Apple store holiday 2012 banner (MacBook Pro)

Apple once more tops PC customer satisfaction. The Mac and iPad creator practically owns the top spot, ranking No. 1 in the American Customer Satisfaction for nearly a decade. Since 2004, Apple has scored highest in pre-sale expectations, perceived quality and value, number of complaints and customer loyalty.

The firm scored 87, 1.2 percent higher than 2012 and topping the 79 rating for average PC customer satisfaction. Where were the competitors? In the basement, or lower…

Hewlett-Packard was the only non-Apple PC maker to rank above average in customer satisfaction with a score of 80. As for Dell – which recently took itself private due to floundering sales – the company only equalled the industry standard.

However, the “good” news for non-Apple computer and tablet makers stopped there.

Toshiba and Acer fell below the industry average with “All Others” slipping five percent from the previous year, according to the ratings.

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The ten-year ACS top ranking for Apple follows a nine-year span of winning the JD Power customer satisfaction rating. In March, Apple poked rival Samsung in the eye, with both the iPhone and iPad winning in South Korea in terms of customer satisfaction.

Apple is also known for its customer loyalty, a feature that permits Apple to unveil new products – such as the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c – to eagerly-awaiting crowds. In the long run, customer satisfaction matters because satisfied and happy customers are far more likely to stay in the Apple ecosystem and purchase additional products.

  • Jonathan

    In your face, microsoft!….. for the 9th time!

  • Joseph

    In most situations, the people who use PCs can’t afford Macs, or simply don’t want to try them.

    That being said, I’ve seen a Mac in use and would love to try owning one to see if I could work with it, but I can’t afford it. The transfer from Windows to OS X, however, is basically impossible for me, due to my headset drivers being Windows-only.

    • Saria Hajjar

      100% agreed 🙂

  • not a spark

    I have just used windows too much to change now, I have used macs briefly before and while I quite like them old habits die hard, so I while probably stay a windows user for a few years to come.

  • Should be way higher if you ask me, OSX has been heaven in my digital life!


    This is bullshit, Apple centered and Apple seeking for attention to get more sales. I’m not a hater, planning myself to buy one MacBook when the new series comes out. But I won’t stop using my other two Windows computers

  • Different story outside the U.S.; this (http://zd net/1eSYtFV) reflects my exact thoughts of Mac OS X. For short, Mac OS X is just too restrictive to adapt…