New GBA emulator found in the App Store, get it while you can

By , Sep 30, 2013

gba emulator

At any given time, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of apps floating around the App Store with built-in ROM emulators. These apps are disguised as calculators and sketch pads, but feature the hidden ability to play old-school games.

And everyone once in a while we find out the name of one of these apps, and how to activate its secret feature, before Apple has the chance to pull it. And that just so happens to be the case with this newly-posted app called Earthquake 7…

Simply type in ‘Earthquake 7’ into the search bar of the App Store on your iOS device, and locate the app by developer Kalana Jayatilake. It should have a pink icon, and in the description it claims to offer up ‘the latest earthquake news.’

gbua emulator 2

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll want to tap on the search bar, type in ‘gba activate 638,’ and initiate the search. Doing this will bring up a ‘Games’ menu, which should show all of the GBA ROMs you have installed on your device.

Now, we won’t tell you how or where to get the ROMs, but if you need help installing them to your non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad, click here. Otherwise, click here to download Earthquake 7 ($2). And hurry, history tells us it won’t be there long.

Update: as several readers have noted in the comments below, it appears that this emulator is only working with .gb ROMs and not .gba ROMs. Still, we’re surprised it hasn’t been pulled yet.

Thanks Mutz!

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  • Cameron Chao

    uhh $2…?

    • planetcoalition

      So charging for apps is apparently unacceptable?

      • Cameron Chao

        Depends if you’re paying for the Earthquake or the Emulator feature?

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Is 2 dollars that bad for a gab emulator?

  • Willie

    damn, its ios 7 and above

    • Core

      gba4ios look it up no jb required

      • Willie

        Yeah I seen that before!!

      • Markus Hudobnik

        You have to change the date on your device which screws up things

      • Core

        so big deal

      • Markus Hudobnik

        it screws up things. So it was no-go for me.

      • Core

        k your opnion

    • Glorin

      ungrade you idiot… staying in the ugly iOS6

      • K thx

        Ungrade…lol. And you call others idiots? Kill yourself please.

      • Reish

        iOS 7 is ugly trash. Shutup turd.

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        no its not

  • Royce Otero

    In jailbreak is free. If u spend 2 dollars on something that’s going to be pulled your dumber then I thought. Lol

    • dangough

      Slightly embarrassing to call people dumb when your comment is the definition of “dumb”.

      • Royce Otero

        Are you still enjoying your emulator? Lol

      • I’m sorry but just because it’s pulled from the app store doesn’t mean it gets uninstalled. I have that emulator forever now. ‘Lol’

      • Royce Otero

        So desperate to spend to dollar on a lame app lol

    • Martin

      You are aware that once you buy it, it’s yours. Even if Apple pulls it from the App store, it is still available to you.
      it’s* you* you’re* than* Dumbass.

      • Carlos

        Will it be available in the purchased section via the AppStore app on my phone or do I have to save the app on my computer?

      • Rowan09

        Save it to your computer.

      • Polygon


      • If i’m not mistaken, you would have spent $2 on something that you can’t get back if you do a device reset after the app is pulled.

      • Martin

        You are mistaken. Sync with your computer so it saves to it, if you ever reset your phone the app will still be on your computer.

      • Royce Otero

        Its is dumb paying 2 dollars for that crap. Go play Tetris.

      • Shiv

        It is dumb* OR It’s dumb… Dumbass

      • Royce Otero

        It’s dumb smart ass

      • Royce Otero

        Now go. Go show ur android friends what your phone can do lol .

      • Shiv

        Actually I use an iPhone. Way to assume things.

      • Royce Otero

        I said go show your android friends your phone. Read a little slower. I know you have an iPhone lol

      • 1337lolzorz

        It’s well worth it for this app. Even though I’m jailbroken I still bought this app. Android sucks.

      • Chucky GoodGuy

        There is no use in arguing the superiority of Android based or iOS based devices, they can both do what the user requires…it’s just a matter of how clever the user is. I have multiple platforms for both mobile devices, and they both perform excellent at emulation. Morons.

      • Martin

        It is indeed dumb paying 2 dollars for this app as there is often an emulator app for free or one dollar. I was lucky enough to get a free one a while back. Had it on my 4S and now I have it on my 5s.

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Your completely wrong. Just look what happened to the other emulators. They don’t even show up in the App Store since they have been pulled.

      • Martin

        How am I completely wrong? I know they have been pulled. But like I already said, it doesn’t matter if they’ve been pulled if you already have it saved to your computer.

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Only if you save it to a PC smart guy.

      • Martin

        I know, smart guy. I said that 10 hours ago.

      • Royce Otero

        Didn’t know I have jailbreak and the emulators are fun only for like a few hours then boring again and remove lol. So don’t know why it’s worth spending 2 bucks

    • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

      Yea, in CYDIA it is free. Problem is, it’s only free to people who pirate because all gba emulators on there cost money.

      • Royce Otero

        It’s all free lol

      • John Gemin

        1. No, not all of them are free. A lot of them are actually paid. You sir may use xSellize to pirate but others may not want to.
        2. Use fucking spell check. If you’re going to call out the majority of the people in this comment place, do it right.
        3. Everyone hates you…just leave. My question is why? Why do you piss people off like this? You’re just a fucking bitch. I’d be surprised if you even get married. Such a troll
        4. Personally, i just use this…and it works fine and its yeah…
        5. If jailbreaking is free, why do people buy this app you ask? I’d love to have you jailbreak my iPhone 5s. What did you say? Thats what i thought. Nothing. You’re speechless bitch, go fuck yourself.
        6. “Your dumber then I thought”
        You’re as dumb as i thought. Just a question, is this like a middle schooler writing this? Then, truly I am sorry for calling you out. Really, I was as stupid as you when I was your age…if you are a middle schooler……….actually, even i wasnt that stupid.

      • Chucky GoodGuy

        It is clear the boy/girl is young and has far less life experience than say you or myself; however, this being theorized, you have no right to cruelly mock, curse, or degrade him/her in such a manner. You try to place yourself on some sort of moral high ground within this area of controversy, and yet you speak as an uneducated barbarian trying to yell at someone far younger than yourself pathetically trying to attain some sort of intellectual leverage. Try to be a role model and give the boy some decent advice instead of attempting to demoralize and insult him/her. Your entire rant was filled with undisciplined rage and hypocrisy. Yet even though you thought the kid was a possible “middle schooler”, you still still chose to send out this awful rhetoric. What you should have done was change his perception of what he was doing and encourage him to do better from your one point of view. Also, it was ludicrous and pathetic of you to complain about spell check, not everyone cares to use it and lack of using it is not synonymous with intelligence level. I do not “hate” him because I believe I “understand” why he act & feels the way he does. You are a hate monger, a bully, and weak human being. Me being the father of 2 and loving children…I would love to…teach you a lesson in manners.

      • Royce Otero

        Still enjoying your emulator ?

      • Chucky GoodGuy

        Do not pay attention to John Gemin, he is a fool. You remind me of myself years ago. Competitive, aggressive, and challenge the word of anyone around you for the fun of it regardless. Good for you if you know how use all the free emulation software, I have been doing it for years and love it. Best part is….it’s free! Yeah I know this is an old thread…but I don’t care 🙂

      • Royce Otero

        lol he talked about xsellize but I bet he has that source loaded on his device. And I ain’t afraid to say I do pirate most of the things but I also pay for the ones that are really worth it and I do keep. Must be a fool if I actually buy every sht that comes out.

  • dinghow

    its a spoof doesnt work. cant even load the game

    • Leung Man Lok

      where can I get a ROM?..just downloaded this app

      • I downloaded this app. and I can’t load GBA roms :((

      • Dan


      • Joseph

        Piratebay for GBA ROMs, huh. :p

        There are much easier ways.

      • Dan

        haha maybe, I’ve only downloaded a few snes roms of old games I used to own (nostalgia). Never had a GBA as a kid.

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Cool rom . Com

  • Guest

    “history tells us it won’t be there long.” thats because of websites like idownloadblog making it public! I guess developer was happy to be able to run gba games on non-jailbroken device also sharing it with friends. You made this fun over.

    • Core

      a developer can run any thing on his device he wants other than cydia and not release to the app store

    • GuiyeC

      Completely right, I, as a developer, hate when a blog post “go buy this $2 app before it gets taken down”, maybe it’s just me, I don’t know if everybody hates money.

      • s0me

        I hate money too.. why? because I dont have any

    • Yasser Kaskas

      Im sure the developer welcome this Its a quick way to make money. Even if it gets taken down. Make a quick buck off of people looking for an emulator before it gets taken down, remove the emulator, resubmit to the app store.

    • duh

      You know nothing about developers shush. If that were the case then the dev would just register his friends idevices under his own account and give it to the for free without the nedd of the appstore.

      • 1337lolzorz

        U know nothing about how these specific apps make quick cash

      • duh

        You’re an idiot. Your comment doesn’t even dispute my comment. Learn to read. SMFH moron.

  • derekedelaney

    Ive found that it works with .gb roms not .gba roms.

  • disqus_In9NIZTnSO

    downloded the app install the roms but nothing appears ;{

    • It’s not for GBAs :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • GBA Roms are not Working :((((( It’s for GB ROMS :((((((

  • Tarallo

    I’m on an iPod Touch 4g


    • Dan


    • bigtalk

      you need to upgrade the 5G is bad ass

      • Tarallo

        I’ll surely do it but now the app is gone. :<

  • Mike Schnell

    OK for anyone complaining about paying $2 here is the thing. Once it gets pulled from the app store you can request a refund from apple and they will issue it immediately. I have done it many times in the past for tethering apps and emulators. Then all you do is sync with itunes and you can keep it. I doubt this developer will be getting any of the money anyway when it gets pulled so why should apple keep it?

  • Matt

    So apparently it only works with .gb roms? Hesitant to buy it now..

  • Leung Man Lok

    which folder should the rom be put? I cannot find a folder called ‘roms’. I am using iphone5 ios 7.0.2….. plz help

    • Leung Man Lok

      and i am using ifunbox both for windows and mac:)

      • Andrew Gerlach

        yeah i am too and im using iexplorer though and ive even tried adding in a ROMs folder and no luck

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Yay! I always have missed out on the others. Thank you. 🙂

    • kalanajayathilaka

      Good timing. It just got removed from the store.

  • bigtalk

    no thanks… GBA sucks

    • It’s still a lot more interactive than any iOS game…

  • nom

    it was pulled! D:

  • Sid

    Is it possible to have Mxtube And a cracked App Store on your iPhone ios 7 without a jailbreak ?

    • Bieberkinz

      I know that answer. Its difficult though.

      • Sid

        Thanks for reply. I have them both on iPhone 4S running ios 7. Just want to know if other people new how easy it is.
        Takes less than 2 mins.
        Peace x

      • kim jaeyoung

        try the gba for the apple’s old devices. like ipone 3g and ipod touch.(2nd gen does not work)