iOS 7 teaser (iPhone 5c ad 007)

Like clockwork, Apple has just released the long anticipated iOS 7 software update. Packed with innovative new features and rocking the controversial Jony Ive-approved user interface overhaul, the seventh iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system for iOS devices is now available to owners of the iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and fifth-generation iPod touch.

Building on its predecessor, iOS 7 comes packed with new features such as Control Center, AirDrop wireless file sharing, Vimeo and Flickr integration, ad-supported iTunes Radio, FaceTime audio calls and more. It also improves upon the existing feature set with such stuff as enhanced alerts, the improved Notification Center, smoother multitasking, improvements to Siri, Safari, Photos and many other stock apps…

It appears to be the same build as the iOS 7 Gold Master, so there’s no need to restore if you already have GM.

To apply an over-the-air update, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

We now have direct download links for iOS 7, which can be found on the iDB Download page.

If you’re jailbroken, you’ll want to steer away from this update until there’s some solid information on the state of the iOS 7 jailbreak.

Those eager to install iOS 7 on their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices should read Cody’s article on the necessary preparations. Also a must: definitely consult our detailed guide to installing iOS 7 and check out Sebastien’s comprehensive list of all new iOS 7 features.

You will also need the newly updated iTunes 11.1 that supports iOS 7 installations and is required for syncing with iOS 7 devices.

Last but not least, Apple has released the official iPod touch and iPad User Guide for iOS 7.

Do share your iOS 7 update experience with fellow readers down in the comments.

  • Aaron McFarland

    I am jailbroken, staying at 6.1 until a good 7.0 jailbreak is out.

  • omrishtam

    finally itunes shows me the update!

  • Oussama Benkortbi

    please give me a link to download ipsw to my iphone 4 GSM

    • Moi

      Wait in the line 😉

    • Houmam Al-Ahmad

      yes please

    • Arjhay™

      felixbruns. de/ iPod/ firmware/
      arrange the link without space..

  • omrishtam

    it was at the fking end of the update after about 20 mins……and then….. ERROR MADERFKER!@@@!@!$ U GOTTA START IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

  • Ron McLaughlin

    If I am jailbroken at 6.1, should I update to 6.1.4 to lose the jailbreak then go to 7? Because my iPhone is not showing the update yet but my iPad mini is.

  • Guest

    if anybody needs IPSW files, they’re over at RedmondPie

    • Moi

      You made my day 🙂

      • kayla


    • omrishtam

      u deserve a medal

      • kayla


    • kayla


      • Mohammed Sahib

        I believe you are right.

      • Zach

        It’s the same thing. The GM is the one everyone is getting today

      • Eric S. Faulkner

        Then what the deal with the different model #?

  • Dinesh

    beta users update your itune to 11.1 connect your phone and you will get the update . i got it.

  • Eric S. Faulkner

    Is the unlock sound back on the PR?

  • Guest

    And will I be able to get OTA for next update coming from the iOS 7 GM?

    • Zachary Sloane

      iOS7 GM is the same thing as this.

  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    when will be IPSW avaliable?

  • The one issue I’ve constantly had with iOS7 beta (including GM) is with Bluetooth. Some major connectivity issues, can’t even connect to my car.

    Also, I just checked and OTA isn’t available yet and I can’t get a direct download of iOS7 public yet to see if Bluetooth is still an issue on the final version.

    Anyone know?

  • Umut Bilgiç

    Cant beta users get OTA update for Public Release??

    • Frozen Bee .GFKS


  • Gregory D Foster

    Innovative features? I’ve been using for a week now, what’s new?

    • omrishtam

      yeah i am sure it is COMPLETLY identical to ios 6 and there is nothing new…wow
      figure it out yourself -_-

      • Gregory D Foster

        Lol. Chill dude.

      • omrishtam

        i am… especialy after i finally downloaded ios 7…

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        he was talking about Betas i guess

  • omrishtam
  • Richard A Forero D

    guys, via itunes doesnt appear iOS 7, i just got 6.1.3, if i install the GM ios7 its like install the version that apple just released?

    • Aaron de Silva

      Its the same version.

  • Othman Hachum

    i am on beta 6 can i update to the official release??

  • Eric S. Faulkner

    Can anyone confirm the return of the unlock sound ??

    • Cameron Dasso

      Nope. No sound when I unlock

      • Eric S. Faulkner

        Well I guess it really is same build as gold master thanks

  • Danny

    I’m on beta 6, how can I update? It’s not showing up

    • Zachary Sloane

      I think you gotta do a full restore

  • Moh’d Salim

    Upgraded on iPhone4 and it looks awesome at first glance. Any idea how to restore photos to camera roll other than iCloud though? 🙂

  • Alan Smith

    it’s so so WHITE! I’m definitely going to need theming. Come on Evaders!

  • Roboter

    That download speed -.-

  • Scott Curry

    FYI – Apparently Apple servers are currently having an issue activating CDMA iPhone 5’s…I’m stuck until they fix (This is info from AppleCare)

    • Scott Curry

      This now appears to be fixed. My activation finally went through.

      • Michael Anthony Fontanez

        I’m still having issues! 🙁 On my iPad 3rd and iPhone 5 CDMA!

      • Scott Curry

        Just keep trying every 15 minutes or so. I kept pushing the ‘try again’, would focus on something else for a little while, then go right back to trying. Eventually, it should work.

        And THANK YOU for validating my issue. For a while, I was thinking I was alone and AppleCare fed me a bunch of BS (I wouldn’t put it past them…lol)

  • Jon20

    I’ve been having trouble receiving OTA updates for some time now. How can I fix that so I can update to the latest iOS updates. I’m JB’d running 6.1 on iP5. Please help…!!

  • tom

    whats the differences form IOS7 GM and the release today?

    • wahizul

      Exact same thing with GM. Same build number

  • Arjhay™

    please help. im stuck in ACTIVATION . what can i do ? Thanks…

  • on3simpleclick

    iOS7 is out? No thanks.

  • Arthur

    If I have the iOS 7 BETA 6, what do I need to do to upgrade to this official iOS 7 ?

    • Arjhay™

      download the ipsw. theres no OTA update in betas.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I always restore from the GM, just in case. Not that the GM is any different or anything. I usually just do it the night that it comes out.

  • Boki

    Installed ios 7 on iphone 4 last night. Working perfect,no problems.

  • Arjhay™

    why 4s not have AirDrop ? pls. answer ?