Apple posts iOS 7 user guides for the iPad and iPod touch

iOS 7 User Guide (iPod touch)

With each new iOS release, Apple typically makes available the accompanying user guide through the Manuals section of its website. With the advent of iBooks and the iBookstore, the company started reformatting these manuals for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, making them available as free downloads on the iBookstore.

As we count the remaining hours until today’s iOS 7 release, we’ve just spotted the official iOS 7 manual on the iBookstore…

The 138-page document (thanks, Robert!) covers the basics of iOS 7, including each stock app, the redesigned UI and new features such as Control Center and AirDrop.

Like before, the guides are device-specific so the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad get their own version of the iOS 7 User Guide, each accounting for the hardware differences like the button layout, the form factor, the device set up process and more.

The image top of post shows the iPod touch User Guide For iOS 7. Right below: the iPad User Guide For iOS 7.

iOS 7 User Guide (iPad)

You can download the iPod touch and iPad edition of the iOS 7 User Guide through the iBookstore or check out the Apple Manuals website for the PDF versions. Right now, the iBookstore guides must be read on an iOS device, but not for long – OS X Mavericks with its standalone iBooks Mac app is due soon.

I’ll update the article as soon as an iPhone edition hits the iBookstore – which will be probably on Friday, shortly after both new iPhones land on store shelves.