Apex 01

One of the best jailbreak tweaks to touch down in some time is now available for purchase on the Cydia Store. I’m referring to Apex, the new jailbreak tweak collaboration from A3tweaks.

Apex is an innovative new release that allows you to group sets of app icons together, and reveal each individual app using a swipe up or swipe down gesture. This means that you can have what appears to be a single app on your Home screen, when in all actuality, it’s hiding up to four additional apps.

Apex is a great way to get by without using folders. It allows you to quickly group items together, and launch them just as fast using intuitive gesture commands. Have a look inside at our full video walkthrough, as I explain why this is a must have jailbreak release for you.

At its core, Apex is a simple tweak that really only does one thing — allows you to group apps. That in itself is a fairly simplistic premise, but the tweak gets fairly complex when it comes to rendering the way those elements look on the Home screen.

Instead of just opting to dump a whole group of apps on the Home screen, meticulous detail was paid to how the apps are grouped together. With Apex, up to four apps can be mated to another app at any given time. You don’t necessarily have to use four apps, that’s just the limit for the amount of apps that can be grouped to another.

When looking at Apex, I’m sort of loosely reminded of how electrons surround a nucleus. The nucleus, of course, being the primary app that’s used to group the other four apps, and the electrons being any one of the apps designated to mate with the nucleus app.

This analogy makes more sense when you gather how the mated app icons “stick” to the primary app icon. No matter where the primary app is located on the Home screen — whether it’s the top left-hand corner, bottom right-hand corner, or somewhere in the middle — the mated apps find a way to surround the app in a logical order. Watch the video demonstration above and it will give you a sense as to what I’m referring to.

As mentioned, gestures play an integral role in Apex’s functionality. A swipe up or swipe down gesture on any app will reveal four empty spaces where companion apps can be added. The blank spaces where potential apps can be are symbolized by plus signs encapsulated with outlined boxes.

Apex 03 Add

Tapping on the plus sign dims the rest of the screen, and reveals a vertically scrollable interface, which lists all of the available apps present on your device. Once a desired app is situated on top of the box, a checkmark will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the app signifying its selection. From there, a tap of the Home button will lock in the selection, and bring you back to the remaining empty three boxes.

You can stop right there, or continue adding up to three additional apps to finish the group. The developers recommend adding similar apps, for instance, grouping the Camera app with Instagram, Vine, Camera+, and Hipstamatic. This results in a more folder like inventory of apps, that’s convenient, but certainly not required and or necessary to get a lot out of Apex.

Once a group has been settled on, the main app icon that makes up the group can be swiped on at any time to reveal the other apps associated with that group. You’ll be able to tell when an app icon contains a group by the other apps that ever so subtly peek out from behind the primary app icon. If you’re not particularly fond of this effect, it can be exchanged for an even more subtle indicator by means of a handy toggle option in the tweak’s preferences.

Removing apps from groups is basically an exercise in reversing the steps taken to add icons to a group. First you’ll need to swipe on the tweak to reveal its grouped apps, tap and hold on an icon to place the device into wiggle mode, and then tap on the app icon you want to remove. From there, just move the list of app icons all the way to to the top of the list, where the blank app resides, and press the Home button. Written out, the steps seem a bit cumbersome, but it’s really quick and only take a couple of seconds.

The most outstanding thing about Apex, outside of the tweak’s functionality, is its animations. When swiping on a grouped app icon, the animations are quite impressive. The surrounding app icons are pushed out of the way about as elegantly as a push could hope to be. It’s even more impressive when you refrain from a violent flick, and slowly invoke the swipe gesture.

The thing that I’ve always appreciated about A3tweaks is its attention to detail. Sentry, the lead designer for projects that come from A3tweaks, is a stickler for the details; that’s the case with Apex, and any other tweak that falls under the moniker.

It’s not just the function of the tweak that’s impressive, but it’s the way that function is executed. It shows that the makers behind it actually care, and aren’t just after a quick payday (if you can even call it that, given the modest price point of the offering).

I definitely don’t want to sell short the impressive underbody that holds it all together, because coder Aditya KD has produced a tweak that functions just as well as it looks. You’ve got to hand it to Sentry, he knows where to find the talent that can properly pull off the concepts he’s envisioned.

Apex 02 Bug

That being said, there is a small bug that I found on 4″ screen devices. The bug allows you to have five app icons grouped to another, instead of the standard four. I’ve confirmed with the developer that this is indeed a bug, and not implemented by design. The bug makes it so, depending on where the primary app icon is positioned, access to one of the five apps may be restricted until the primary app is moved to another location on the Home screen. This bug is certainly not a deal breaker, and it only happens if you intentionally add more than four apps to a group.

Apex is available right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for a very reasonable $0.99. The developer is now working on a bug fix for the issue mentioned above, so it should be resolved in due time. If you decide to take it for a spin, be sure to share your thoughts about the tweak in our comment section down below.

  • TesticularFortitude

    This is pretty awesome. If there was ever a tweak that Apple should lift from the jailbreak community, it is this one… I can’t use it now as I threw my jailbreak under the bus.

    • Damian Lillard

      No worries. It’s so aesthetically pleasing, Apple most likely will. Just as they’ve lifted the current notification center, banner notifications, toggles e.t.c.

  • chumawumba

    I can’t wait to get it… Once iOS 7 is jailbroken.

    • Zeyad Kambouris

      Totally agree with man …

  • Info

    There’s a new awesome tweak called SideSettings that let’s you open the settings app on the side of the screen whilst in another app in a ZUUIRevealControler way.

    • nite-_-hawk

      there is also Reminisce.

      • Info

        No this is different. Reminsce is an app launcher. This is like you know in YouTube app when you swipe left and it reveals the menu? This is like that but it shows you the settings app. You still stay within the app you’re using.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      How come Apex costs ONLY $0.99 and that other tweak you mention is twice as expensive and doesn’t offer anything new other than accessing the Settings app by swiping? Again, developers should use criteria before tagging their stuff at a certain price- it’s just ridiculous, in my humble opinion!
      Apex is awesome and very good looking in comparison.

      • Damian Lillard

        Agreed. Apex tops that other tweak by leagues and bounds.

  • Freddy Born

    No ipa support…. Again…..-.-

    • caughtinflux

      This actually worked great on iPads, but my iPad got updated to iOS 7, and I can’t test on it any more. There’s no way I’d release something for a whole new device without testing it first. Sorry!

  • Paul Meneshian

    Beware, if you use springtomize to resize your icones this will not work.. i wish it did because i hate the stock icon size…

    • Eyal Rotem

      more so- it has issues with gridlock as well……
      by issues i mean- it’s useless for all icons not in first row…

    • xSeriouSx

      Also it doesn’t play nice with FolderEnhancer as Jae mentioned below.

      • Damian Lillard

        That is to be expected, though. With a tweak like this, it obviously will clash with tweaks like FE. It’s just something you’ll have to learn to live with.

      • xSeriouSx

        Hell no, if it’s not gonna play nice with my already installed tweaks, I just won’t support the dev. Period.

  • Jeff

    Something wrong?

    • George Yfantopoulos

      Jeff Replied :O First time i see you on Forums man. Nice jobs with the videos! 😀

      • kadeem kadz Dulice

        lol smh

    • joes223

      no .. just did not like the title . why was the comment deleted?

  • AvB

    Not sure if its a conflict with other tweaks, but if you move a grouped icon set into the dock, it won’t work. then when you try to move it back out of the dock, phone freezes. Had to do hard reset and uninstall Apex to reverse.
    Would be great if the grouped icons could play in the dock.

    • rjskeete32

      Yea im having the same issue with folderenhancer i got to move an app and it freezes requires me to hard reset.

  • Albert

    For $.99? why the F not! 😛
    though im not finding a huge use for it, but i have it for some…

    • xSeriouSx

      ‘Cause it’s not compatible with FolderEnhancer.

  • I003166

    Please make it run on iPad and iPad mini. tq

  • blastingbigairs

    Trying it now. Why you ask? Because I can!!!! 6.1.2 + Cydia = LOVE.

  • Blip dude

    Is it Velox friendly???

    • mario fernandez

      Yes, but still, why do you have it on your phone, i only used it for searching the app store

      • Stephen Barns

        Mario please don’t tell me yet ANOTHER person didn’t inquire with you on what the mandated functionality limit your unimaginative brain had set for all tweaks. Seriously the nerve of some people. On a related note, I wanted to request one more time if I could please assign an activator gesture to the flashlight switch. I know I know, you don’t use one on your phone. Can’t argue with that logic. That’s why Im asking as a favor. Thank you Mario.

      • Eyal Rotem

        use springflash, it works like magic

  • mario fernandez

    The only use I’ve found is to hide those red number badges some apps display

  • Jae

    It won’t work with FolderEnhancer. Just freezes when you try to move an icon.

    • xSeriouSx

      Thank you very much for the heads up! That’s a dealbreaker!

      Got excited over Velox, ’cause they claimed FolderEnhancer compatibility is coming, bought it just to realise I was scammed; they removed the FolderEnhancer compatibility claim and the tweak today is still not compatible…not doing that ever again.

      • SimonReidy

        I have FolderEnhancer and Apex working fine together. No freezing on my iPhone 5 on 6.1.2. You can’t create Apex groupings within folders though (if you try it crashes to safe mode). Providing you keep Folders and Apex groups separate it seems ok.

      • xSeriouSx

        The situation you described in which it crashes, that’s what I’m looking for (without it crashing) before I consider purchasing it. Also noticed another dealbreaker; it doesn’t work in the dock…

      • SimonReidy

        yep, both those things are indeed true. A 3rd thing – it doesn’t work with custom icon layouts either. I used to have an extra row and line of icons using Springtomize 2, but I’ve had to revert to the default layout for Apex to function as intended.
        All that being said its still a very impressive tweak. Particularly if you have a lot of apps that are close in functionality. Its made my springboard layout a lot easier to navigate.

  • mkOS

    I don’t see the advantage of using this instead of folders.

    • Stephen Barns

      You don’t see the advantage of being able to link like-minded apps or apps that when used together either enhance or facilitate one another’s functionality and or user experience ALL in an aesthetically pleasing and innovative fashion? I already have found several uses for it. Right now I have several Highlander app-offs going on for which Apex is becoming a godsend. I’m referring to having several apps with too much overlapping functionality to justify keeping all of them. In other words, there can be only one.

      • bw00ds

        “You don’t see the advantage of being able to link like-minded apps or apps that when used together either enhance or facilitate one another’s functionality and or user experience”

        I think he does. That’s why there are folders. As far as “aesthetically pleasing,” that’s in the beholder of the eye. And personally, I’m interested more in functionality than aesthetics. Having both is frosting on the cake and certainly Apex fits the bill for some people.

    • Stephen Barns

      Some people have a significant number of apps on their phone resulting in a large number of small groupings for which Apex is amazing. Folders simply don’t look as nice as app icons and are ridiculous for 3-4 apps. I don’t see how you fail to grasp that. I would bet money you hate on 90% of Jeff’s intro/instructional articles. Haters are so annoying.

      • bw00ds

        That’s your opinion. He has his. And I agree with his. Haters are annoying. So are presumptuous opinions of _people_ like yours. The only hate I see is you hating anyone’s opinions that differ from yours. Here’s a tip: instead of putting _people_ down for holding an opinion, why don’t you articulate why your opinion differs and try to be convincing rather than abrasive? In this case, arguing for the merits of Apex and why you like it and how you use it. Instead, you attacked him personally instead of arguing your point.

        Personally, I really don’t care if “folders…don’t look as nice as app icons.” Yes, I have a *very* significant number of apps. That is why I like folders and use FolderEnhancer. And from what I’ve seen in the video, it is way more efficient than this tweak. I have several types of apps that have way more than just 4 in common functions. I like how with a single-tap, I can see all of them at once, nicely organized in a folder. I do not agree that a folder for 3-4 apps is ridiculous. If that premise is correct, then Apex is ridiculous by definition.

      • Hugh Jassol

        I like the idea of the tweak but in comparison to how many apps I’d use it for….. For “me”, its just not worth installing. I hate running too many unnecessary mobilesubtrate addons since doing so usually causes other tweak conflicts, glitches, device performance issues etc.

        After 5 years of jailbreaking, I’ve come to learn that sometimes less is more. I always try to weigh the pros & cons of installing MS addons 😉

  • Mark

    Is it possible to hide app icons of the apps that I’ve merged from my springboard?

  • David Hvilivitzki

    1. Reboot when trying to create a nested icon inside a folder with FolderEnhancer installed (Haven’t tried without).

    2. Hangs the phone when placing a nested icon in the dock with ScrollingBoard installed (Haven’t tried without).

  • Lame

    This is crap and is in no way a replacement for folders. Not even worth 1 dollar when you consider the price of tweaks like Springtomize. FolderEnhancer shits on this.

  • DexterWhite

    Can you penis-shape those icons Jeff? If not vagina.

  • Mark

    Still crashing a lot.

  • Lounger

    Works fine with Springtomized icon sizes. Really nice tweak!

  • Damian Lillard

    This does indeed seem to be quite the nifty tweak. Prior to purchasing it, I do have one question. Does it play nice with Velox?

    • Damian Lillard

      Ah, after perusing the comments, I’ve noticed it also malfunctions in conjunction with Gridlock. Which I’m sort of married to, unless I can find an alternative which will support Apex.

  • Andrew ☜☆☞ Forbes

    After installing the new apex update v1.1-1 and asked to respring my phone it sends me to safe mode anyone else having this problem?

  • ChristopherMay

    I installed the 1.1-1 update of Apex, and my phone started acting really wacky. After a reboot I was getting the quarter screen bug where the lock screen was only showing up really small only on the top quarter of the the screen. I think it may actually have something to do with a conflict with springtomize, because before I restart all my springtomize settings were inactive. Obviously I may be wrong, but I am going to boot in safe mode and uninstall Apex until the devs fix the problem. Bummer too because I really like the tweak.

    • Andrew ☜☆☞ Forbes

      My phone won’t even respring normally this latest update puts me in safe mode something is definitely wrong with the update

      • Idan91

        It happened to me too.
        I tweeted Sentry about it, hope they fix it soon.

      • Jeriko23

        is full of bugs !!!!!
        also crash with iconoscalm
        you should not make such a CRAP ,
        before you publish a crap-tweak like this, full of bugs
        test it !!!! on devices FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!
        You made me waste my time !!! to re-fix my iphone after istalled this CRAPPPPPPP !!!!!
        is not even about the dollar !!!
        DEFINITIVE not worth it !!!!!!!!!

        Made me waste my time !!!!!!!!!

  • Mambo king

    I’ve installed it and crashed my jailbroken iPhone, bummer!

    • Chris Williams

      It Crashed my iPhone…it keeps restarting.

      • Jeriko23

        while is restarting , try to connect (PC) with ifunbox
        and remove apex in /Library/MobileSubstrate
        then you should start fine again
        then after it starts normally open cydia and remove Apex
        and then again open with ifile or (pc-ifunbox) get this CRAP out completly, by removing in /Library/PreferenceLoader/Preferences anything with name Apex !!!!!
        Hope you did managed to fix your phone and did keep the jailbreak !!!

  • Mambo king

    What? I see!

  • Ren Marc

    Is there a particular reason why Apex went up to 1.99$ after 5 days?

    • Jeriko23

      You know ?!!?!
      somebody could loose the jailbreak , because of such Crap !!!
      if you have litlle experience, you could end-up in such situation (restore) !!!!!
      and rigth now, it’s gonna be long time before the next jailbreak !!!

  • iOS 4 Codename was Apex.

  • regi ansyah

    this tweak almost gave me heart attack because of the 1/4 screen issues (my home screen only fit 1/4 actual screen size and its flickering). I thought my hardware is broken. For those of you having this issue, try to go to safe mode by holding home + power button until you see Apple logo. After apple logo show up, press and hold volume up until you see the lockscreen. If you see your screen normal again, then it’s not hardware problem! At this point, go to cydia and upgrade your Apex. After respring, if it still in safe mode, try holding the home + power button again (without volume up button)

  • joseph letera

    i give it 3 stars

    • Jeriko23

      i give it one finger !!!

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Has anyone tried this awesome tweak on iOS 7 now that the jailbreak is available?

  • Abbas

    Anyone have any idea if this tweak will be updated for IOS7 ? Would love to it there..