits.

Game Center achievements and leaderboards are supported and there are tons of unlockable Formula 1 facts about cars, teams, tracks, drivers and what not.

Check out a few more screenies below.

F1 Challenge for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

F1 Challenge for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

F1 Challenge for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

F1 Challenge for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005)

Download F1 Challenge from the App Store for $2.99.

The 228MB download is optimized for the iPhone 5’s taller screen and requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 7 or later (meaning iPad 2 or newer, iPhone 4S and up and fifth-gen iPod touch).

Pre-iOS 7 devices are not supported.

Codemasters advises restarting your device and and closing all other applications before playing for “optimal performance”. There are also a few in-app purchases available to unlock additional cars and seasons, but you should be able to enjoy the game in its entirety without spending a dime on these.

Codemasters back in June released a remastered PlayStation classic, Colin McRae Rally, on the App Store and yesterday updated its excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown iOS strategy game with a brand new multiplayer mode, slashing the price in half.

  • Σαλαη αββας

    Hi every body , I have a big question ( please, I need it to be answered )
    – if I buy a factory unlocked iphone 5 or 5s , will it work in my country with my carriers ? …. Knowing that I’m from Algeria and all carriers here are GSM
    If it does work , does it mean it will still work If I update to a newer ios ?
    I really need these questions to be answered …. So please go a head

    I’ll keep commenting this question in every new post till a get a good answer , sorry for this but I really need someone to light me ,

    • abdullah575

      yes it work !!

      • Σαλαη αββας

        Without jailbreak ?!

      • Raul M

        yes without a jailbreak:)

  • abdullah575

    who want that when it don’t support the new devices !!

    • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

      You got it backwards. It’s the other way around. It ONLY supports newer devices.

  • Tuan Anh Vu

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Did the author even try the game? It looks nothing like the “actual game footage”. Wasted my effin $3. It sucks. Not a simulation. That footage is damn deceptive. It’s like playing little toy cars with your finger. WTF?!

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Pretty cool and lame game. Beware, the gameplay footage posted here is from the console game not iOS. The iOS game delivers none of what is in the vids. Very very weak article. Shameful journalism.

  • Jarryd Richards

    Christian just so you know that trailer is for F1 2013 (PS3, Xbox and pc) not for F1 Challenge (iOS)