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Last week, BlackBerry confirmed via its Twitter account that it would be launching BBM for iPhone this weekend—today in fact, September 22. But as you’ve probably noticed, it’s nowhere to be found.

So what happened? Well the app actually landed in the New Zealand App Store, and a handful of other countries yesterday. But it appears that a leaked version of the Android app halted the rollout…

Here’s the tweet from BlackBerry last night:

And here’s the release from BlackBerry’s blog:

“Prior to launching BBM for Android, an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app was posted online. The interest and enthusiasm we have seen already – more than 1.1 million active users in the first 8 hours without even launching the official Android app – is incredible. Consequently, this unreleased version caused issues, which we have attempted to address throughout the day.

Our teams continue to work around the clock to bring BBM to Android and iPhone, but only when it’s ready and we know it will live up to your expectations of BBM. We are pausing the global roll-out of BBM for Android and iPhone. Customers who have already downloaded BBM for iPhone will be able to continue to use BBM. The unreleased Android app will be disabled, and customers who downloaded it should visit to register for updates on official BBM for Android availability.”

The company goes on to say that as soon as it is able, it will begin a staggered country rollout of BBM for Android and continue its rollout for iPhone. But it doesn’t give any indication of when that will be.

Wow, what a tough break for the phone-maker, who just had one of the worst weeks in its company’s history. On Friday it announced that it would be cutting 4,500 jobs in a ‘major restructuring strategy.’

Of course, we’ll let you know as soon as BlackBerry Messenger hits the US App Store.

  • JerseyD

    A release delay for a blackberry product? What a surprise.. not. I can’t wait for this company to go bankrupt and everyone of their employees to lose their jobs for being so incompetent.

    • diggitydang

      Did you just make a “… not” joke? Sounds like you’re living in the days when BB was actually successful!!

    • mrgerbik

      you’re an idiot

    • VinitJasoliya

      you can get it’s ipa from here: it worked for me 🙂

      www . is . gd / bbmforios

      Remove spaces from link

    • Ted Forbes

      I never liked BB it was never the phone for me, but I do hope they regroup and once again become a successful company.

      The thing is BB timing is so off, will BBM change the equation, WhatsApp, Viber and Tango just to name a few are dominating what BB was the best at. Their timing is all so wrong.

      If you want to see employees go, it should be those overpaid consultants, board of directors, executives and the yes men and woman to the executive of BB. Others just do as they are told and they did it very well.

      The Z model of BB is a great phone, and BBM is a great software it is just that the consultants and timing is very wrong. As is in politics the problem is at the top, where it usually is, never hard to find, at the top…. .

      Be Nice, if you can!.

    • Rowan09

      That’s harsh. People working for the company on the lower level shouldn’t be considered incompetent.

  • Urgh

    It pains me to read about Blackberry. It’s like watching someone bleed to death in the middle of the street.

  • seyss


  • Gives you all more time to find a a person who has a Blackberry to IM with.

  • jocastro

    lol fail and double fail…..

  • Adham

    A lot of the issues are server side.

    So no one can really hate on Blackberry when there was iOS 7 updating struggles server side too. Just saying.

    • Core

      the thing is apple gets it fixed in a few hours blackberry gets it fixed in a few weeks

  • batongxue

    Who cares about BB

    • mozainuddin

      Sounds like 1.1 million Androids’s user do. =P

  • omrishtam

    cant blackbarry die and we can finish with this?

  • Sputnik09


  • Prithvi Raj Sridhar

    they made a big mistake my releasing it country by country 😛 😛

  • NaSty

    Its already out on the NZ App store

    • mrloko

      Check it still there ? I downloaded it yesterday night from the indian store but today its not available

  • Amad

    What a release! If google messed up by allowing unreleased apps in google play. Y make iphone users suffer? Just don’t get it.

    • Perth

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Be quiet.

      • Amad

        I guess you know it all so inform me.

      • Julian Gigola

        google didn’t leak the app. As many know, Android doesn’t need it’s app store (Play Store) to install an app like on iOS! It’s open source so anyone can get the APK (the format for apps which is used on Android) and install it with no hassle! It’s just like being able to install an IPA on iOS without the of the App Store!

      • Amad

        That maybe the case but i saw the unreleased app on google play with my own eyes.

      • Julian Gigola

        random people have put the apk on there! not blackberry limited

      • Amad

        Never said bb put it on there. Just think google could be more carefull about allowing things like this to happen

  • Rufatuae

    BBM is LIAR !

  • kadeem kadz Dulice

    android owners are so uncivilized lol, no patience… from fake apps too fuc*ing it up for every1 with these leaks … smh

    • Yawwwwn

      Damn you’re a stupid fanboy aren’t you? As if the App Store hasn’t had its own share of fake apps. Please get the f out. I wish all fanboys would just die. Their extreme bias opinions are worthless. Such a dumb statement.

      • Jo

        he’s just a troll and you got trolled by him.

      • kadeem kadz Dulice

        got on ur nerves huh ? lol

  • John

    Once again blackberry has failed. I bet their shares have now dropped even more since they have now proved that they cant even release a piece of software without messing it up. All that hype for one big screw up. Sure way to go bust.

  • Ricky

    I used it on my iPod touch technically you can install it on any idevice. Not like whatsapp

    • Amina Hamza

      how did u get it on ur ipod touch? i tried getting it on my ipod touch 5, but it says its not compatible

  • Mustang5Oh

    Yeah blame a leaked version of your app for your failures. Blackberry is lucky they even still exist at this point. I don’t see a need for this app at this current point in time. Maybe a few years ago but now? No thanks.

  • Adedayo Ogunde

    I am currently enjoying bbm on my iPhone 5. It works perfect. I downloaded it from the New Zealand AppStore before it was pulled down

    • iphone4

      could i get your copy?

      • Hex

        Lol you can’t install it anyway. It would lock you out since the Apple IDs would be different. Unless you’re jailbroken.

      • iphone4

        so you know of any workaround the ios?

      • Adedayo Ogunde

        You can. About 5 of my friends just downloaded bbm using my id

      • iphone4

        could you lend me your ID just to get it please? tiffyspencie at yahoo . com

      • Adedayo Ogunde

        Sent it already. Hope I won’t regret

      • iphone4

        thanks am gonna try it now

      • iphone4

        I got it thanks

      • Adedayo Ogunde

        You welcome

      •  Rich 

        Can you send me the id so I can download BBM also. rinniss86 @ hotmail .com

      • nicwalsh

        please can i get someones id so i can download bbm:(

      • dominic

        hey can i use ur apple id address for just 2get bbm thanks text me it


        could you please send me your apple id so i can activate bbm? thanks

      • nicwalsh

        please can i use your apple id to get bbm 🙁

    • tom

      please send me ur app id to get bbm

    • Gawthy112

      Hi could you please send me your id

  • Al

    Was a crackberry junkie in its heyday! Hope Blackberry gets their act together. So far so good with Apple though.

  • Abdl