iOS 7 teaser (iPhone 5s ad 001)

After being available for just one week, Apple’s new iOS 7 is making daily headlines. The latest kudo to the revamped mobile operating system is a win for best user experience. Measuring how iOS 7 performs for everyday users, the software handily defeats Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10.

Apple’s mobile software rated 73.25, placing it far ahead of Google’s Android with 57.25. The version of Android available on Samsung smartphones ranked third, just behind Apple’s previous mobile software, iOS 6…

Apple’s iOS 7 has “a clear advantage in terms of overall user experience,” the Pfeiffer Report announced Wednesday. The company measured the user experience of non-technical users to various mobile operating systems.

Apple’s iOS 7 and iOS 6 was No. 1 and 2, receiving scores of 73.25 and 70, respectively. Android ranked third with 57.25 followed by BlackBerry 10 in fourth place.

The software by the Waterloo, Ontario-based BlackBerry – which is looking to sell itself in a $4.7 billion bid – had a higher user experience score than Microsoft. Windows Phone 8 was in the basement with a fifth place score of 47.25.


Aside from the overall user experience, Pfeiffer also delved into specifics, including how much effort it takes for a person to learn the mobile software. Known as “cognitive load,” the benchmark counts “the number of apps/widgets as well as other icons and user interface elements a default installation of the operating system contains.”

In this instance, the lower score the better.

Apple’s iOS 6 had the best score of 32. That’s versus 40 for iOS 7, equal to the cognitive load of Windows Phone 8. BlackBerry 10 ranked third while Android’s cognitive load is 162, nearly four times that of iOS 7.


When it comes to how well such features as settings access and integration of the camera or multitasking, Apple and Android tied for No. 1. Again, Apple’s older iOS 6 outgunned both BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8, according to the report.

While the geeks who like skating on the bleeding edge of technology love endless customization, too many options can spoil the experience for the average mobile device user.

Of course, when it comes to customization – Android beats Apple.

Pfeiffer’s take on the subject: mobile software customization ranges “from the almost dizzying granularity of Android’s options, to the starkness of Windows Phone 8, which allows hardly any user-level customization.”

The report doesn’t take into account people who jailbreak their iOS devices, which enables power users to take advantage of endless customization options via handy jailbreak tweaks.


We’ve all experienced a feature that gets under our skin, or drives us to tear our hair out. Whether it is simply annoyance or full-blown crazy town is a measure of what the analytic firm calls “user experience friction” or UXF.

“Basically, UXF occurs whenever a device does not do what you expect it to do – or lacks a key feature that should be available,” the report explains. Once again, Apple took the top two spots when it came to fewest incidents of UXF.

Android placed third with BlackBerry 10 in the fourth spot. Not surprisingly, Windows Phone 8 scored highest on the drive-em-crazy meter.

So, along with fastest adoption and the widest attitude swing (from you’ll hate it to you’ll love it), Apple’s iOS 7 now leads in most useable.

Rivals are running out of cards to play.

One of the unintended consequences (or is it?) of the all-white iOS 7 appearance with its crisp graphics and precise typography is that it’s much harder to clone than previous iOS versions, especially on devices with power-hungry AMOLED screens (white areas on such screens draw the most power).

  • Greenhaze22

    After 5 years as an iphone owner, I was persuaded to go over to the dark-side and bought an HTC One phone. After having it for a couple months, I think I’m qualified to say…Apple’s iOS is much, MUCH better (responsive, user friendly…etc) than android.
    However…I love the HTC One phone. It’s too bad I can’t combine the two.

    • Jason Duong


    • tskwierc

      Funny i just switched to the HTC one couple days ago and have my iphone 5 for sale as of today. Was not impressed with the 5s all that much and htc one is a gorgeous phone (Also payed 50 bucks at bestbuy lol). I do believe that IOS is more intuitive and user friendly but I like the challenge with android and so far if something is not quite right I can manage to find an app/tweak that makes it work. Also it seems with HTC sense 5 experience is pretty good so far, and have not had the urge to root it……not yet at least. I have another line upgrade available in January so worst case if I get bored Ill get another Iphone or just wait till the 6

      • Matt

        You prefer for your UI to challenge you? Seems a bit odd. Typically you want to make the UI as user friendly as possible.

      • tskwierc

        Lol I think anyone who follows this site, has jailbroken their phone or still is atm for the most part. And the fun is tweaking the UI to your preference. I have never liked stock IOS and have always been bored between jailbreaks after I upgrade to a new phone. The fun part about android is that you can start right out of the box and a root is always a quick process if you want to teak it further. The android interface can be challenging to make it exactly the way you like it, as is a jailbroken iphone, but unless you are smartphone illiterate an android phone is easy to use as is out of the box from the manufacturer

      • Matt

        A jailbroken iPhone is not nearly as challenging as an Android UI. Plus, Android UIs vary so much, that it’s tough to maneuver between them. At least iOS has remained somewhat consistent in their UI, which is why I think most people find it to be the best.

      • tskwierc

        I would agree to that I cant speak for all android phones and they are some very horrible ones out there….but this htc one has been a great break from ios for the moment. I think the hardware itself is as good as apples and the software has been fluid and quick on Jellybean. Admittedly its been only 2 days but its been fun having something new and fresh. I still own an ipad and my daughter has the newest touch with ios 7 now. I also have an ipad mini Jailbroken so I guess I can experience them all. But I have had the most fun on the android for now.

      • tskwierc

        Picture of my old home-screen I do kind of miss it some

      • Moi

        This is ugly , is this your taste ?

      • tskwierc

        Lol everyone has their own opinion I liked the HTML animated home screen and the ways you can change it up and sometimes more stock here is the community for anyone else……..

      • Singed

        This seems efficient, all the info you need everyday from a single glance at the home screen.

      • felixtaf

        All the info? 3 clocks and 2 weather widgets?

      • Singed

        Oh, what sort of different information would you need everyday?

      • FOFF

        looks like hell

      • anonymous

        this home screen is really amazing, i wanted to make something like this coz its very close to android home screen, the clock and the weather looks like widgets , and the apps look like shortcuts. but unfortunately on the path of customization something wrong happened , and had to reset the iphone and jailbreak it again , and stick with my usual tweaks. i dont care what others on this blog thinks but i think its amazing, i like ur choice.

      • Anton Zuykov

        Gee….dude. That’s terrible.

        That is what I call – kill a designer.
        It is just an insult to a good human machine interface.

        I am so glad that most of Android users don’t design anything, or don’t design webpages, for that matter.

      • mehrab

        I had a horrible experience when the htc one came out it was lagiish and things just didnt work, the ui feels like its missing something idk why and htc blinkfeeed is just there i used it for the first 2 days and now it just sits there everytime i changed settings for the camera apps it forgot the settings next time i launched it capuring video on it was laggy (they fixed that now to some extent) mild app selection horrible battery life i hate how it rocks on tables bad camera BUT brilliant display! p.s the feel is nice feels very premium i hate the unlock button positioning tho.

    • Cameron Chao

      May i ask what do you like about the HTC One, just to confirm what im already guessing.

      • Greenhaze22

        I’m sure someone will remind me that the ROM is this and the RAM is that and the processor is much better in the iphone but I’m way too superficial for all that.
        The HTC One is just a great looking phone that has the screen size that I want and the Sense OS is fun to look at and manipulate.
        There are things that I miss by not having an iPhone (selection of apps being the first thing that comes to mind) but if someone offered me the iPhone 5s to trade, I’m afraid of have to pass.
        Check back when the iPhone 6 comes out.

      • mehrab

        Well the 5s offers a better software experience
        Has A MUCCCCH much better camera, is way smoother way wayyy faster, better battery life, a fingerprint sensor which works every time now its weird for me to put in pass-codes on my older ios/android devices, im my opinion a better design (look and feel) also materials used,and hardware button placements. I prefer the colors warmness coldness saturation from the 5s but i like the ppi of the htc one but its not a dying need as 326 ppi is very good

    • batongxue

      The One is super responsive. Sense 5 is elegant and minimalistic.
      I don’t know where “your much much better” come from?
      However, I do admit iOS is a little better. But Apple has to work hard to keep it up.

    • DomL

      Hey I’m also a iPhone user and now switched to HTC One from iPhone 4. I have to agree the HTC One is a great phone to have for android, better than Samsung galaxy s4 in terms of build quality, features are more practical for daily usage and not gimmicky which the s4 does. However, android for me does not offer good quality of apps .

      • Greenhaze22


    • Taf Khan

      Very true. The HTC One is the best Android Phone ever… I still mess about with the wifeys. But the next iPhone should hopefully give a larger screen and better design with the best OS experience in ios7.

      Personally I think the exodus from Android will begin when a larger iPhone is released, although judging by the reaction of some it could be sooner…

  • Qasim Bashir

    Suck on this Android (samsung) Not just the user experience is better, Apple iOS is safer & not virus infested as android

    • Armando Ferrero Rocher

      Samsung isn’t Android. Samsung ruined people’s perspective of Android.

      They made people think that Android is from Samsung.

      They made people think that Android is slow and laggy.

      They made people think that Android is fragmented even though it’s really Samsung’s fault.

      Screw Samsung. Screw their products.

      • pegger1

        Samsung didn’t fragment Android. Android did. Yes, Samsung contributed, so does every Android handset.

      • Omar D. Plumey

        I agree. A pure android experience is great. Fast. No real lag. Stock android is the way to go.

      • mehrab

        There is lag here and there , some useless features, a old dated lookish UI,fragmentation,horrible app selection,horrible crashy apps (google chrome,hsbc and much more)

      • Qasim Bashir

        but android still sucks coz its not safe

      • grumpyfuzz

        Android is just as safe as ios, as long as you don’t install third party app stores…

      • Anton Zuykov

        not really.

        iOS can run apps on C code, Android – Java which is at best 3 times slower than C.

  • vndergrovnd

    touchwiz and stock android are two very different beasts..

    • pegger1

      So is stock iOS and jailbroken iOS.

      • tskwierc


  • GohWen Jian

    It’s totally not opinion. Clearly IOS is simple and safest of all MobileOS

  • dev29

    i have the last versions of both OS: ios 7 (ipad 4 retina) and android 4.3 (nexus 4) and in my opinion the nexus experiencie is way better than ios 7 user experience, im not saying ios 7 is bad, not at all, is excellent, the fact is that touchwiz esperience is the one that is being compared with pure ios 7, and obvously will lose against ios, but if you compare the pure OS experience i think android stock is better ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bradley Wyatt

    “Measured non technical people”
    This is Apples entire target audience and not Androids. I sure hope theyd be the leader when asking these people! iOS and Apple enviornments are aimed to be extremly dumbed down and very easy.
    This is like asking a bunch of IT people if they like Andorid more than iOS. Of course they do!

    • Raashid

      But the fact is, noobs and numbskulls rule this planet, and majority wins…always.

      • Bradley Wyatt

        i dont disagree. I just said this is bias. to survey your target audience to see which is better, android or iOS

      • Anton Zuykov

        “I just said this is bias.”
        No, it isn’t “just bias”.

        You can’t dismiss something for a simple “bias” – you have to tell where it is, otherwise it becomes just a futile attempt to waive away the survey.

        It is a fact that Samsung never thinks about UX – so, what’s the fuss? No wonder it has 4 times higher cognitive load measurements – that what happens when you don’t think the interface through. No need to claim “bias” where there is none, and especially when you didn’t attempt to show one.

    • Anton Zuykov

      “This is Apples entire target audience and not Androids. ”

      Arrogance is the way to go.
      That simple fact that you can change UI or put a different keyboard doesn’t make you a savvy person.

      In fact, I came across so many ANdroid users that were completely ignorant of how their phones actually work, even to the level of primitive concept, yet they thought they were savvy.

      Give me a break!

  • jose carlos

    They coped android on ios 7, and now better experience.HaHaha HA.

    • Anton Zuykov

      But why then Android experience is lower, if iOS was copied from Android?

      If what you said was true, then Android and IOS should have been on the same level, don’t you think?
      There is a proof that you proposition doesn’t stand the test of reality – it is in results of the survey.

      Butthurting much?

  • Patrick

    yay IOS 7 wins!!!

  • Matt

    iOS is simply fantastic. It’s UI is user friendly, it’s fast, and just looks clean. Plus if you feel the need you need more customization, a jailbreak is usually available.

  • Naim Ul Hasan

    After All iOS 7 is a mix of Windows Phone, Android (Samsung, HTC)….. so there is no way of it being bad!

  • Winning!

    Jailbroken iOS > ALL. Stock iOS is garbage compared to jailbroken iOS. Jailbroken iOS is the real king here.

    • Bradley Wyatt

      as an Android user (moved from iOS to Android for customization, which Jailbroken devices can do) i will agree

      • Anton Zuykov

        customization doesn’t determine cognitive load level — the worst of all readings for Android in this survey.

        In fact, WITH customization you can customize UI performance DOWN to such levels, since most users don’t know what makes a great UI and what doesn’t.

        A simple ability to customize UI doesn’t make it better.

  • Trollstein Trollerso

    Survey was biased, it used Samsung’s version of Android instead of Stock Android, so I can’t call this a fair comparison.

  • dev29

    A quote i saw in a review : “Iโ€™m crying for the millions of people whose only perception of Android is TouchWiz.”

  • Hwang Lee

    Touchwiz isn’t really the best skin to compare to iOS. They should’ve used stock or Moto X’s software.

  • KC

    If non-technical users were the base of the survey, it’s no surprise iOS was chosen over others. With a mantra of “we just want it to work”, sticking a more complex OS in front of them is bound to lead them away. As a result, I don’t think the take-away (although it’s exactly what will be presented to/by some) should be that iOS is better. $0.02 –

  • RobertMahoney

    Well, with the latest OS update iPhone is closer to Android than ever before.

    I admit, I love Apple’s hardware, but if they would allow for an App drawer, SD card and widgets I would go back. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and touch wiz sucks. I run Nova launcher. But that is the thing, I am given the freedom to change my launcher unlike Apple who locks me into their style and expression.

    I used to root my Androids, but I no longer need to. But I also used to Jailbreak my iPhone’s, but then why Jailbreak it when you can just buy an Android.

    • Dao Sasone

      android is best if u want to do wat u plz to ur device. Ive tested boot up time wit da 5s n my s4 still beats it by 6 secs ave. N dats wit stoc att firmware

    • Anton Zuykov

      “but if they would allow for an App drawer, SD card and widgets I would go back.”

      There is a good reason they don’t = 97% of all the viruses on smartphones are on Android devices? Why?
      The answer is – your words above – sandboxed apps no SD – no way of installing who knows what – eliminates almost all ways of installing noncertified dirty apps.

      • RobertMahoney

        I agree. But, I have an Android and I have never had a virus simply because I don’t download dirty apps from torrent sites.

  • Singed

    The second graph is flippin’ the bird D:<

  • Jonathan

    Blackberry higher than windows? Not a big surprise.

  • Kash Gummaraju

    The title is very misleading. Seeing as how in the survey Samsung’s touch wiz was compared not vanilla. Of course touch wiz is going to lose, touch wiz is the most hated ui in the android world. I’m sure if sense or vanilla android was compared there would be better results.

  • Ghost

    For third party shop won’t take your iPhone with ios 7 unless you wipe off everything clean include whatever you had app purchased too and Apple ID… If you wants to sell it of your iDevices…
    But seems impossible that Apple ID to write-off I think lol

  • Kamrul

    This is like the beginning of an Apple keynote

  • Omar1369

    da android lag ๐Ÿ™ da iPhone no lag ๐Ÿ™‚

  • grumpyfuzz

    Love how this poll is Android (Samsung), not android (stock)